Need to get Sober?
Don't do it Alone
March, 2017 - Issue #149

"Common Bond's mission is to assist you in your pursuit of a healthy, clean lifestyle and to aid you in developing skills and knowledge that will support your decision to lead a LIFE
No one needs to battle addiction alone. At Common Bond Rehab Center, clients have the option of living in their own home or in the nearby sober-living space with the support of staff and counselors. Highly-qualified clinicians use evidence-based treatment methods to help you get clean as quickly and painlessly as possible so that you can achieve your goal of leading an addiction-free life.

The choice to become sober could be the most important decision you will ever make - and with Common Bond's skilled, warm and helpful staff, you can follow their six-step program to becoming the independent, strong person you want to be.

No matter how long you have been struggling with addiction, Common Bond is there to provide you with the tools you need to regain control of your life. Experienced personnel understand the effects that addiction and coexisting disorders can have on family, health and jobs - and counselors are trained to assist with the complications and aftermath of addiction. Day and evening group sessions are arranged so that clients with busy schedules can continue working without jeopardizing their positions in their career or in school.

Common Bond staff have experience in helping patients with their required court documentation, ensuring access to sober-living homes, connecting residents with family- and one-on-one therapy and 12-step programs, as well as case management and consultation with employers at your request.

Staff and counselors also focus on relapse prevention and management of withdrawal symptoms so you can have confidence in your ability to not only succeed in becoming independent of your addiction, but beating it for good.

Common Bond Rehab Center offers a no-cost assessment. Get the info you need to help you decide how and why to begin treatment; subsequent sessions are covered by most insurance plans. Not using insurance? Treatment is still affordable and is determined by the number of sessions you and your counselor agree are appropriate.
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