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April, 2018 - Issue #163
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Now's the Time to Try Cryotherapy
Cryotherapy is one of the most modern, recent therapy treatments available. Professional athletes swear by it. Celebrities love it. Even everyday fitness fanatics sing praises about the benefits. So, what is it about cryotherapy that is so beneficial - and how can you try it for less than $20?
Cryotherapy is a type of natural treatment that uses extreme cold - subzero freezing temperatures - to aid in the recovery of muscles, tissues and joints. Cryotherapy is considered to be a holistic therapy solution that naturally promotes the removal of toxins and recovery of muscles - all at a cellular level. It is also a well-loved beauty treatment, boosting collagen to fight the signs of aging and helping speed the metabolism to promote weight loss - all while reducing acne and smoothing cellulite.
Cryotherapy users report a healthier body that experiences substantially less pain and inflammation; softer, near-poreless skin; a marked increase in energy and stamina... and so much more. Want to give it a try? Right now, your first treatment is only $17 when you mention Inside SCV.
Mend Cryotherapy 294-7898

Recommit to your 2018 Health & Wellness Goals
with Early-bird Classes & More

At Motivate Studios Valencia, the New Year has started with a bang with the completion of their Jumpstart Challenge. Congratulations to all who participated; your dedication is motivating!
With swimsuit season around the corner (Eek!), now is a great time to re-commit to your 2018 fitness and health goals. Motivate has added more early-bird class times and welcomed three new instructors to the Motivate team.
Are you ready to make "you" a priority? Pre-book your classes as your appointment to take care of you. Consider this appointment just like a doctor's appointment or business meeting - it's just as important! The better we take care of our health and wellness, the better we are able to take care of the other areas of our lives. Motivate has made it easy to pre-book your classes online with ClassPass and through the Motivate App.
Want to know why so many SCVians have "gotten motivated" already? Visit their studio and take your first class for only $15, which comes with complimentary Motivate grip socks. You'll see why Lagree Fitness and the revolutionary M3 Megaformer are just the ticket to raise you to new fitness heights. They welcome all fitness levels and will get you stronger and leaner in no time.
Motivate 713-8099

Ready to Really Make a Difference in How You Look & Feel? Join the TRIBE
Look good and feel great with The Paseo Club's exciting, exclusive TRIBE Team Training in their newly-designed Small Group and Personal Training Studio. Tribe FIT, Tribe LIFE and Tribe Core offer extensively-researched and tested small-group personal training. Comprising of a six-week progressive program designed to bring support, energy and fun in a close knit team environment, each program works with teams of a maximum of 10 - allowing for participants to benefit from individual coaching in a support-filled, motivating setting. Each workout is different and builds upon the last. The system has already experienced numerous success stories. Be one of the next!
The Paseo Club 257-0044

Get Drenched with a Friend for your Best Body Yet
Numerous studies have shown what common sense also supports: When you pair up with a partner for your workouts, you're more likely to attend classes, put more effort into your work out sesh and enjoy the process more.
Now, compound all the benefits of working out with a friend or loved one with the remarkable additional bonuses that come when you get your fitness on at Drenched. These hot-class sessions ignite your metabolism, burning more calories during your class. The heated room also reduces chance of strain and injury; you'll be able to engage your muscles more deeply, thanks to the heat, and also get a more penetrating stretch. You'll have a sweaty blast, thanks to new infared heaters, in classes like Hip Hop Yoga, Warrior Conditioning, Cardio Dance, Barre, Pilates and more.
The best news, though, is that you'll do it all at a discount. Right now, buy one 10-class pack and get another 50 percent off.
Drenched 713-2601

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The Benefits of Yoga Twice a Week, Plus a Free Online Course
Spring is the time of year we hear a lot of buzz about "summer bodies." It seems everywhere we look there is a quick-fix plan to help you change what you don't like. But what if there was something that could support you long term, help you to feel happy and healthy year round and sustain the healthy lifestyle you've always envisioned for yourself? What if the answer was yoga?
Harvard university researchers studied a group of individuals who had never practiced yoga before - and the results are noteworthy. After eight weeks of practicing 90 minutes twice a week, participants had greater muscle strength and endurance, flexibility and cardio-respiratory fitness. They also found those who practiced yoga were more satisfied with and less critical of their bodies and had better body awareness. Heightened body awareness can carry over to the kitchen, helping you savor each meal, notice how food smells, tastes and feels in your mouth. Being mindful of what's entering your body will help you make good choices. Yoga is a wonderful way to promote positive body image, self-esteem and overall health!
Nervous about starting? Try beginning from home! Inside SCV readers can take advantage of an exclusive deal; use this code to download Rising Lotus Yoga Founder Claire Hartley's online course "yoga for absolute beginners" (A $45 value!) free for you. Start a healthy habit and be well this spring. Go to, search "Claire Hartley" and you'll find her yoga course. At check in, type "INSIDESCV" to get the course for free.

Organic Sweat Shack Launches New Website
Connect with the Sweat Tribe, get a Goodie

Your first step towards "feeling health" can actually be taken via your computer or phone, thanks to Organic Sweat Shack's new website, found at Sign up for seasonal newsletters, special offers and more via the freshly-remodeled online platform and you'll be doubly rewarded - because you'll score exclusive discounts, as well as a free surprise goodie when you present your welcome email to the Sweat Shack team. Haven't tried sweating in an infrared sauna yet? Learn about the health benefits, as well as Founder Jenifer Felan's personal story of recovered wellness on the site, too! It's your one-stop shop to feeling your best. Lastly, don't miss out on Organic Sweat Shack's big Spring Cleaning event! They are refreshing their saunas and moving out previously-loved units. Be the first in line to bring home one of your very own!
Call the boutique or email for more information.
Organic Sweat Shack 678-0880
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