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July, 2021 - Issue #201
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Hybrid Exercise Maximizes Results in Less Time
Ready to get the most out of your workout? Hybrid exercises combine two methods that flow well together so that you can work more muscles and get faster results in less time.
With hybrid exercise, you'll be working two major muscle groups while also raising your heart rate to increase your fat burn while also strengthening, toning and sculpting your body. Hybrid exercise also creates a great after-burn, so your body continues to burn calories even after your workout.
Hybrid workouts are done in 20-second intervals for as many minutes as you can spare for a workout. Whether you have 10 minutes or 30, this workout will work for you!
Start by setting a timer for 20 seconds. You will complete one move for 20 seconds, move straight to the next move for 20 seconds, then rest 20 seconds before repeating. Complete five rounds, then rest one to two minutes and move onto the next series. If you're short on time that day, you can do two or three of the circuits and it should take you about 10 to 15 minutes to complete.
To get in some extra cardio, you can add in a 20-second sprint to any of these circuits or to a couple of them to get your heart rate up.
Take it slow your first time through and get used to the movements you choose, slowly build your strength and endurance and soon you'll be flying through these workouts and feeling the burn.
Gold's Gym has a free downloadable workout workbook that features these hybrid exercise tutorials and more.
Gold's Gym 288-1818
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Hot Times, Cold Summer
Looking for pharmaceutical-free ways to feel more vibrant, healthy and pain free? While on opposite ends
of the temperature spectrum, both cryotherapy and sauna treatments have been shown to reduce inflammation,
ease symptoms of autoimmune illness, boost your metabolism and improve immune function.
Recent studies have revealed even more reasons to sweat it out - and chill!

Cryotherapy can Boost your Mood
While your time in the cryotherapy chamber is short, averaging between two and three minutes, the results of having your body exposed to super-low negative temps can really last. One of the most interesting recent discoveries is the positive effects cryotherapy can have on mental health. The feeling of euphoria many users report is real - and rooted in science. Studies have noted that symptoms of depression dissipate for many cryotherapy clients with regular use.
Mend Cryotherapy 294-7898

Sweating in the Sauna Releases Bioaccumulation of Toxic Elements
In a study of 20 individuals, scientists discovered numerous toxicants excreted through sweat. They argued that inducing sweat - like what happens during a sauna session - is a potentially highly-effective method for eliminating toxic elements. Over 120 distinct compounds were discovered in the participants' sweat during the study! While relaxing in your private sauna, you're giving your body the opportunity to better rid itself of heavy metals, environmental toxins and more.
The Sweat Shack 678-0880
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The Unsung Health Hero
Many of Us Need more Copper in our Diet
Here's one nutrient we don't hear a lot about: copper. It's estimated that 25 percent of Northern Americans are deficit. Consider it the less-famous sister of iron, as both work together to form red blood cells. Copper is also essential for healthy bones, nerves, blood vessels and immune function. Anemic? You can't absorb iron well without copper.
Some high-end multivitamins contain copper, but your body can more easily assimilate the nutrient via foods.
dark chocolate has up to 200 percent of your daily copper needs per serving
Cooked Swiss chard clocks in at 33 percent per cup - same for spinach
A 3-ounce serving of lobster has 178 percent
1 ounce of almonds has 33 percent; cashews double that number - 67 percent
shiitake mushrooms are rich in selenium, manganese, zinc, folate, vitamins D, B1, B5, B6 -
and 89% of your daily requirement for copper
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