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February, 2022 - Issue #207
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courtesy of Shutterstock

The Sweat Shack Launches "New Year, Best You" Campaign
Through January 31, discover your "Best You" in '22 with a 20-session sweat pass for only $399. You'll also get a complimentary Little Black Book of Wellness from owner Jen Felan, a certified organic wellness practitioner, to guide you in enhancing and supporting your health.
The Sweat Shack 678-0880

Sugaring can Mean more Intimate Fun with your #1
"Is it your first time?" First-time hair removal, especially hair removal from places we deem private, can make men, women and nonbianary a bit anxious. Still, come every Valentine's Day, newbies flock en masse to Santa Clarita's sugar hair removal headquarters - The Sweetest Skin Co. - with hopes to "enhance the romance" with a brazilian or manzilian sugar hair removal service.
"Our new clients are eager to try something different as a means of adding something exciting and fresh to their intimacy," says national sugaring educator and TSSC Owner Angela Lark. "But with anything new, there can be uncertainty. The most important thing to remember is that your sugarist really has 'seen it all' - there's nothing to be embarrassed about. And if they're worried about discomfort, we remind them that sugaring is more gentle than wax - the paste only adheres to the hair being removed as well as gently exfoliates dead skin cells - and the process is very quick."
The smooth, sweet results are worth it. "Most often, new clients become regular clients really quickly," says Lark. "They - and their partner - love it!"
The Sweetest Skin Co. 476-5775

Good Vibes with Motivate Cycle Club
Santa Clarita is vibing with Motivate Cycle Club's newest classes, class times and high-energy culture. Love to spin? We do, too! It's a great way to build cardiovascular endurance, strength and stamina, a strong core and to release all those happy endorphins ... all while being kind to your joints and jamming out to awesome music. A win-win for your body and soul, it's on our '22 must-do list! We'll see you at the Club!
Motivate Cycle Club 713-8099
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