Mind Body Soul
December, 2022 - Issue #216
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Hope & Homeostasis at Thermal Horizons
Many of us are in a constant state of fight or flight, awash with stress hormones that keep us feeling anxious and off center - all while increasing our risk of illness, weight gain and a reduction in the quality of our lives. Classes at Thermal Horizons - from sound meditations to pilates and yoga - are designed to bring your body back to a space of mindfulness, presence and peace. Says Jaime Annett, owner and a certified sound healer: "For the 75 minutes you're in one of our classes, you're in complete balance - homeostasis. This is where healing - emotional, physical, spiritual - happens." Here is one member's experience:
"I've been in a sauna cabin before, but never in a room of my own with essential oils tailored specifically to my needs, lighting and temperature set just how I wanted and with music of my choice playing at just the right volume. This was marvelous. I laid back with bent knees on the sauna bench covered in a thick white towel as the salt steam filled the chamber. The cabin was so beautiful, so extravagant, and yet, so simple - just a quiet place with warmth penetrating my skin and healing my bones. I placed the cool lavender-oil-infused towel on my brow which caused the hair on my arms to rise. I slowly breathed in the steam dancing with the bergamot and peppermint. All of my senses were engaged."
At Thermal Horizons, the healing is hot - literally. As with the Sauna Suites, their Hot Yoga is heated using FAR InfraRed technology held at a cozy 105 degrees. Still, Thermal Horizons guests don't leave feeling worn out. Explains Jaime: "It's a dry, gentle heat that makes you feel energized and relaxed. You've got the blood flowing, you're well oxygenated, you're ready to have the best day!" Visit their website at to explore the over-60 weekly classes, 20 teachers and 4,000-square-foot healing space.
Thermal Horizons 476-5372

"It's the happiest - and often most exhausting - time of the year! NEED A FAST PICK ME UP? A cryotherapy session only takes two to three minutes but it can have you feeling peppy and euphoric for the rest of the day - without a caffeine crash at the end. Boost your immune system, metabolism and energy all at once.It's amazing what a few minutes at -260 degrees can do!"
Mend Health & Wellness 294-7898
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courtesy of shutterstock (right)

Free Gift with Gift Card Purchase & Zero Enrollment on All Memberships at Westside Tan
Right now, you can take advantage of Westside Tan's $0 enrollment and no contracts offer valid on all memberships - for you or for a gift! Benefits include unlimited UV tanning, sunless tanning, spa services, discounts on products and apparel and more.
Westside Tan Wellness Spa has two locations in Santa Clarita - one on McBean Parkway and another on Newhall Ranch Road. Visit to learn more about these incredible offers.
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