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September, 2019 - Issue #180
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September Goals
Reset our (Body) Clock

The inconsistencies and long days of summer are behind us; time to put our bods back on a schedule that honors sleep and recovery. It'll keep your immune system strong in preparation for cold and flu season!

Nurture in Nature
Out with the scorching heat; in with cool mornings and evenings! Take advantage - and take a hike or neighborhood walk weekly.

Savor the Season
Farmers Markets and grocery stores are still filled with the final flavors of summer - eat your fill of stone fruit, strawberries and melon. Find a great sale? Stock up and stash in the freezer for a taste of summer in winter.

Don't Miss The Paseo Club's Annual Triathlon
Benefiting A Light of Hope

On Saturday, August 24, support A Light of Hope's mission to provide healing and freedom to SCV youth. Log on to sign up now for the adult or children's triathlon!

Back to School, Back to You with The Paseo Club
Get incredible results in a small group that feels like family! With no more than 10 people per team, you'll achieve more than you ever thought possible. No two workouts are ever the same and they're progressive, adjusting as you get faster and stronger. Right now, you can experience a free Tribe Trial Week starting September 16. Hurry, because Season 6 of Tribe begins September 23. Seasons run for six weeks.
The Paseo Club 257-0044

Plate Therapy Breakfast Hash
Plate Therapy Breakfast Hash

Meal of the Month
Plate Therapy's Breakfast Hash features a savory collab of sauteed sweet potato, breakfast sausage, cranberries, onions, herbs and apples. It's a filling way to start your day - and like all Plate Therapy meals, it's organic/sustainable, gluten free, handcrafted and fresh - never frozen. Pick yours up today from PT's Grab 'N Go kitchen or place your weekly delivery order.

Why Cryo's Cool
Sure, anything that's -240 degrees is literally cool, but here's why folks are scrambling to chill for two to three minutes.

It puts the freeze on pain. If you're familiar with ice packs, you can cross apply the same reasoning to cryotherapy. But instead of immersing yourself in an ice bath or wrapping a bag of the cold stuff clumsily around a limb, cryotherapy treats you head to toe, addressing your pain systemically for maximum relief.

Rich athletes use it. Yeah, yeah - peer pressure's never a good reason to try anything, but you have to think - if Kobe Bryant and just about every other marque player can afford any treatment in the world, and cryotherapy's the one they get... there's got to be something to it!

With repeated use, cryotherapy has been shown to have lasting affects on inflammation - the underlying cause of maladies ranging from arthritic joint pain to heart disease. Using a blood test to measure inflammation markers, cryotherapy has been proven to reduce inflammation immediately - and keep it managed with consistent use.
Mend Cryotherapy 294-7898

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courtesy of Shutterstock

Do You Want to be Two Sizes Smaller in November?
When Results Fitness Co-owner Rachel Cosgrove was writing her bestselling book, "Drop Two Sizes: A Proven Plan to Ditch the Scale, get the Body You Want & Wear the Clothes You Love," she based it on her in-demand challenge that had clients dropping inches - fast. "The book has since reached national acclaim, but the in-person challenge is really the perfect match for women and men who want to lose inches and know they'll benefit from the coaching, classes and accountability that comes with a gym-based experience," says Cosgrove.

Results' "Drop Two Sizes" has a long, well-earned reputation for success. "Nearly 100 percent of our previous participants were at least two sizes smaller after our eight-week program," says Cosgrove. "We've combined diet and training in a way that's accessible to every fitness level, by focusing on getting clients stronger, igniting their metabolism and making everything very 'doable.' When they pull on their jeans at the end of the program, they're shocked that they've accomplished so much in such a short amount of time."

Drop Two Sizes launches in September, with Early Bird pricing running through August. "It's a surprisingly-affordable way to get incredible, noticeable results in only eight weeks," says Cosgrove. "Clients will get classes that will build strength while torching calories; easy-to-make recipes; weekly shopping lists; specialized coaching and accountability; and a clear individualized plan for success. If you want to be two sizes smaller in November, right in time for holiday events, this is the best way to do it!"
Results Fitness 799-7900
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courtesy of Shutterstock

Prioritize You to Keep Up with your Busy Schedule
The busy back-to-school season is upon us! Here are some simple tips that can help you obtain a healthy self while balancing your schedule.

REST. Sleep helps you cope with stress, increases metabolism and gives you more energy. To create a planned schedule that allots time for rest can actually allow you to function better and accomplish a busy schedule with more energy.

MOVE. Exercise tends to take a back-row seat when life gets overwhelming. Realizing that you need to make time and hold fitness as a priority can make for a more-balanced schedule. Schedule your next Pilates session and put yourself on a re-occurring schedule to hold yourself accountable. Movement can help rejuvenate your energy levels and make long to-do lists seem less daunting.

HYDRATE. Hydration is a simple way to keep the body moving. Eight full cups of water a day to hydrate and offset snacking and high-calorie drinks supplies more sustenance and overall full-body health. If this seems difficult, grab a large water bottle and make sure it's always next to you.
Pilates Pros+ 295-0700

Motivate Expands Class Schedule
Longer, leaner, stronger, healthier! Sneak these into your schedule for a fast way to tone head to toe.

11am Saturday Beginners Class
All fitness levels are welcome. You'll get a break down on the moves, work on transitions and go deeper into what makes Lagree fitness and the Megaformer the most revolutionary workout available.

11:30am Express Mega Arms Class
This 35-minute intense upper-body and core workout focuses on the slow-twitch muscle fibers, creating longer, leaner muscles.
Motivate 713-8099
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Saturday | August 31
Introduction to the Yoga Sutras with Claire Hartley

This experience, from 3:30pm to 5:30pm, will bring you a deep sense of calm. Learn about the Yoga Sutras, which have one main message: The path to peace resides in our own minds. The text illuminates how to keep and maintain a peaceful state. In this talk, you'll discover the Yoga Sutras main messages and how to frame them in a practical way in your own life. Open to all open hearts and minds; you'll want to bring a journal!
$35 advanced registration; $40 day of.
Rising Lotus Yoga 200-7293
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Massage with "Medical" in Mind
If you're ready to upgrade from, "That feels good!" to, "That feels great - and keeps feeling great!" - it's time to consider medical massage.

More than just a "rub," medical massage addresses your physical complaints - a kink in the neck, sciatica pain, reduced limb motion, overall lack of wellness and more.

Using a variety of techniques ranging from myofascial release, deep tissue, cross-fiber frictions, trigger-point therapy, active release, hot stones and more, John Rowinski of Optimum Health & Wellness in Valencia balances the relaxation you crave from your massage experience with proven treatments that will have you feeling better long after you get up off the table. And, with appointments available seven days a week, putting John's 29 years of experience to work for you has never been more convenient.
Optimum Health & Wellness Inc. 255-7772

When Men's Health isn't Optimal Infrared Sauna Use can Help
Infrared sauna use is beneficial for both men and women, however many men don't pursue sauna use as often. For all the benefits of this treatment, one of the most applicable to men is helping to manage stress. Men tend to hold in their stress and anxiety more than women, not wanting to show their vulnerabilities, but the burdens they face with work and life are no less encompassing. Living with high levels of stress over prolonged periods of time will result in the body breaking down, manifesting in fatigue and sleepless nights as well as compromised health and wellness.

According to the American Psychological Association, 59 percent of men think that managing their stress is important but only 30 percent report that they have successfully managed to control their stress. Likewise, the same study showed that 58 percent of men think getting enough sleep is important, however only 25 percent feel that they reach their optimal hours of rest. Translation: Men know what they need to do to help themselves feel well and live fully - but the majority don't prioritize their health to achieve their optimal life.

Regular sauna use is the perfect aide in managing stress and achieving wellness. With the reduction of body inflammation, aches and pains are relieved, reducing both physical and mental stress. Sauna use also encourages increased blood flow, which allows healing to occur more quickly in the tissues and muscles. This increased blood circulation has been shown to help reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease and assist in lowering blood pressure. An increase in metabolic rate can be seen as well, resulting in weight loss.
Organic Sweat Shack 678-0880

The Boxing Bags that Break the Mold
Aqua Training Bags are the star of the show at Drenched's boxing classes. The gorgeous glowing orbs harnesses the power of water through simplicity and innovation. By utilizing water in place of sand or other materials commonly used to fill heavy bags, Aqua Training Bags create the ideal training tool. The commercial-grade outer skin is tough enough to withstand professional-level strikes and kicks while the flexible water filled center absorbs your exerted kinetic energy, resulting in less pain, fewer injuries, increased endurance and more efficient training.

Want to Kick Real Butt?
Designed to mimic the feel of a human body, the Aqua Training Bags at Drenched take a cue from the human form, which is composed of 60 percent water, resulting in a more realistic feel during training.
Drenched 713-2601
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