Fit Bits
November, 2017 - Issue #158
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Build Strength Now, Enjoy it Later
We all want to live a fit and healthy lifestyle - and finding the right form of fitness is key to reaching our goals. Are you hoping to find something that constantly challenges you, but keeps you injury free? Have we got the place for you! Motivate offers 45-minute classes on the cutting-edge Megaformer. They focus on ramping up intensity while focusing on correct form, core activation and resistance training. Motivate teaches the Lagree Method that is designed to effectively burn calories, torch fat, build strength, lengthen muscle fibers and increase balance by strengthening your core. As we get older, our balance, stability and posture can be challenged daily. Maintaining flexibility as well as a strong core will keep us stable and upright. Motivate covers all aspects of fitness so you can show up, work hard and reap all the rewards - a strong, fit and happy body that can take you anywhere you want to go! Schedule your class now to see why Motivate and Lagree Fitness are your secret weapon to gaining strength, core, balance and flexibility for years and years to come.
Motivate 713-8099

Love Boutique Fitness Studios but don't want to Drive to LA?
It's Time to get Drenched

SoulCycle, Flywheel, The Body Los Angeles, ModelFIT, Platefit... you love their brand, their instructors, their results. But do you love the drive? Probably not. But if "the gym" just doesn't cut it for you (Meat market much?), your options are limited - and so are your results. Lucky for us, the SCV has officially made the "cool kid" list with the addition of Drenched, a boutique fitness studio that has all the awesomeness you'd expect from a place on Melrose - without the rocket-high prices or stuffy 'tudes.

Located on Cinema Drive in the heart of town, Drenched gets you, well... drenched. You'll literally be dripping from every pore during and after your class, because not only is your instructor prepared to help you light every excess calorie on fire - but the room is extra warm, too. The bonus heat helps you go deeper into your movements, engaging even the most miniature of muscles, tendons and fibers for a massive caloric burn and results that make you fall in love with the mirror - faster than you'd ever expect. The best part, though: The classes are fun! Choose from selections like Hip Hop Yoga, Warrior Conditioning, Cardio Dance, Barre, Pilates and more.
Drenched 713-2601

When it Comes to Maximizing your Results, the Heat is On
Have you ever skipped a gym day because you were too sore from your previous workout to comfortably exercise? Would your athletic performance improve if you were more flexible and limber? Any interest in burning about 600 calories in 30 minutes to help you show off those abs you've been working so hard on? If you've answered "yes," it's time to visit Organic Sweat Shack in Old Town Newhall.
Billed as the place to sweat, Organic Sweat Shack offers the best in far infrared sauna treatments that have been proven to speed muscle recovery, increase flexibility and muscle tone - and torch about 600 calories in 30 minutes, thanks to the extra work your body has to do to maintain your core temperatures.
You'll lounge solo or with a friend (Or two - it's all up to you!) in your professional-grade sauna while the far infrared light penetrates your pores, releasing toxins through your sweat. Breathe deep, because the organic essential oil therapy that accompanies your treatment has health-promoting properties, too. Hate being cold? We couldn't agree more - which is why 30 minutes in Organic Sweat Shack's dry heat is our version of heaven on earth.
Organic Sweat Shack 678-0880
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courtesy of Shutterstock

An "Average" Week at The Paseo Club
"When our family of five joined Paseo (Stop right there! I should mention that my guy and I joined; the kids were free... even the 18 year old!), we weren't quite sure how often we'd use our membership and were glad to find out that today's enrollment packages don't require any sort of contract - it's all month to month. Ha! We're there a minimum of five days a week; it has literally become our home away from home! We knew that the fitness options were spectacular - that's what drew us. And yes, the facilities are remarkable, from the tennis courts and heated pool to the massive two-story fitness center and 'boutique' class spaces for Pilates and more. But that's not why we're there almost daily. Just this week, my partner attended a vodka-tasting night, we took the kids to a Friday night dive-in movie (They swim under the watchful eye of the lifeguard; we sip wine and enjoy their splishing and splashing on dry land!), I got a massage (The rates and service are fantastic!), my partner and I downed gallons of free morning coffee while working remotely in our new 'office' (Paseo's lounge area with tables and plenty of electrical outlets.), we took advantage of the date-night child care to enjoy a kid-free dinner off site, we noshed on a truly-delicious organic breakfast while catching fall rays next to the pool before a client meeting and... we didn't work out once. (I hurt my knee moving furniture. Oh, and I didn't feel like it!). We can't believe the value we get at Paseo (Seriously, please call and ask about the rates. I know how much you think this costs - and you are so wrong. This place is crazy affordable!). We love it!" ~ Therese Edwards
The Paseo Club 257-0044

Are You Hungry for a Change?
Are you doing the same thing again and again while expecting different results? What did you do this week to achieve your fitness, weight and health goals? Oh - you didn't do anything different? If you want to see a healthier, happier "you" in the mirror, something has to give, right? Right.

Every time you eat, you make a choice. A choice to produce more energy, burn more calories, heal issues like autoimmune disease and so much more. Literally, every fork-full of food you put in your mouth can move you closer, or farther, away from your goal.

So - what should be at the end of that fork? Plate Therapy. These ready-made fresh and responsibly-sourced meals are Paleo-friendly and... perfect! Each is deliciously handcrafted right here in the SCV by a celebrated culinary team that knows how to produce the most flavorful foods that are free of gluten, dairy, antibiotics, pesticides and added sugar that are sabotaging your waistline - and your health.

Here's our suggestion: Head over to Plate Therapy and snag a Grab & Go meal from their beautiful commercial kitchen. You'll fall in love with the taste, the value and the convenience - which takes us to your next step: ordering a week's worth of meals for delivery or pickup. Want to see the seasonal menu or check out the customizable options? Hit up their website.
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