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January, 2017 - Issue #147
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The Coolest Gift in Town
"ICE" stands for Individualized Cryotherapy Experience, and that's just what you'll find at ICE Recovery & Wellness. Does a friend or loved one suffer from chronic pain, arthritis or MS? Have they recently undergone surgery? Are they an athlete or weekend warrior? While everyone could use a little ICE in their life, those who crave a reduction in muscle soreness and pain, want to recover faster, need to boost their metabolism and want to stimulate collagen will especially appreciate a gift certificate from literally the coolest place in town.
ICE Recovery & Wellness 904-4412

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Treat them to Time at this Hot Spot
Is there anything more exquisitely soothing than an infrared sauna on a cold January day? No - there's not! But infrared heat isn't just about loosening tight muscles; there's good science about sauna use improving autoimmune symptoms, asthma, cold/flu symptoms and so much more. Plus, users burn an average of 600 calories during their sweat sesh. This is why, when you're ready to treat friends and family to the most relaxing 30 minutes of their week, Organic Sweat Shack on Main Street in Old Town Newhall is the place to go. Right now, get a free Sweat with your $75 or more
gift-certificate purchase.
Organic Sweat Shack 678-0880

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Treat their Body, Mind & Spirit to Natural Touch
There are few luxuries more life giving than an exceptional massage, and that's just what you will find at Sofya's European Skin Care. Massage Therapist Toni Lynn Kirk is a master of deep tissue, Swedish and Reiki, as well as reflexology. Those in the know in the SCV equate time with Toni with "bliss" because her touch is so healing, her skill so obvious. This is not just another "massage gift certificate," it's the start to a healing journey!
Toni Lynn Kirk Massage Therapist 713-7166

Stuff their Stockings with the
Best Fitness Accessories & Equipment

Looking for better-quality fitness equipment and lower prices than you expect from big-box sports outlets? Choose from dozens of top-shelf accessories they want to find under the tree, including power tubes, foam rollers, yoga mats, kettlebells, wall balls, ropes, stretch bands and so much more... or spoil them with exceptional cardio options like treadmills, ellipticals, rowing machines and bikes. Direct Source Fitness also offers a variety of home-gym options, including their functional speed trainer, all at below-retail prices.
Direct Source Fitness 702-1361
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