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September, 2015 - Issue #131
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Burn more Calories per Hour with the Right Exercise
Did you know that it takes burning 3,500 calories to lose one pound? Do you know what it takes to burn 3,500 calories? At Cycleup, they've got what it takes! If you ride at a speed of 16 to 19 miles per hour and weigh 132 pounds, you could burn 10.5 kcal/minute. That means it would take 333.33 minutes, or 5.5 hours, to expend 3,500 calories. If you cycle five times a week, that means you only need 1 hour and 7 minutes a day to lose one pound per week.

Compared to cycling, walking will only burn 4.5 kcal/min for the same 132 pound person. That means you would have to walk 13 hours to expend 3,500 calories compared to only 5.5 hours with cycling. Cycleup has programs to help you meet these goals. Their Fall Weigh Down begins on September 13 and will provide you with just the motivation and challenges you need to reach beyond your goals! Join them at their information meeting on Tuesday, September 8 at 7:15pm at Cycleup Valencia.

WundaBar Pilates Now Open in Valencia
Founded by LA's hottest celebrity trainer Amy Jordan, WundaBar Pilates takes core power, body sculpting cardio and true strength of unparalleled levels to thousands of WundaBar devotees every day. From mommies to moguls, students to celebrities, everyone wants a WundaBody! Stop in at any one of the WundaBar studios to find WundaLovers like Susan Sarandon, Vanessa Hudgens, Ashley Tisdale, Tia Mowry, Paige Hemmis and chart-topping Tinashe.

WundaBar Pilates delivers results dreams are made of with patented Pilates-based equipment, the WundaFormer. The WundaFormer integrates four exceptional apparatuses into one incredible machine for fast, sky-high energy and core shredding workouts for the most efficient 45 minutes you'll spend in your day. Reformer: check. Jump Board: check. Wunda Chair: what the heck is that? It's your new favorite, that's what. Check! Ballet Bar: got that, too. It's all in one, and you won't get it anywhere but WundaBar.

WundaBodies are built from the inside out! Says Jordan, "Every single movement made at WundaBar flows from the core. We're hyper-focused on delivering intensity with integrity of movement. Just because it's fun, fast and loud in here doesn't mean we aren't sticklers for impeccable and results-driven form." Leave your expectations at the door and sculpt muscles you didn't even know you had. WundaBar delivers on their promise to help you live, work and play in your best body.
WundaBar is now open on McBean Parkway in Valencia. 255-5411

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The Perils of Dieting
by Elaine L. Rosen, MD

When women gather to socialize, note how often the conversation eventually turns to diet and body (dis)satisfaction. How often do we hear certain repetitive phrases: gluten free, low carb, lose weight, get toned, the last five pounds, my stomach, my thighs, "I'm going to be bad and eat this," etc. "If we can just find the right diet and stick to it," we say, "everything will be ok."

"The DIET INDUSTRY has a unique stake hold in our society as the largest industry ($3 billion per year) with the highest failure rate (95 percent). Yes, that's right;
95 percent of diets fail
Unfortunately, the diet industry has a unique stake hold in our society as the largest industry ($3 billion per year) with the highest failure rate (95 percent). Yes, that's right; 95 percent of diets fail. What perpetuates the ongoing success of this industry is that its failure is successfully blamed on the weak will of you, the customer.

A diet consists of any set of eating rules adopted for the purpose of losing weight. These pre-scripted plans may include: starting on a Monday, cutting out a major food group, leaving you feeling deprived and hungry or requiring preparation or ingredients that are not easily sustainable. Although many lose weight through diets, maintaining the weight loss is an even bigger challenge.

Diets don't work in the long term. A landmark review by Dr. Traci Mann of University of Minnesota, published in American Psychologist in April 2007, looked at the long-term outcomes of calorie-restricting diets to assess whether dieting is an effective treatment for obesity. The studies reviewed showed that one third to two thirds of dieters regained more weight than they lost on their diets, a percentage that was likely underestimated.

Yet we are increasingly a nation of overweight individuals, so if dieting is not a long term solution, then what do we do? How do we attain a healthy, realistic weight, feel good about ourselves and insulate ourselves to the unrealistic (and untrue) societal ideal of thin=healthy=happy?

Obesity is a societal challenge for children as well as adults, but, as with so many other areas of parenting, we must put on our own oxygen masks first. We parents can best help our children when we've made peace with our own issues around food and body, when we model a healthy yet realistic lifestyle and a positive self-image. We are never guaranteed that our children will do what we say, but it is a certainty that they will watch what we do and who we are.
Dr. Elaine Rosen is a practitioner with Facey Medical Group.
Canyon Country 250-5225, SCV 513-2100, Valencia 222-2620

Exercise and Eating Healthy Improves Skin Elasticity Naturally
Exercise, proper hydration and eating a diet filled with plenty of fruits and vegetables helps keep skin younger. As much as exercising can help to slow down the ageing process of your skin, continuous high impact training can have the reverse effects and promote sagging of the skin, especially when done for 90 minutes or more. Moderate exercise has been proven to support the production of collagen and prevents atrophy, or loss of muscle mass that can contribute to sagging tissues and declining bone density. The boost in collagen from moderate exercise helps to keep your skin firm, supple and elastic. Moderate exercise is defined as exercising at 40 to 60 percent of your maximum heart rate three to five days per week. Jogging, swimming, cycling, walking and strength training fall into this category. Don't worry; High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) is in the safe zone as long as you keep it to 60 minutes or less. Eating a diet filled with a variety of fruits, vegetables, vegetable based proteins such as soy, nuts, seeds and fish oils has been proven to combat laxity and looseness of the skin, too. Here is a list of the best fruits and vegetables: red peppers, oranges, grapefruit, strawberries, broccoli, carrots, mango, apricots, sweet potato and avocado.
The Paseo Club 257-0044

What You can expect from a Barre Workout
What's not to love about barre? With moves based on classic ballet positions, this dance conditioning routine will have you lifting, tucking and curling to a better body. This isn't a workout just for the nimble dancer sorts. Rhythmically-challenged clients should take comfort knowing that there's no dance experience necessary and you won't have to don tap shoes or leotards.
What you can expect is to use your own bodyweight in new and impressive ways as you perform tiny, one-inch increments called isometric movements that challenge your muscles to their core. The inch-by-inch movements fire up your muscles and make them more elastic but, unlike weight lifting, don't tear the muscle.

You'll lift your rear, tone your thighs, rock your posture and get stronger class by class. You'll work multiple areas at once, raising your heart rate and burning calories. How do you know it's working? Newbies and seasoned barre flies alike will find their muscles shaking during contractions, a clear sign that they're working overtime. That's why you can expect to see remarkable changes in your body in as few as 10 classes. Practitioners claim that they look younger (Posture matters!), carry themselves with grace, feel powerful and love their new rear ends.
Bella Barre 299-7767
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