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March, 2020 - Issue #186
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Treating Common Ailments with Pilates & Assisted Isolated Stretching
Sciatica - if you've had it, you know it can literally be a pain in the butt! Sciatica is defined as pain that radiates down the sciatic nerve from the root of the spine all the way to the toes. There are many contributing factors for sciatica. Sometimes you can get sciatica simply by having your wallet in your back pocket and then sitting on it for periods of time. At other times, the pain is caused by some sort of trauma to the low back, like a fall or from a rotatory-type movement injury. Most commonly, the problems are tight muscles that are over the top of the sciatic nerve. When the muscles that are in close proximity to the sciatic nerve are tight, they tend to apply constant pressure to the nerve, causing agitation. Pilates Reformer and AIS (Assisted Isolated Stretching) can help alleviate your sciatica.

First, help alleviate the pressure that you experience by opening up the gluteal muscles. After the gluteal muscles are flexible, you will work to stretch the hamstrings out. Both of these need to be flexible and functioning properly to be able to stretch what is the most important muscle to stretch for this problem: the piriformis muscle. The sciatic nerve runs directly underneath this muscle, so when it is tight it is a cause of constant pressure to the nerve. Many times, you can open up these muscles in conjunction with the hip flexors and extensors and the sciatic pain with subside.

If this sounds like something you need to try, Pilates Pros+ offers private-assisted isolated stretch sessions and private and small-group pilates reformer classes.
Pilates Pros+ 295-0700

Don't Miss!
Introduction to Yoga Workshop on February 22

For only $44, treat yourself to an Introduction to Yoga workshop on Saturday, February 22 from 11am to 12:30pm - and three weeks of unlimited yoga - at Rising Lotus in Old Town Newhall. During your workshop, you'll learn all you need to get started in your yoga practice - including props and how to use them; breathwork and the importance of learning to breathe as you move; basic yoga poses that you can expect to practice in class; and a better understanding of yoga. Discover how yoga is more than just movement - it's a way of gaining more power and control of your nervous system, your stress level and your ability to calm your busy mind. This offer is valid for new students and those who haven't visited in six months.
Rising Lotus Yoga SCV 200-7293

How a Super Bowl Halftime Show Inspired the Country to Google, "What's J Lo's Workout Regimen?"
Ladies and gentlemen - Jennifer Lopez is 50 years old. And while that fact alone may surprise you about "Jenny from the Block," it might have downright shocked you after you witnessed her high-energy performance at Super Bowl. Both Lopez's age and work-out plan were top-trending searches after her performance.

But not everyone is so surprised. "There's a presumption in our culture that it's 'all downhill' after 40," says Rachel Cosgrove, international fitness speaker, best-selling author and co-owner of Results Fitness. "But our clients, our competitive team members, the men and women who attend our talks all over the country - they're proof that's not true - just like J Lo!"

Cosgrove explains that recent science demonstrates unequivocally: You can continue to gain strength and muscle mass, as well as lose fat, at every age - even into your 80s. "One of J Lo's quotes on how she stays fit is: 'I eat right and exercise! I put in the work.' I love the simplicity of that statement, because - in the end - that's the best equation for success: what you eat, how you train and the frequency you train," says Cosgrove. "People get caught up and confused in the details, though, and that can lead to discouraging - or no - results."

How to prevent plateau - and meet your goals? "Just like anything worth doing, this is worth doing right," says Cosgrove. "You wouldn't ask your hair stylist to do your taxes - or vice versa. When you want big results, you have a real, experienced pro create a plan that's customized to your body and your goals. Anyone can 'work out,' but it takes an ever-evolving systematic regimen, coaching and accountability to produce the kinds of results most people truly want."

Right now, Results Fitness is offering their 30-day all-inclusive #Kickstart program for only $89. The program includes recipes and shopping lists; eight personal-training sessions; targeted fitness classes; a customized plan; body assessment and more.
Results Fitness 799-7900

Essential Shack Skin Food & Body Lotion Enhances your Sauna-loving Body
Spring is almost upon us and it's time to give your skin some relief from this past winter's harsh elements. At The Sweat Shack on Main Street in Old Town Newhall, you can start your skin's rescue and recovery as you #feelhealth in a soothing Kuuma Finnish sauna or comforting Urban Sweat heat cabin session. Your skin is the largest organ and is a reflection of what is going on in your body. Regular sauna use and heat therapy can improve the tone, clarity and elasticity of the skin, slow the aging process and reduce the effects of sun damage and dryness - leaving your skin as soft as a baby's bum. Increased blood circulation has also been shown to relieve acne, eczema, psoriasis, scars and stretch marks, lesions and cellulite. To make The Sweat Shack Sauna Boutique's experience even better, try their new line of exclusive Essential Shack body lotions; they will continue the benefits realized by heat therapy sessions. Their Coconut Vanilla Shea Butter Vegan Skin Food and Organic Lemongrass Sage Body Lotion are just what you need to get your skin in tip-top shape in time for spring.
The Sweat Shack 678-0880

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What's Cool About Cryotherapy
You might not think that standing in an individual cryotherapy chamber for two to three minutes at temps as low as -250 degrees is "cool" (More like "freezing cold!") - but when you recognize the benefits, you'll change your tune.

Recent science shows that whole-body cryotherapy triggers the release of norepinephrine, a natural anti-inflammatory that reduces your pain from injuries and helps reduce pain and discomfort associated with physical therapy for those suffering from osteoarthritis, chronic back pain and fibromyalgia.

This anti-inflammation benefit is partnered with another cool cryo fact: That low-dose of physical stress kicks your immune system into gear, increasing white blood cells and immune cells, making your body more capable of battling bacteria and viruses.
Mend Cryotherapy 294-7898

Want a Healthier Smile? Drink Up
Water - especially water with fluoride - is a key element to keeping your smile healthy and cavity free. Next time you're thirsty, reach for water over alcohol, sodas and energy drinks. Water cleans your mouth with every sip, rushing cavity- and stain-causing food and residue away from your teeth. H2O dilutes acids produced by the bacteria in your mouth, which could erode your enamel. When your saliva supply is depleted from dehydration, you're at risk for dry mouth - and tooth decay. Your salivary glands help keep teeth strong by exposing them to phosphate, fluoride and calcium in your saliva. Give them a helping hand by staying hydrated.
Snow Orthodontics 799-0775

Class of the Month: Booty Boot Camp
When we saw Shakira prove that "Hips don't Lie" during the Super Bowl halftime show, we knew we needed to step up our back-side game. Drenched has our booty's back with their 40-minute express class that hits all the right spots. You'll firm, lift and build a perfect booty in their beautiful weight room while learning proper form.
Drenched 713-2601

V-Lase Helps Soothe Mind, Body & Soul
When you don't feel right "down there," you don't feel right... anywhere. That's why women are regaining their confidence and their comfort with the breakthrough technology of V-Lase - a patented CO2 laser technology that provides secure, delicate non-ablative treatment for your most tender tissues, offers the beneficial effects of CO2 laser technology to stimulate the vulvovaginal area and activates the formation of new collagen. The V-Lase probe is inserted, then rotated 360 degrees while pulsing light emits thermal energy into the tissue. This stimulation allows the blood supply to have greater access to the tissue and encourages the regeneration of microvasculature, collagen and elastin to aid in healing and tightening. The V-Lase is then used on the outer tissues, with similar results. The procedure is painless with minimal discomfort and involves no surgery or incisions of any kind; there is no down time after the treatment and you can go straight back to your daily routine or activities.
Available at Valencia Plastic Surgery. 222-1122
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