Family Fitness
August, 2015 - Issue #130
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Multiple Generations Strengthen Bodies, Relationships
by Heather Flebbe, MS, ACSM

FIT Families are abundant at Cycleup! In any typical class you will see mothers and daughters, fathers and sons, brothers and sisters, husbands and wives getting a kick out of passing each other on the PIQ leaderboard.

Several generations join in a class together as they strengthen their relationships and promote healthy habits within the family. Grandparents, parents and teenagers can all ride together, enjoying motivating music for each generation; sharing the same vision to be fit, healthy, strong, determined, vivacious and alive with energy! Indoor cycling enables each rider to cycle at their own level so family members can stick together during the ride.

We offer family packages that can be shared among family members. Friday night Club Cycleup with a Live DJ might be a hit with your teenagers. Family members can join the Fall Weigh Down or even Cycleup Plus Coaching program and learn to improve nutrition and fitness together.

Children learn from their parents. Practice together the habits you wish for them to carry through life. The family unit can bring education, inspiration and healing. When families engage together and learn together, habits are set for life. 645-3060

Fit Families Build Self Esteem and Confidence
by Cezanne Youmazzo

Being fit together as a family supports strong self-esteem and confidence in children. Working and competing in sports, such as tennis and swimming, communicates focus and commitment. When parents model fitness, it allows children to see them in new and inspirational ways. When parents demonstrate good habits, it encourages children to do the same.

If you are looking for a club where your whole family can be active, look no further than the Paseo Club, a top-notch tennis/swimming/fitness facility. Our club is home to the award-winning Paseo Aquatics swim team as well as unmatched tennis programs for both adults and children.

The outdoor/indoor Kids Corner promotes fitness with a jungle gym, basketball court, foursquare and hopscotch courts for children 3 months to 9 years of age. While Mom and Dad workout or play tennis, their little ones will get to socialize and play. Events such as Dive in Movie Night and Nerf Games help families socialize with other families creating long-lasting memories.

The Paseo Club offers Parent Child Yoga classes where children 9 and up are welcome to exercise with their parent. Junior Bootcamp is another option for more active children ages 7 to 13. For children 12 and over, there is the Junior Certification Program, with the child working alongside a personal trainer, learning proper form, exercise progression and gym etiquette while gaining elite gym access prior to the 'minimum 14 year age' requirement. 257-0044
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