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August, 2019 - Issue #179
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Your Body's Ready for a Seven-day Cleansing Program
The 7 Day Cleansing Program is a complex, nutrient-rich dietary cleansing fast that works in harmony with nature to enhance the body's healing process. The body can heal itself naturally if given the proper conditions: proper nutrition and proper elimination of toxins from the bloodstream.
The program consists of supportive fasting for seven days. That may sound severe, but you will be taking the Cleansing Combo and nutritional supplements every hour and a half, so your stomach will constantly be full. This allows the body to shut down the digestive system so all that energy that is usually used to digest food goes toward triggering the healing process within the body instead.
During this cleansing program, the body will be in a healing mode; toxins may be stirred up. It's recommended to schedule a colonic irrigation treatment to help flush out these poisons before they are reabsorbed by the bloodstream. Colonic irrigation is also very effective at loosening and removing the impacted mucous and feces that becomes hardened in the colon and is very difficult to expel.
Think this sounds great - but worried about not eating for a week? Don't! Your body was built to survive and thrive on a "feast and famine" planet - only recently has food been abundant for many of our species. With a little willpower and discipline, you'll succeed - and feel amazing!
Optimum Health & Wellness, Inc. 255-7772

Try It! IV Therapy
Rapidly rehydrate at the cellular level while replenishing essential minerals and electrolytes. In about 20 minutes, you'll stave off dehydration or "fill the tank" before vigorous activity.
Aesthetic Center of Santa Clarita 312-0497

Pilates, Perfected

Drenched's signature Pilates class was designed to talk to your entire body - no time is wasted as you burn fat while lengthening every muscle for a more-lean physique. All levels are welcome and encouraged in this room of love and sweat! You'll leave with an uplifted spirit - and booty.
Drenched 713-2601

Organic Sweat Shack Speaker Events Presents Lisa DeLong, RN
Cannabis Nurse & Natural Health Benefits of CBD
Organic Sweat Shack, a boutique infrared sauna experience located on Main Street in historic Downtown Newhall, will be hosting a Special Speaker Event in their beautiful courtyard July 23 and August 20 at 6:30pm with Lisa DeLong, RN, co-founder of Little Sister Hemp. DeLong will be sharing her journey into plant medicine and discussing the natural health benefits of CBD.
This event is designed to take the mystery and myth out of CBD and its practical uses in helping you realize wellness. Organic Sweat Shack's new line of organic and full-spectrum CBD products will be available for purchase. Be sure to come early to get in a full-spectrum infrared sauna session before the talk. Space is limited; email for reservations and information.

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courtesy of shutterstock
To Drop Two Sizes, You First have to Focus on your Mindset
Want to see real inches shrink away - in just eight weeks? Then you're going to need to talk to the expert who literally wrote the book on the subject. Rachel Cosgrove, co-owner of Results Fitness and author of the book, "Drop Two Sizes: A Proven Plan to Ditch the Scale, Get the Body You Want & Wear the Clothes You Love!," says that the first step is your mindset.
"When you commit to dropping two sizes, your first battle is... you. Fears, past failures and self-sabotage have no place in this process," says Cosgrove. "Relax and know that this plan will work. I know, because it's worked for thousands of clients and readers!'
Start to catch yourself any time you think something negative, whether it's, "What if I fail and my clothes still don't fit at the end," "I'm so far from where I want to be," or the worst: "I'll sign up next time!"
Results Fitness is re-launching their massively-popular Drop Two Sizes program in September - and sign ups are happening now. "The in-gym program has all the benefits of the book, combined with fat-torching classes, hands-on help and plenty of accountability," says Cosgrove. "We start with you handing over a pair of pants that are two sizes too small. We end eight weeks later with you easily pulling them up and rocking the same pair!"
Early-bird enrollment for the Drop Two Sizes eight-week fall session is going on now - and it's more affordable than you think!
Results Fitness 799-7900

Tribe Team Training at The Paseo Club
Get incredible results in a small group that feels like family! With no more than 10 people per team, you'll achieve more than you ever thought possible. No two workouts are ever the same and they're progressive, adjusting as you get faster and stronger. Right now, you can experience a free Tribe Trial Week starting July 29. Hurry, because Season 5 of Tribe begins August 5. Seasons run for six weeks.
The Paseo Club 257-0044

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We Love This!
Restorative Yoga Class at Rising Lotus

Restorative is just what it sounds like - a slow, quiet experience that focuses on the breath; longer poses achieved with the use of props and a chance to tell the nervous system to "stand down." During your 75 minutes of restoration, settle deeply into Rising Lotus's welcoming space. The unrushed experience is ideal for all levels (Publisher Therese Edwards's tween kids even attend!) and is a studio favorite.
Rising Lotus Yoga 200-7293

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Train, Recover & Stretch with Pilates
Pilates is a whole-body workout that builds your flexibility and strength and helps you avoid injury. A growing number of professional athletes are turning to Pilates to give them an edge over the competition, like...

Tony Romo | Peyton Manning
Missy Franklin | Kerry Walsh-Jennings
Cristiano Ronaldo | Lebron James

Pilates Meets Facilitated Stretching & Core Agility
Facilitated Stretching is one-on-one assisted stretching designed to increase flexibility and improve your range of motion. Whether you sit at a desk all day, behind the wheel in traffic, are recovering from an injury or training for your next marathon, Pilates and stretching are great options for improving range of motion, increasing flexibility and relieving pain.
Pilates Pros+ is now offering one-on-one Facilitated Stretching, Athletic Recovery & Stretch and CORE Agility Classes. Athletic Recovery & Stretch is a small group class offering an incredible head to toe experience. It's a unique combination of instructor-led Pilates using the Apparatus, along with stretches to improve overall performance, flexibility, strength and assist with injury prevention and workout recovery.
Core Agility Classes are small group classes that will keep you mobile, balanced and fast. With a blend of functionality and power, this is an ideal class for athletes of all levels. This trainer-led class utilizes various pieces of equipment, including TRX.
Pilates Pros+ 295-0700
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