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January, 2020 - Issue #184
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Pick the Pilates that's Right for You
The New Year brings new hope, new adventures and new commitments - so why not add new Pilates to the next decade and make your health and wellbeing Priority One in 2020?

If You're New to Pilates...
Start with the New Student Special, which kicks you off with two private sessions, two group classes and a mat class. This will assist you in becoming familiar with Pilates basics, alignment and breath. Need extra help? Connect with a private coach to track your progress, hold you accountable, educate and inspire you.

If You've Done Pilates Before...
Sign up for Reformer and Mat classes - or book Private Sessions of Pilates, Yoga, Stretch and Hypervolt - that hurt-so-good therapeutic massager.

If You're Ready to Expand your Practice...
Don't miss Core & Agility and Rollology classes - the cutting-edge discipline that works by stretching and properly aligning the body for optimal performance.
Pilates Pros 295-0700
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Undoing the Holiday "Damage"
The science is clear: Too much sugar, especially refined sugar, impedes our immune function; processed foods can wreck our digestive tracts; and excess alcohol does a number on our vital organs, causing them to work overtime to filter and restore our systems.

If you've stressed your body with overeating, late nights, poor food and drink choices, not enough water and too-few high-fiber nutrient-dense foods, it's time to get back on track.

Choose Colon Hydrotherapy to...
Detox your body from the inside, out. You'll rehydrate deeply while gently whisking away sticky decomposing waste that causes gas, discomfort and poor nutrient absorption.

Choose Lymphatic Massage Therapy to...
Restore your immune function. The lymphatic system works as your body's garbage disposal. If you've become stagnant because of poor choices or poor health, a gentle lymphatic massage will instantly get your system pumping again, helping your body flush everything from toxins to bacteria and allergens.

Choose Therapeutic Massage to...
Bring your body back into homeostasis. Too much to do, too quickly, creates a fight-or-flight neurological response that can make you feel anxious and stressed long after. Discover a deep calm with an intentional, therapeutic massage that fits your needs, from hot stone to prenatal and beyond.
Gift certificates and discounted packages are available. Optimum Health 255-7772
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Bounce into 2020
The "Bounce" class at Drenched is a combination of cardio and muscle sculpting on mini trampolines that will definitely get you bouncing into the next decade right. Training on a low-impact surface will keep you lean and strong while preserving your joints. Experience more movement, less strain on your body - and the knowledge that success is being covered in sweat!
Drenched 713-2601

Experience the New Kuuma Finnish Sauna Experience
If you've ever been to The Sweat Shack in Old Town Newhall, you know that it's a place of healing and happiness. Now the multi-faceted sauna sweat boutique is offering a Kuuma Finnish Sauna Experience in addition to their Urban Infrared Sweat Therapy. With the use of halotherapy, aromatherapy, heat and loyly - the Finnish term for steam or using water over hot stones to create steam - they have designed an environment that enlivens the senses. You'll restore your spirit, soul and body in your private specially-constructed Shack sauna room designed for your ultimate comfort.
The Sweat Shack 678-0880

Results Fitness's Brand New 2020 Vision Fitness Challenge is What Goals are Made Of
What's a fitness challenge without the mindset and education to complete it? That's the premise of Results Fitness's all-new 20/20 Vision challenge, kicking off January 30 (Week One starts February 3.). "At Results, we're experts at getting our clients laser focused on their goals - and that carries over into all areas of their life," explains Co-owner and internationally-acclaimed "trainer of trainers" Rachel Cosgrove. "When you're this fired up for fitness, you also have the confidence you need to skyrocket into that new career or lifelong goal. Motion begets motion - and with Results, we only move one way - up!"

The 20/20 challenge has you achieve in teams of three (They'll pair you up, or gather your crew and make your own!) to build muscle, strength and mental fortitude - all while shedding excess weight and self negativity. Your registration includes two challenge classes a week, weekly edu-fit classes to keep you focused and on track to fulfill your goals, coach accountability and more.

The six-week challenge is incredibly affordable, with early-bird pricing only $97 for Results members and $197 for non-members. "We make this challenge available to everyone because we're deeply committed to changing lives. We want everyone even thinking about a better life to sign up so we can prove to them that they have what it takes to do something amazing for themselves," shares bestselling-author Cosgrove.
Early-bird pricing for the "20/20 Vision" Fitness Challenge is only available for a limited time. Call to reserve your space. Results Fitness 799-7900
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Three New Fitness Finds at The Paseo Club
The "Greatest Results New Year, New You" Six-week Challenge
Make 2020 goals about more than just weight and shape - transform your life by joining the Greatest Results New Year, New You six-week challenge. It's a one-stop shop for all your fitness goals, including supermarket field trips and a "how to meal prep" lesson complete with cooking class.

Try Tribe Team Training for Free
Beginning January 13, enjoy a full week of Tribe Team Training totally free. This is a great way to find out how team accountability, growth-oriented sessions and the Tribe lifestyle fits into your routine.

New Value Platinum Membership
With unlimited Pilates reformer classes, functional fitness sessions, kickboxing, pickle ball and, for full members, tennis classes, it's a big value that will get you big results.
The Paseo Club 257-0044
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