Fit Bits
September, 2017 - Issue #156

Your Favorite New Way to Sweat
Looking for a new way to sweat? Get drenched at Drenched, opening on Cinema Drive this fall. Drenched offers hot classes like Hip Hop Yoga, Warrior Conditioning, Cardio Dance, Barre, Pilates and more so you can burn more calories and go deeper into your poses and positions. You'll love your results!

The Best 45 Minutes of your Day
Motivate is challenging - totally unlike any other workout out there! They plank, lunge, twist, pulse and constantly provide you with fun, unique and intense exercises that help to make you stronger and leaner. The full-body workout is done with the assistance and resistance of weighted springs on a Megaformer, requiring constant engagement of the core - for 45 minutes straight! Defy what you think you are capable of physically and mentally. You'll work muscles you've never felt before! Every 45-minute class will push you past your comfort zone to achieve a new level of fitness, all in a safe and low-impact environment.
Motivate 713-8099

From "We" Time to "Me" Time
What do you do when you find yourself with a sliver of time... just for you? Once the kids are back in school, you might find yourself with an hour here or there. Don't waste it scrolling Facebook; get your sweat on instead!

In only 30 minutes in one of the cedar-lined deluxe saunas at Organic Sweat Shack, you'll burn about 600 calories without the gym; unravel even the deepest knots without a masseuse; sweat out toxins like heavy metals and phalates without the use of tummy-troubling teas; and drift into bliss while tranquil sounds lull you into a mental state of ultimate relaxation. You'll emerge ready to face whatever the day holds for you!

Struggling with health issues? Feeling "blah?" Don't miss Organic Sweat Shack's complimentary Wellness Wednesday talks led by Founder Jenifer Felan, an organic health practitioner. Call for details.
Organic Sweat Shack 678-0880

Back to School, Back on Track
The kids are back in school, which means it's time to get back to you! How are you going to fuel your busier fall days? With fresh selections from Plate Therapy, you can be sure you're meeting your every nutritional need while powering each cell with a perfect balance of protein, fat and low-glycemic carbohydrates. Each Plate Therapy meal is free of gluten, added sugar and dairy and made with organic/sustainable ingredients, ensuring that - bite by bite - you're making your entire system more efficient, detoxified and healthy.

Take advantage of Plate Therapy's a la carte grab & go options or schedule a weekly pick up or delivery time. No matter how Plate Therapy gets in your hands, it can fit in your budget.

Amazing Kids' Club Spaces make Parental Health & Wellness Easier to Achieve
The Paseo Club's method is actually quite simple; they focus on what they are good at and they work hard at those things. Case in point? Their four unique kids' club spaces are unmatched anywhere in Santa Clarita - or any club in Southern California, for that matter. They focus on giving Paseo families a safe place where their children can learn, play and grow while they are on the property utilizing the Club's phenomenal amenities. When Mom and Dad want to sign up for fitness programs that are designed to become a lifelong lifestyle change, and not a quick fix, they can focus on their health and wellness knowing that their kids are having a blast right around the corner!
The Paseo Club 257-0044

Do Good for your Body & your Town
Burn Calories, Raise Money
Monday | September 18
College of the Canyons Foundation Hosts the "Swing for Scholarships" Golf Tournament

Held at Valencia Country Club.

Clean the River, get some Exercise
Saturday | September 23

The City of Santa Clarita Hosts Annual River Rally Clean-Up & Environmental Expo

This event brings hundreds of community members together to help preserve and protect the Santa Clara River, one of the last natural river systems in Southern California.
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