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September, 2018 - Issue #168
The Adult Version
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courtesy of Shutterstock

Expose your bod to -240 degree temps in the name of better health?
Cryotherapy treatments have become the talk of the town, thanks to recent exposes on pro athletes who rely on it to recover fast after games and practices. Think two to three minutes in a cryo chamber isn't for "regular human" you? Think again. Student athletes, grandparents, weekend warriors, sciatica sufferers, those with autoimmune diseases and more are all bragging about how they've been able to ditch the Motrin or prescription pain pills, thanks to the inflammation-reducing, immune-system boosting relief cryotherapy provides.
available at Mend Cryotherapy 294-7898

Give your metabolism a makeover?
Beginning September 1, this four-week all-encompassing makeover opportunity stimulates body and mind, teaching both new habits that can result in you achieving "the best body of your life." Your Results Fitness Metabolism Makeover team then provides two additional weeks of transition to ensure that the changes stick. Past participants have lost an average of 15 to 30 pounds of fat while maintaining muscle, thanks to the hands-on exercise classes, menu planning (You can even have your food made for you.), accountability check ins, education and support. An interview is required to ensure that you're prepared and motivated to make a real change.
available at Results Fitness 799-7900

Take a Restorative Yoga class?
Relax deeply using props to hold your body in long, deep, calming poses. Those struggling to cope with fatigue, stress, a wiped-out immune system or grief will especially benefit, as this restorative practice helps your body and mind tap into a large storehouse of energy. You'll leave feeling refreshed and renewed.
available at Rising Lotus Yoga 200-7293

And One for the Kids!
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courtesy of Shutterstock

Celebrate Grandparents' Day on Sunday, September 9?
A survey conducted by Oxford University and the Institute of Education in London argues that kids, in general, are happier if their grandparents are actively involved in their lives. On the flip side, data from the Berlin Aging Study demonstrates that grandparents who babysit live longer. Conclusion? Drop those happier kids at the healthier grandparents' house for the weekend and get yourself some endorphin-making free time.

Treat your favorite kids on the spectrum to horseback-riding fun?
Don-E-Brook Farms has just launched a new lesson program for children with autism. The owners themselves are parents of a child on the spectrum, have seen the benefits of equestrian experiences - and have created lessons specifically catering to the special needs of the autistic community. Lessons are by reservation only and are available Monday through Thursday at 5:30pm and Saturday at 8am.
Don-E-Brook Farms 296-9995
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