Mind Body Soul
December, 2021 - Issue #206
courtesy of Shutterstock
courtesy of Shutterstock

Baby, it's Cold Inside
Chances are, you're at least somewhat familiar with the benefits of cryotherapy for athletic recovery. But one thing that's not talked about enough in the cryo world is the benefit that this treatment modality has on mental health.
There are numerous studies that show that cold exposure like you experience in a cryo chamber release "happy" hormones and endorphins while reducing stress hormones like cortisol. Cryotherapy regulars regularly cite sensations of extreme relaxation - even euphoria - post treatment and report that their elevated mood lasts days, even weeks, after a session.
Mend Cryotherapy 294-7898

Her Past, my Present
Do you ever wonder what your great-great-grandma would think about the fits, fabrics and trends you wear today? About her generation, and the ones that went before and came after, and how they paved the way for ours - not just with fashion, but with life?
As I've grown and evolved as a woman, a mom, a wife and a business owner, I can't help but ponder about the transitions and metamorphoses the women who laid the groundwork for my existence moved through - and what they wore along the way.
I'm lucky to have some answers. My grandmother Anunnzi was a beautiful woman, loving and strong, and one of the most stylish people I've ever had the pleasure to meet.
And as I continue to evolve both in life and in business, I've been blessed to channel her during the development of our newest venture. Anunnzi Boutique, located inside Drenched, is a celebration of her sense of style.
I hope you'll join us for the Italian-style grand opening of Anunnzi Boutique on November 26 from 10am to 5pm. Guests will enjoy a 20 percent discount, raffles, food, wine and treats. Get to know our brands and discover how good they fit and feel on your unique body. And when you're staring at your reflection, maybe consider the women who got you to this place - and how proud they'd be to see you feeling so confident, beautiful and strong.
Angela Parretta is the owner of Drenched, Anunnzi Boutique and Tread+Soul, fitness studios and lifestyle brands headquartered in Valencia. 713-2601
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