Mind Body Soul
August, 2018 - Issue #167
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Meghan Markle swears the Megaformer changed her body
in just two classes - and Motivate has them!

A Workout Fit for a Princess
The team at Motivate believes you don't need more time to get in shape - just more intensity! Every class is a full-body, 45-minute workout that incorporates your strength training, cardio, endurance, flexibility and core not just in one workout - but in each and every move. The gliding carriage makes low-impact exercises like lunges and plank variations more challenging by adding instability and extra resistance. You'll fire up tons of tiny muscles while your abs power you through each exercise. At Motivate, they've created a weekly schedule that offers a wide variety of class times for all. From bright-and-early mornings, to express lunch classes, to evening sweat sessions, they are here for you! With the right kind of effective muscle stimulation and an open class schedule, Motivate can help you stay on track during the summer. Find your class times and they'll get you sweating and shaking.
Motivate 713-8099

Sauna Use can Promote Deep Physiological & Mental Relaxation
Far infrared sauna use has been consistently linked with a physiological and psychological relaxation response, thanks to its affect on the body's parasympathetic nervous system. What does that feel like? Many compare it to the all-over sensations of bliss and calm that come from a great foot massage. And that's with no coincidence - because both modalities have been shown to directly affect the parasympathetic system. What does that mean for those suffering from depression, anxiety, heart palpitations, adrenal fatigue and other issues that can benefit from a calmer parasympathetic response? Studies show that even 15 minutes of heat therapy can stimulate results.
Organic Sweat Shack 678-0880

Competitive Athletes get Drenched for Performance Boosts
Those looking to improve their athletic performance already know that heat training is a legitimate method that can achieve big gains. Why else would pro sports teams head to places like "fry-an-egg-on-the-sidewalk" Arizona during the off season? For Santa Clarita competitors, there's no reason to head out of state. At Drenched, you can take a variety of heart-pumping classes in their far-infrared heated space that can really help boost your performance. Heat training has been shown to increase blood plasma, which leads to improved cardio performance and an increase of oxygen delivery to the muscles. With time, you'll also see a reduction in core temperature and blood lactate during exertion, as well as increase skeletal muscle force and an improvement in withstanding a wider range of temps - both hot and cold.
Drenched 713-2601

The Paseo Club
The Paseo Club
Santa Clarita's Premier Fitness and Lifestyle Club
The Paseo Club Hosts Grand Re-opening on August 25

Saturday, August 25 from 11:30am to 3:30pm will be one of extraordinary excitement as SCV mainstay, The Paseo Club, opens its doors to the community to show off their many improvements. With 15 tennis courts, a junior Olympic pool, bar and cafe, spa, kids club, fitness classes, gym and more, there's always something new to explore at Paseo. The newly-expanded fitness center and new equipment rivals the country's best "big" gyms, making your health and wellness goals closer in reach than ever before. You'll also want to stop by and learn about Tribe Team Training. The Paseo Club is the first and only club in California to offer this exceptional small group personal training solution that is taking the country by storm. There's something for everyone at The Paseo Club. Find out why so many families love Paseo's truly-affordable (Really!) membership options that include free events like Dive In Movie nights and so much more. Log onto for your seven-day free trial.
The Paseo Club 257-0044
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5 Ways to Invest in Summer Self Care
Pause and get present. Whenever you notice your mind racing and to-do list growing, stop what you are doing and take a moment to "notice." Take note of your body, your breath and the space around you. This gentle pause can bring you back to the present moment over and over again.

Schedule your self care. Whether its yoga class, a walk in the park or a pedicure, mark it in your schedule the same way you would for a dentist appointment.

Ask for help. People want to be there for you the way you are there for them. Ask a loved one to watch the kids while you get to a yoga class. Ask your significant other for help with a chore you can't get to today. Ask a friend to listen.

Nourish your body. The food we put into our bodies affects everything from our energy levels and hormones to our overall well being. Make sure you are fueling yourself with nutrient-dense foods that help sustain and give you the energy you need to feel great and give back.

Restore with yoga. Practicing yoga just two times a week has been proven to lower stress levels, reduce anxiety and promote better sleep. Regular yoga practice helps us acquire the tools to cope with whatever comes our way. Rising Lotus Yoga celebrates radical concepts like self care and self love - and you have a standing invitation to join them!
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Ready for a Metabolism Makeover?
The Results Fitness Metabolism Makeover is the perfect, comprehensive six-week program to get into the best shape of your life - and stay there. For six weeks, the Results Fitness Team will guide you through some of the most exciting, intense training you've ever committed to. The nationally-renowned gym has partnered with nutrition experts to create a meal plan that is designed to torch fat and keep you fueled for peak performance. You'll get pre-packaged snacks, supplements, protein powder and four challenging workouts a week, plus weekly accountability meetings that will keep you on track. The included two-week transition program helps you graduate from this program into everyday life - one built on practicality and sustainability so it fits your lifestyle. You can also opt for their professional chef-prepared meals, which can be delivered to your home or available at the gym for pickup. The optional upgrade doesn't get any easier! Results Fitness is the only gym in the SCV that has articles in Men's and Women's Health Magazines, 12 best-selling books, national coaching tours and more. Only 30 spots are available for the Metabolism Makeover and an interview is required. Schedule yours now!
Results Fitness 799-7900
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