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October, 2017 - Issue #157
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Sweat, not Sweets
Instead of grabbing that holiday treat, grab your yoga mat and head to Drenched! With all that extra holiday sugar around, don't let stress and feeling overwhelmed tip the scales! If you find your hand in the goodie bowl, ask yourself if sugar is what you need or if there is a better fix for what you are really craving. Are you actually hungry, or are you tired, bored, stressed or looking for a quick pick me up? Make a pact not to use Halloween treats to feed your hidden hungers. Try a quick workout and see if that sugar craving subsides. Drenched is giving away a free week of membership - so there's no better time to give it a try!
Drenched 713-2601

Motivate your Workout in Only 35 Minutes
The seasons are changing and that means back to school, holiday parties and pumpkin-spice everything! The Motivate Valencia team knows that it's hard to say "no" to pumpkin spice and everything nice, so we've created a fool-proof schedule to help you stay on track: the Lunchtime Express Class! It's 35 minutes of heart-pumping, sweat-inducing, muscle-shaking excitement you don't want to miss. Each class is a full-body workout preformed on the cutting-edge Megaformer, working core, strength, stability and flexibility into every move. They offer a private changing room to help you quickly transform from business to fitness, too. Pick one of these days and times: Monday/Wednesday/Friday from 12:30pm to 1:05pm and Tuesday/Thursday from 12pm to 12:35pm.
Motivate 713-8099

Hit the Infrared Sauna for a Big
Boost in Human Growth Hormones

What is human growth hormone (HGH) - and why do you want it? This naturally-occurring biochemical is what prevents muscles loss and atrophy. As we age, our HGH drops, and by no coincidence, so does our healthy muscle mass. There is a natural way to improve levels of HGH. As your body works to maintain its core temp while sweating out toxins in a far-infrared sauna, it gradually becomes adjusted to the heat, leading to some welcome changes in your physiology. Among them: increased plasma volume; upped blood flow to muscles and heart, increasing athletic endurance; and increased muscle mass, thanks to higher levels of human growth hormones and heat-shock proteins.
Organic Sweat Shack 678-0880

A Common Misconception About The Paseo Club
We hear it all the time - "Isn't The Paseo Club expensive?" The truth is, it's not! Paseo offers highly-competitive pricing that rivals quality gyms, but offers so much more for you and your family. With so many membership options to choose from, you'll find one that meets your needs - and your budget. Plus, right now, you can become a member entirely commitment free; they're so confident that you'll love your membership, they don't need to lock you into a contract. The unique private SCV club offers so much, from social events to fitness classes and more, that you should take advantage of their seven-day no-hassle guest pass offer so you can experience the amenities for yourself.
Paseo Club 257-0044

Grab a Meal, Fuel your Day
Plate Therapy's meals, including their incredibly-popular Grab & Go options, are made with premier, humanely-raised meat; locally-sourced organic produce; wild line-caught fish and fresh herbs and spices. Every sauce and dressing is made fresh in their Santa Clarita-based kitchen with ingredients you can pronounce and freshness you can taste. Out on the town and need to fuel the rest of your day with fantastic flavor? Skip the pesticide and artificial-everything filled "fast" foods that slow you down and opt for a Plate Therapy meal instead. You can snag yours at the Plate Therapy kitchen seven days a week (Check web for hours.), or visit your favorite health-oriented business. Places like The Paseo Club have Plate Therapy meals ready to go, too, for your convenience.
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