Mind Body Soul
July, 2018 - Issue #166
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Q & A with Rachel Cosgrove, Owner of Results Fitness
What's the best way to make sure that I don't rebound this time when I lose this extra weight?
The number-one secret weapon to sustainable long-term fat loss and changing your body "for good" - I'm talking "love the reflection in the mirror" changes - is to make strength training a priority. Most people make the mistake of prioritizing cardio when trying to lose weight, but that can lead to a slower metabolism and weight loss that's only temporary. Learning to properly lift weights burns fat, increases your metabolism and sets your body up to not only gain strength but to stay fit and young. Lift weights two to three times a week with a full-body fat-burning, strength-building program and you'll notice changes in your body like never before.
Results Fitness 799-7900

Q & A: How the Megaformer can Yield Mega Results
How can the Lagree Fitness model help me lose weight and create long, lean muscles?
If you want to lengthen, tone muscle and torch body fat, you've found the right workout! Motivate offers the Lagree Fitness Method developed by fitness visionary, Sebastien Lagree. Unlike any other workout, Lagree Fitness is designed to target the slow-twitch muscle fibers - think long-distance runners versus sprinters. These muscle fibers are your endurance muscles, which are longer, thinner and are your fat-burning muscle fibers. This will have you burning calories long after class. With the limitless versatility of the M3 Megaformer, Motivate's classes will push your body's limits, revealing a stronger "you" inside and out. The Megaformer allows you to move seamlessly from one exercise to the next, keeping the heart rate up and the muscles effectively working throughout the entire class. Motivate offers a fun, engaging, welcoming place for women and men to go and feel strong and powerful. You'll quickly learn to love the burn and "shake" that comes with Lagree Fitness!
Motivate 713-8099

Save on your Healthy Transition with Rising Lotus Yoga's Pre-sale Event
The transition from one place to the next can be exhilarating - and also scary. Many times in life, we are met at the crossroads between staying in our comfort zones or leaping into something new for the chance of growth. Whether it's moving on to kindergarten or college, committing to a healthy habit, kicking out a bad one, taking the next step in your career or relationship, or shaking it up with a new routine, we always find change easier when we are armed with knowledge, a plan and support. At Rising Lotus Yoga SCV, they understand that changing your routine is not always easy. That's why they arm you with all the information you need to take a chance for change! Visit their website and sign up for their newsletter to learn more about their mission, class offerings, schedule and to find out how you can make a commitment to yourself and save big, too. They have a pre-sale event starting June 27.
Rising Lotus Yoga 200-7293

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courtesy of Shutterstock

Dive-in Movies Combine Family Fitness & Fun
What's better than watching a Disney flick with your kids? Watching it while treading water in a huge heated pool, that's what. The Paseo Club's dive-in movie night season has begun - and it's just one more reason why it's the best place for fun family fitness.
The Paseo Club 257-0044

Chill Out this Summer with the Coolest Recovery in Town
If you're suffering from inflammation, auto immune issues, soft-tissue injuries, joint pain or just "I pushed it too hard" fatigue, you've probably heard by now that cryotherapy can make a significant impact on your recovery. Why was pro-basketball social-media newsfeeds filled with pictures of superstars like LeBron James in a cryotherapy machine before the Finals this month? Simple: Because it works! In the two to three minutes you're in the cryo chamber, your skin is exposed to temps as low as -240 degrees. It's a "dry" cold, thanks to the nitrogen gas used, and the time passes quickly as you chat with your professional cryotherapy therapist. During that time, though, amazing things are happening to your body, as freshly-charged blood cells rush to points of injury at the same time as inflammation markers and toxins are flushed away, to be passed naturally through your system. Your first treatment will put a pep in your step; follow-up sessions will build upon each other to make a dramatic impact in your mobility, flexibility, comfort and energy levels.
Mend Cryotherapy 294-7898

Get Drenched in New "Barre Fight" Class
Barre "babes" and those new to the barre crew are both loving the new Barre Fight class at Drenched. Get more cardio and look like a badass while you're doing it, because this boxing-barre combo class will leave you swinging and sweating. Mix graceful ballet-barre movements with high-intensity interval training at the bag for one knock-out workout. You'll leave this non-heated class feeling strong, lean and mean. Ready for a one-two punch? Bring your own gloves or buy a pair at Drenched.
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