Mind Body Soul
July, 2022 - Issue #212

The Difference Between a Program & a Workout is
the Difference Between Progress & Plateau

Results Fitness is well known within the fitness industry because of this concept: they write programs, not workouts.
But what's the difference between a program and a workout anyway? In a nutshell, a program is a long-term plan - at least a 12- to 16-week plan, minimum - that is based on a goal. A workout is simply a single training session.
The key concept to understand is that an individual workout is an important part of this overall bigger picture. It does not exist unto its own.
The typical commercial gym-goer will either change workouts way too often or not often enough. On one end of this spectrum, you have the person who gets "bored" easily and thinks that they need to change their program every single time they walk into the gym to take advantage of something mysterious called "muscle confusion."
On the other end of the spectrum is the person who dislikes change and exists in their own little comfort zone. They never change their routine, typically sticking to the same exact weekly workouts for three months or more.
So what's best? The truth is that science and practice has shown that the "sweet spot" for workout variation is about every four to six weeks. If you change too often, your body never knows what it has to adapt to and you never progress. If you don't change often enough, your body will stop adapting - period - and you won't progress. This is why Results Fitness customizes your program specifically for you and will progress you to a new program every four to six weeks to get the fastest results in the least amount of time.
Results Fitness 799-7900

Which Motivate Ride is Right for You?
Choose the Classic Ride and challenge your inner athlete. This is Motivate's performance metrics-based ride. It's "you vs. you" so you can go get that power! The Rhythm Ride matches the rhythm of the music to the rhythm of the road. Let go of the numbers and enjoy the journey. Either way, your first class is free.
Motivate Cycle Club 713-8099

What Everyone's Talking About:
The Cold Plunge at The Sweat Shack

You've seen Instagram influencers and A-list actors all "take the plunge" lately... but what you might not know is that Santa Clarita has our very own Cold Plunge here at The Sweat Shack in both the Newhall and Saugus locations.
Cold plunge aficionados report a big boost in energy, elevated moods, a reduction in chronic pain, better sleep, lower inflammation, less pain, improved athletic performance and immune system resilience. But what does the Plunge process entail? Glad you asked - because we had to find out for ourselves.
The extra-large Plunge tub holds sparkling-clean and perfectly-chilled water that's been treated with a 20-micron filter, ozone sanitation and circular filtration. Guests gently step into the 45-degree water, eventually sinking down to their comfort level while their breathing is guided by a trained The Sweat Shack team member. Once settled into the tub, guests chill out for 3 to 7 minutes, depending on their goals.
The Cold Plunge can be used as a solo treatment or paired with one of The Sweat Shack's heat therapies. Choose from their steamy Finnish sauna experience or relax in one of their heat cabins, then take the Plunge. Right now, The Sweat Shack's Summer Sweat Pass can score you your favorite TSS sessions for about $7 each. See The Sweat Shack for details.
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