Healing, Hope & Heat
Thermal Horizons is a Yoga & Wellness Community Unlike Any Other
September, 2022 - Issue #213

Jaime Annett's treasured mother, Joanne, is in hospice.
Ovarian cancer.
And yet hope - just like the undying love between mother and daughter - remains.
"Thermal Horizons is a direct manifestation of all the things in my childhood that were beautiful and wonderful. My mother's JOYOUS SPIRIT will linger in these halls and we will continue to honor her and celebrate her legacy in this space."
"During the pandemic, we'd lay on the floor together, just like when I was a little girl," recalls the owner of Thermal Horizons, the yoga and wellness center in Valencia. "We'd talk about what this place could be, right down to the tiniest detail. Thermal Horizons is a physical manifestation of the vision we created together as my mother fought Stage 4 cancer. My inspiration is leaving this earth, but what we made together will remain - and continue to serve the community we love."
Jaime and Joanne built the Thermal Horizons concept on one simple truth: "People are sick and tired of being sick and tired," says Jaime. "And they're more open to the idea that being 'well' doesn't have to look the same for everyone. The, 'Go to the gym, lift all the weights, take your pre-workout, grr!' mentality can be limiting. When our clients discover that they don't need to kill themselves at the gym - that there are great benefits to gentle yoga, to therapeutics, to meditation - it builds a culture of wellness that heals, one person at a time."
At Thermal Horizons, the healing is hot - literally. FAR InfraRed Hot Yoga is held at a cozy 105 degrees, but Thermal Horizons guests don't leave feeling worn out. "It's a dry, gentle heat that makes you feel energized and relaxed. You've got the blood flowing, you're well oxygenated, you're ready to have the best day!" Visit their website at to explore the over-60 weekly classes, 20 teachers and 4,000-square-foot healing space.

Hope & Homeostasis
Many of us are in a constant state of fight or flight, awash with stress hormones that keep us feeling anxious and off center - all while increasing our risk of illness, weight gain and a reduction in the quality of our lives. Classes at Thermal Horizons - from sound meditations to pilates and yoga - are designed to bring your body back to a space of mindfulness, presence and peace. "We're always 'doing all the things,'" says Jaime, owner and a certified sound healer. "But for the 75 minutes you're in one of our classes, you're in complete balance - homeostasis. This is where healing - emotional, physical, spiritual - happens."

Joanne Changed the World for the Better
"If wishes were fishes, what would you do?"
That hypothetical question was the root of a childhood game Jaime would play with her mom, Joanne - and it was the perfect prompt for the pair as they created a yoga and healing community unlike any other in Santa Clarita. At time of print, Joanne is in hospice and her family is steadying themselves for the transition to life without her. "I want to use this space to bring attention to ovarian cancer, which often goes undetected until it has reached advanced stages," says Jaime. "I hope that our experience encourages women who have had estrogen-only hormone replacement, have used fertility drugs, have a family history or mutations in the BRCA1/2 genes or have any of the symptoms, like bloating and back pain, to talk to their doctors. It's what my mom would want and it's one more way she's changing the world."
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