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August, 2020 - Issue #191
Results Fitness
Results Fitness

The New Way To Workout
The current pandemic has forced us all to pivot in different areas of life and business, fast-tracking our world into the future well before we expected. Your workout should be no different. With all these major shifts, there's no reason you should be returning to the same workout you did pre-quarantine. Your new workout should be time-efficient, based on science, adaptable to do at home or the gym and backed by a community and culture that fills you up and keeps you safe.
Results Fitness is known for designing fitness programming based on proven science with expert coaches guiding and holding you accountable. Now that same cutting-edge programming is available through technology launched during quarantine. Workout in person with your own workout area, no shared equipment, expert coaching and your program delivered on your own individual Ipad - or through your own phone in the safety of your home. Either way, you'll be working closely with a Results Fitness expert coach to keep you safe and moving forward. It's time for a new way and Results Fitness has your back!
Results Fitness 799-7900
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Get Back to Peak Physical State with Cutting-edge Recovery
Returning to a regular workout routine after months of irregularity can increase your chance of injury if you're not cautious. It's important not to jump back in at full speed, and instead, take extra care of your body while you ease back in. Recovery is a vital part of that process, and cutting-edge therapies like cryotherapy or Normatec compression therapy can make all the difference. Like a 3-minute version of the traditional hours-long ice bath, cryotherapy is simply a more high-tech, effective and convenient form of cold therapy. It triggers a total body healing process unlike any other - from external benefits (like skin and hair health) to internal benefits (eliminate toxins). Another powerful recovery tool, Normatec Compression Therapy was developed to improve circulation, enhance blood flow, lessen muscle soreness and remove lactic acid and residual fluids. Whether you feel sore after your return to the gym - or you're looking to increase your athletic edge in competitive sports - speed up recovery to get faster at Mend Cryotherapy in Valencia.
Mend Cryotherapy 294-7898

Torch Calories with your Most Efficient Workout Yet
Motivate's slow resistance-based movements incorporate strength training, cardio, flexibility and endurance while simultaneously torching calories and sculpting the body from head to toe. And now Motivate offers three different options to find the right experience for you.
Now open to full capacity, Motivate has returned to teaching the Lagree Fitness method with the limitless versatility of the M3 Megaformer - an incredible way to shred and tone with precision and safety. If you prefer a more personalized workout, semi-private and private classes are available to keep you on track with your fitness goals. And if you've fallen in love with the convenience of home workouts, Motivate is still offering live Zoom classes to keep your training moving forward. No matter how you choose to Motivate - their classes will push your body's limits, revealing a stronger "you" inside and out!
Motivate 713-8099
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courtesy of shutterstock

Leaner, Stronger & More Resistant to Chronic Disease
The largest contributing factor for serious COVID-19 illness is chronic disease. And the best way to prevent chronic disease? An intentional fitness regimen that raises your heart rate with constantly-varied, functional movements performed at high intensity.
CrossFit keeps your body from adapting to the exercises - and keeps things interesting! Functional movements consist of things like the deadlift, squat, burpees and more - performed at a high intensity. You put in more power, more work - and get more results.
CrossFit is for everyone - young, old, male, female, small, large, fit, unfit - doesn't matter. The workouts are scaled to everyone's individual ability, and there's plenty of time for individual attention because classes are limited to 10 people. Coupled with nutrition counseling, the best-trained CrossFit coaches anywhere and an awesome community, CrossFit is the absolute best thing you could do for yourself.
CrossFit SCV has just reopened in their new, expanded facility. 209-1207

A Drenched Class for Every Budget
From hip hop yoga to pilates, boxing and barre, Drenched's wide variety of classes and styles will have you... drenched! Choose the experience that's the best fit for you.
Single Virtual Classes for $10
Get a taste of the Drenched lifestyle from the comfort of your home or buy a virtual monthly membership for $49.
50 Home Workouts for $19.99
You'll get a bundle of 50 at-home workouts to do at your leisure - and they never expire!
Discounted Private & Semi-private Classes Starting at $50
Semi-private classes are available at a discounted rate of $50 an hour; private classes are $75 for an hour.
Unlimited Membership for $149
This new-client special hooks you up with an all-access pass to every reformer and class. Want it warm? Now you can choose your space in the multi-climate room.
Download the Drenched app to purchase and for more information. Drenched 713-2601
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courtesy of shutterstock

Shack Up with Saugus' Newest Health & Wellness Services
As if an SCV summer could get any hotter - The Sweat Shack recently celebrated the grand opening of its second location and flagship franchise store in Saugus at the beautiful Skyline Ranch Plaza. Located at 19375 Plum Canyon Rd., this one-of-a-kind boutique sauna franchise offers a supremely relaxing, wellness-centered atmosphere that's zen enough to make anyone feel more committed to their health journey. Guests can choose from two styles of heat therapy services: The Kuuma Finnish Sauna Experience and their Urban Sweat Heat Cabin. Additionally, you can layer the healing benefits of your sweat by adding aromatherapy and chromotherapy, or color light therapy. These specially curated services, products and the unmatched ambiance enlivens the senses and promotes restoration of the body, soul and spirit. To see the benefits for yourself, watch the for more details about their grand opening, new location and their #feelhealth movement now catching across the nation!
The Sweat Shack 678-0880
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