Mind Body Soul
June, 2020 - Issue #189

Losing the COVID-15
by Rachel Cosgrove
It's like the Freshman 15 except worse! The triple whammy of high stress! Soothed by comfort food, a lack of a routine and exercise being limited equals 10, 15 or maybe even 19 pounds of fat you've accumulated? And now the latest research links high body fat levels to an increased chance of COVID-19 setting up shop in your body - seems fat makes for a comfortable place for a virus to settle in to - so it's more important than ever to drop those excess pounds. Do not wait until this crisis is over, you have to start today!
Lately your exercise choices have probably been spending the majority of your training time in the famous "fat burning zone." Steady-state aerobic exercise, such as endurance running or biking, burns a higher percentage of calories from fat. However, you aren't burning as many calories overall because your body adapts, making it much less effective at burning fat - which is why you are finding yourself in this predicament. This type of exercise, along with high cortisol stress hormones, makes it near impossible for you to lose body fat.
To lose the COVID-15 it's best to switch gears completely for the next 8 weeks to create a metabolic disturbance.
Prioritize higher-intensity workouts, including short bursts instead of long steady-state endurance workouts.
Lift weights, using metabolic resistance training, to make your body a fat-burning machine.
Perform interval-style workouts, using bodyweight-exercise or kettlebell circuits as your cardio.
Utilize those long, steady walks for your de-stressing recovery time.
Today is the day we start the COVID-15 Takedown! Read the story of how I dropped 15 pounds of fat by switching from steady-state endurance to metabolic resistance training at
Rachel Cosgrove is the Co-owner of Results Fitness. 799-7900

All the Benefits of a Sweat in your Own Home
For centuries ancient sweat lodges have been used by cultures around the world to relieve pain or injury and prevent disease. Now more than ever, sauna use is being prescribed by modern medical professionals to treat the symptoms and suffering caused by excess inflammation in the body, poor vascular health, hypertension, stress and more. Additionally, it encourages a natural detox, cellular rejuvenation and a stronger immune system.
"I purchased a sauna from The Sweat Shack for my home a few years ago for health, fitness and because I enjoyed its cleansing sweat," says SCV resident Teresa Todd. "Today I realize its potential to kill viruses and, quite possibly, save myself and the ones I love from illness. I'm so very grateful for this potentially life-saving device. If you have the space, it's so well worth the investment!"
To bring the many physical and mental health benefits to your own home, The Sweat Shack is currently offering special pricing on the purchase of exclusive Urban Sweat Heat Cabins for a limited time.

Catch Up on Summer Fitness Goals Quickly with the Megaformer
Summer's here, and if you have some catching up to do when it comes to fitness, there's no better quick-results workout than the Megaformer, a state-of-the-art fitness tool for body sculpting and sleek, sexy muscles. With powerful 45-minute classes on the cutting-edge Megaformer, Motivate focuses on ramping up intensity while focusing on correct form, core activation and resistance training. All classes follow the research-backed Lagree Method, which is designed to effectively burn calories, torch fat, build strength, lengthen muscle fibers and increase balance by strengthening your core. Summer never looked so good.
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