Mind Body Soul
October, 2020 - Issue #193
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Whatever the Question, Dance is the Answer
Whether it's for an upcoming special event or just because you're ready to do something special for yourself (Or your relationship!), dance lessons are the answer to the fall's best questions, like...

How can I get more exercise - and enjoy it?
Dance burns about as much calories as jogging, but instead of being monotonous, it's a fun, high-energy way to get a full-body workout while smiling and laughing to your favorite tunes.
How can I keep my brain healthy while learning new things?
Keep your brain healthy by keeping track of your steps! Dance has been shown to improve brain function. Have physical limitations? They can be accommodated by professional instructors.

How can I build confidence?
Looking to boost that self confidence, not just for a particular situation or event, but overall? When you learn to dance, you're more confident in social situations and more comfortable in your body. It's the fun way to kick up your confidence!
Arthur Murray Valencia 888-1385

Need More Motivate?
New Motivate at Home & Outdoor Class Times Now Available

Need more Motivate? Who doesn't? With distinctive Lagree fitness moves, you'll tone, tighten and burn 'til you shake - whether you choose outdoor or Motivate at Home classes. Log on for details - and to score new fall merch!
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courtesy of shutterstock

Why Regular Sauna Use should be Part of your Workout Routine
For centuries, the practice of maintaining wellness and recovery of the body to encourage longevity and success for survival was facilitated across the globe through regular use of saunas and sweat lodges. Heat therapy through sauna use introduces the element of hyperthermic conditioning, the acclimation of the body to heat without the introduction of physical aerobic activity.
Increasing your core temperature in a sauna for short periods of time creates a "heat shock" that is known to offer improvements for your athletic fitness performance as well as recovery. With controlled levels of heat, stress modifications occur in the body to heighten blood flow and plasma volume to your muscles and heart. This heat stress, in turn, assists in strengthening endurance and encourages increased muscle mass and repair.
Just as you plan your workout schedule, consider your conditioning and recovery practice with a visit to The Sweat Shack, the only sauna boutique to offer both the traditional Finnish style sauna, the Kuuma, as well as infrared panel Heat Cabins.
The Sweat Shack Skyline Ranch Plaza 367-4766; Old Town Newhall 678-0880

Get Drenched Outside
Drenched still has all of your favorite classes in a beautiful, resort-like atmosphere, including Pilates Reformer, DJ'd Hip Hop Yoga, Paddleboard Yoga, Pilates on Paddleboards, Sculpt and more. Enjoy the fresh air and the fresh vibes in a curated, lush environment.
Drenched 713-2601
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