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May, 2022 - Issue #210
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courtesy of Shutterstock

The Toll of Stress & What to Do About It
Our bodies can handle occasional stress - but the stress load of today's environment is unprecedented, leaving many of us feeling haggard and worn out.
When the body is under stress, digestion slows, the body stores fat as fuel and our immune system is compromised. That's why many people's goals right now include feeling less overwhelmed and exhausted and more like "themselves" again. No coach can change what's happening in the world or take away the stress and anxiety that has become part of our "new normal."
What an excellent coach can do: Help you to take back control and build the skills you need to effectively adapt to stress, feel more confident in your health and improve your ability to handle any obstacle coming your way.
Results Fitness coaches have successfully helped their clients learn all new skills to cope with "everything" since the day the world shut down, honing their expertise to help people like you manage stress and anxiety, improve your sleep and successfully reset your mind and body to take care of yourself by exercising consistently, eating better and breathing.
Having a coach help you identify anchor habits - like breathing properly, sleeping seven to eight hours, drinking water and exercising - can be the game changer you need for your mind, body and spirit.
Results Fitness 799-7900

The Best of Both Worlds
Kuuma Sauna & Cold Plunge Therapy

The list of benefits of combining both hot sauna and cold plunge therapies is big. You can support your immune system, increase blood flow, reduce chronic pain, boost your metabolism, sleep better, improve energy, elevate your mood, lower inflammation, reduce muscle soreness, increase your resilience, improve performance and give yourself an opportunity to practice discipline.
Here's what's small: the price you'll pay to add on your first cold Plunge when you combine it with a sauna session... Only $15!
The Sweat Shack 678-0880

One more Reason to Chill
Cryotherapy can Mimic Exercise

In a 2017 review of published scientific studies on the effects of whole-body cryotherapy, the authors concluded: "Exposure to the cryotherapy somehow mimics exercise, since it affects myokines expression in an exercise-like fashion, thus opening another possible window on the therapeutic strategies for metabolic diseases such as obesity and type 2 diabetes." Add potential weight loss as another reason to schedule your cryotherapy appointment!
Mend Cryotherapy 294-7898
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