Mind Body Soul
October, 2022 - Issue #214
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NuCalm's Noninvasive, Focused Treatment Deeply Relaxes You
NuCalm is a three-part therapy designed to gently guide your brain waves into a relaxed state. You don't have to take any drugs or go see a doctor first - it's more like a day at the spa. Here's what the treatment involves:
The Biosignal Processing Disk sits on your left wrist and delivers electromagnetic signals through your Pericardium-6 acupuncture point. This triggers the physiological changes that send your body into a restorative rest.
The Neuroacoustic Software App directs your brainwaves directly through sound. You can choose from a variety of soundtracks or nature collections to match your mood. Each one has built-in beats to induce the natural healing powers of theta and alpha brain waves.
The Eye Mask completely blocks all light, helping you remain separate from your stress and keeping outside lights or movement from interrupting your state of relaxation.
Mend Health & Wellness 294-7898

Why it's Time to Take the Plunge
It's hard to miss social media's fascination with ice baths - but are you really in a rush to spend $50 on bags of frozen water and all that time lugging them into your tub?
The Sweat Shack has a better solution: their Kylma Cold Plunge. This Cold Plunge experience has been shown to lower inflammation, boost metabolism, accelerate athletic recovery, improve sleep, increase energy and much more - all without a trip to the grocery store for bags of ice.
At The Sweat Shack, your Cold Plunge can be scheduled on its own or paired with your sauna session. Either way, you can rest assured that the Cold Plunge's robust cleaning system - complete with UV, ozone and a 5-micron filter - will deliver a crystal clear, fresh Plunge every time.
Not sure how you'll take to water temps in the high 40 degrees? A well-trained member of The Sweat Shack team can be next to you for every breath of your Cold Plunge, talking you through the how-to moments as well as encouraging you to meet your Plunge goals.
Ready to take the plunge? The Sweat Shacks in Santa Clarita are located in Old Town Newhall on Main Street and in Saugus on Plum Canyon.
The Sweat Shack 678-0880
courtesy of Shutterstock
courtesy of Shutterstock

Did You Know?
80% of Americans Experience Dental Anxiety

If you're one of the four out of five Americans who have some form of dental anxiety, you should know that there's a safe, effective way to get the treatments you need - without the stress or discomfort. It's sedation dentistry - and at Skyline Smiles, it's available for both children and adults. You'll feel deeply relaxed during your appointment, which means you may be able to accomplish more during your treatment time. This is "conscious sedation," meaning you won't be fully asleep - you'll still be able to respond and follow instructions - and you won't need assistance breathing. If dental anxiety has kept you out of the dentist's chair, it's time to explore sedation dentistry.
Skyline Smiles 244-4036
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