Shedding New Light on Lasers
October, 2012 - Issue #96
When you were little, lasers probably inspired awe within you. You might even have wanted one - in the form of a sword. Today, you have even more reason to covet the power of lasers. They're still great at fighting evil - in the forms of wrinkles, hair loss, acne, hair removal and growth!

Swap your Razor for a Laser
It's true: laser technology has come so far that now hair removal - from any skin tone and in every color - can be safely and effectively achieved. "With our Hair Removal System technology, even individuals with tanned skin or white, grey, red or blonde hair, can experience freedom from shaving, waxing and plucking for the rest of their lives," says Dr. Hayavi of Beverly Hills Physicians(800-788-1416 For most patients the process, which Dr. Hayavi notes is one of the top-five most popular non-invasive procedures available today, only takes about three to five sessions. "After a series of sessions the hair on your legs, arms, back, underarms, bikini line and face can be a frustration of the past," says the doctor. Other good news: The treatment requires absolutely no downtime. "Because the system uses lower overall energy levels, maximum safety is achieved while still providing superior hair-removal results. In fact, the vast majority of patients experience no side effects. On occasion, a few patients display short-term local reddening of the skin surrounding the treatment site," says Dr. Hayavi. "We offer discounted package options for patients wanting to benefit from permanent results," says Dr. Hayavi. Contact Beverly Hills Physicians today to learn more 800-788-1416 or

Lasers are Proven to Regrow Hair, Too!
In February 2007, the FDA found that the technology in low level laser therapy (LLLT) was not only safe but was able to effectively re-grow hair in 94 percent of the people involved in the study. In a study with Finasteride (also FDA approved to re-grow hair) and LLLT, the Finasteride grew 54 new hairs per square inch and the LLLT grew 135 new hairs per square inch. Laser treatments are beneficial for all hair types by increasing the blood flow by 54 percent. It works in varying degrees on everyone, from slowing, arresting or reversing hair loss to increasing the shine, body and elasticity of hair. LLLT works on all areas of the scalp: front, top, back and sides. Laser is recommended for either men or women who are in the early stages of hair loss or who demonstrate sufficient hair follicles capable of being rehabilitated by the laser hair therapy program. Usually noticeable improvement is achieved in three to six months. However, if you have heavy hair fall-out, you may notice a reduced rate of fall-out after only a few treatments. There's no down time; patients comfortably sit under a cold laser for 30 minutes per session one to three times weekly, depending on the severity of their condition. A six-month package (including six months of product) is usually $2,100 but now you can get nine months of laser and six months of product for only $1,750.
Contact the Hair Loss Treatment Clinic to learn more at 294-6880 or log onto

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