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April, 2022 - Issue #209
courtesy of Shutterstock
courtesy of Shutterstock

Are You Feeling a Tug?
You know that feeling when you're three days into trying to build a new habit... and you feel the tug? Maybe you decided to start tracking your steps every day because you know you need to become more active.
Day 1 felt amazing. You took the long route when you could and made a few extra trips up and down your stairs. You felt invigorated and immediately boosted from your new activity. Day 2 you were still going strong. Even did more steps than day one.
But Day 3, and as you wrap up your day and realize you're nowhere close to hitting the steps you need to... there's a tug inside of you that's pulling, pushing, pleading you back to the couch instead of heading out for a walk. If you've ever tried a new exercise habit, then you've felt the tug.
In fact, the tug may have already convinced you to give up on your New Year's resolutions for 2022. You see, underlying trauma from your past - be it physical, mental, emotional, relational, spiritual or financial - makes your body think that any change - even positive change - is a threat.
So, what's the solution? We all need external accountability at some level. When the tug shows up we need to have an outside coach, friend, buddy or even technology to nudge us.
By adding external accountability, like making that appointment to work out at the gym, checking in with your coach and having someone who you don't want to let down, you'll follow through. That part of you that sees positive change as danger that tugs you back to the couch will slowly start to realize that this new change is working!
The professional team of coaches at Results Fitness are ready to help you follow through and make 2022 the year you finally make the changes to look and feel your absolute best.
Results Fitness 799-7900

Your First Class is Free at Dynamic Movement LA
Dynamic Movement L.A.'s course offerings have been specifically designed to provide every component needed to reach your maximum potential. Through a diverse selection of classes and programs, you are able to build and create their own path - and the first class is free! There's an incredibly wide variety of classes and fitness opportunities, including:
Mommy & Me for 18 months to 3 years old
Personal Training with customized fitness
and nutrition programs
Adult Fitness and Dance classes
Dance Styles like Tap, Jazz, Contemporary and Hip Hop
Log on for all the details - and to book that free class!
Dynamic Movement L.A.

Group Classes are the Fun Way to Sweat
Tired of seeing your home exercise bike used as a clothes hanger? Invested in the newest, coolest fitness equipment, only to have it sit and get dusty? We've all been there, which is why we're now going here: Motivate!
Join one of their high-energy, fun group classes. They guarantee a good time, great music, lots of motivation and a whole lot of sweat. Whether you like going big and watching your metrics or you like to groove and feel the beat of the music, they have a class for you! See you at the club.
Motivate 713-8099
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