Dr. Moza is MY Super Doctor
Amandalynn Sawyer
March, 2019 - Issue #174

"I worked with Dr. Moza for five years before I ever thought I'd need his SURGICAL EXPERTISE. During our half-decade professional relationship, which turned into a warm friendship, the whole Inside SCV team came to love this communicative, accessible surgeon. We referred him often - HIS REVIEWS ARE OFF THE CHARTS - but I was still shocked by how well my own surgery went. My incision site is tiny, I'm healing beautifully and I feel so positive about my future, all thanks to Dr. Moza and his team!"
Inside SCV Magazine Creative Director Amandalynn Sawyer
About a year after my pregnancy, I was still suffering from what I thought were standard pains that come with carrying a baby. But it kept getting worse - spasms, leg weakness, pain walking/sitting/standing and constant discomfort became my norm. I treated it with physical therapy, Pilates, chiropractic, work accommodations like a standing desk, OTC pain relievers and more, but nothing really helped.

On Christmas Day, my pain peaked to unmanageable levels. I was near constantly in spasms. I was miserable and scared.
The day after, I went in for an MRI and was told I needed a neurosurgeon. I've known Dr. Moza through the magazine for years and was aware of his incredible reviews. Because we've worked with him for half a decade, I also knew he was a really nice guy. He was my first call.

Still, this is surgery - so I was pretty nervous when I limped into his office. That immediately dissipated when he stepped into the room. He was so disarming with his quick wit and colorful commentary, I laughed despite my serious pain.

The news wasn't what I wanted to hear, but the way he explained it made it manageable. He showed me that I had a Gobstopper-sized disc compressing my spinal cord, explaining the damage and why surgery was necessary. He explained all the details of his treatment plan for me and answered all my questions without rushing. Before I left, I had a date scheduled and pre-op paperwork in hand.

Within a week, I was back in the wee hours of the morning for my minimally-invasive spine surgery with Dr. Moza. His Centurion Surgical Center is beautifully appointed, not cold and scary, and I felt instantly at ease. Everyone there was eager to make sure I was comfortable and well cared for. They smiled as they introduced themselves and told me what part they would play in my surgery - from x-ray tech to surgical assistant - and my personal nurse was so kind and helpful.
The surgery went perfectly - I was able to walk to my own wheelchair immediately after! The very best surprise right off the table was that I regained full rotation of my left ankle, which I had lost during my health struggle.

Less than eight hours after my surgery began, I was home in the comfort of my own bed to rest. Dr. Moza and his team checked on me by phone daily and I always knew I could reach them with any questions, though I never really had to take advantage. It was instantly obvious to me that I was - after years of suffering - finally pain free.

I've since been to two follow up appointments. At each, I meet other patients who are as happy with their care and results as I am.

I'm a busy working mom and my diagnosis devastated me. Dr. Moza and his team never let me dwell in the negative. They supported me physically and emotionally and got me through a very tough, scary time. I never thought, at only 38, I'd have to have back surgery - but I'm so glad I trusted Dr. Moza to do it! It's only been about 20 days since - and my life is already remarkably better.

Dr. Moza is a frequent newsmaker because of his consistent Patients Choice, Super Doctor and Top Doctor awards - but he's so down to earth and humble. I wish I didn't have a reason to refer him, but since I do, I'm proud to be on his team. You won't meet a nicer, more capable specialist!
Amandalynn Sawyer is the Creative Director of Inside SCV Magazine
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