Skin Secrets of the Perfect and Poreless
August, 2011 - Issue #82
by Therese Edwards
It was the chilled glass of cider that gave me the courage to ask my new friend a question that etiquette-book author Emily Post would not have approved of: "So, um... what have you gotten done?"

The year was 2003, the restaurant was Wolf Creek and the answer was, honestly, "nothing." The then-model (You've seen her in commercials, ad campaigns and your favorite catalog.) explained how she took exceptional care of her skin - and I chalked up her creamy, dreamy, poreless, wrinkle-free visage as an unobtainable gift from both God and the skin-care aisle.

Years passed.

I turned 33. She turned 36. But only one of us looked like we had entered our third decade. And, sigh, that "one of us" was me.
I don't know why I didn't think to ask Jeanna if her "gotten done" status had changed. (Yes, that Jeanna. My best-friend-forever business-partner home-birther publisher-of-the-magazine-you're-reading uber-volunteer phenomena.) Maybe it was because I see her often; I never noticed anything different. (Which, looking back, was her strategy. All her procedures are celebrated for their little-to-no downtime.)

I came across her secret, which proved to be anything but, though an age-old method: complaining. Specifically, I was complaining about pregnancy-induced brown spots. Her reply, "The thing I had done helps that. You should talk to Dr. Ingber at Dermacure."

Stop. Right. There. What? What "thing?" Done? Realizing that Jeanna "Insultingly Perfect Skin" Crawford had not, as I eventually surmised, inherited a gigantic aging "pause" button changed my view on medical skin treatments forever.

I had to know what she had done. Of course, she told me. And now we're telling you.

Jeanna Crawford, pictured with her son Cassel
Jeanna Crawford, pictured with her son Cassel
My Love Affair with Dermacure
by Jeanna Crawford
I've always had good skin. But a few years ago, as I approached 34, fine lines and sun spots started settling in. My skin lost a lot of its vibrancy. I didn't "glow" as effortlessly as I used to. I've always taken great care of my skin but I knew a time would come when I would not hesitate to put some of the best skincare technology to good use. I reasoned that a few noninvasive treatments in my 30s would mean looking younger now - and later.

My only hesitation was believing (falsely) that there wasn't anyone I could trust to take care of my skin. As a former model and all-around picky person, I wasn't going to let just anyone with a laser come near my face.

And then I met Dr. Ingber and his staff at Dermacure. The office was clean, calm and spa-esque; I immediately felt relaxed and welcomed. But pretty decor alone wasn't going to win me over. I wanted to see "before" and "after" pictures. I had to know the doctor's background. I needed to feel 100-percent convinced that my money, my time and - above all -my face would be treated exceptionally.

Within a few minutes I had discovered that Dr. Ingber is a Board Certified Physician Trainer for many injectibles. That was impressive, but what really put me at ease was the in-depth consultation and time that went into deciding the right treatments for me. I put my trust - and my face! - in Dr. Ingber's hands and didn't look back. After discussing my skin frustrations, we decided that three different treatments were now on my to-do list: Laser Genesis, FotoFacial and (Here goes - I'm honest to a fault!) laser hair removal.

I Love Laser Genesis
I noticed an immediate change in the texture of my skin after my first Laser Genesis treatment at DermaCure. And after the course of five treatments (three right before I got pregnant and two after my son was born), I can honestly say three things: 1) It didn't hurt. Really. (And I'm kind of a wuss.) 2) There was no down time. I did most of my sessions mid-day between meetings. 3) The folks at Dermacure know what they're doing; after my course was done, I looked years younger.

Laser Genesis treats fine lines, wrinkles, large pores, uneven skin texture and redness/scars by gently warming the upper dermis below your skin's surface. It stimulates collagen (a lot) and regrowth. I experienced major improvements in all of these areas and while I saw immediate results, they only got better over time. My face glowed again - which is saying a lot, considering that I had a newborn and the "me time" previously dedicated to my skincare regimen was now "we time." People who haven't seen me for a while say things like, "Wow, you look so beautiful and rested! Cassel must be sleeping well!" (That always makes me laugh - or cry.)

LimeLight Fotofacial
I used to call my brown spots "beauty marks." I figured that if Cindy Crawford could make facial moles popular, I may be able to do the same for sun damage. As you can guess, I was unsuccessful.

While Fotofacials have been around for over a decade, the Limelight Fotofacial is new technology that allows for skilled professionals to customize the experience according to your skin type and concerns. Personally, I was concerned that my habit of refusing sunblock (It clogs my pores, so I wear hats!) had left one too many tiny brown discolorations on my otherwise very-light skin.

My Dermacure Fotofacial experience was top notch. Again, I was worried about pain. I shouldn't have been. The Dermacure staff took great care in determining my skin type and condition, which ensured that my Fotofacial would be both highly effective and comfortable.

After five sessions, my skin appeared remarkably more refined - and was spot free. During my treatments, my nurse, Nicole, explained to me that the Fotofacial was used in different ways for different people. Some turned to Limelight to diffuse redness and small capillaries (like with Rosacea). Others, like me, were pleased to see smooth pigmentation staring back at us in the mirror. And I also found out that the process can be completed on the face, neck, chest and hands (this is next on my list!).

Permanent Hair Removal
I like shortcuts. The opening of the Cross Valley Connector was one of the best days of my life. I'm guessing that after my last laser hair removal session at Dermacure, I'll be saying the same thing every time I bypass the razor aisle at Target.

I decided on underarm laser hair removal for a few reasons. The first, for sure, is that it's a time saver. But the bigger reason was that one less thing to do in the shower meant more snuggle time with my son. I'm a gal who likes to look groomed. The hair had to go.

This process would prove to be the most uncomfortable of the three - meaning that I couldn't take a nap while the ultra-high-tech Cutera ProWave Laser did its work. (I like naps.) But Dermacure also utilizes the Zimmer Cooler, so that the removal really is practically painless. I'm two sessions (out of five) in and I already can see a reduction in hair growth. The hair that's still there is thinner and more sparse. I like where this is going!

What's Next
As I've made pretty clear, I don't mind people knowing that I invest in myself. When I find something that I love - whether it be a homebirth experience or, in this case, a medical aesthetic office like Dermacure - I want to shout it from the rooftop.

I look forward to shouting about my next treatment with Dr. Ingber. Until then, though, I'll keep spreading the word about my love of lasers and my appreciation of and respect for the Dermacure professionals who wield them with precision, practice and care.
Jeanna Crawford is proud to admit that she now wears Dermacure's Elta sunblock daily (because she promised
Dr. Ingber she would.).

About Dermacure
DermaCure is an aesthetic laser skin care clinic owned and operated by Craig Ingber, MD, a board certified facial plastic surgeon. The spa-like office specializes in cosmetic laser skin care and dermal filler cosmetic injections to help you look younger and feel beautiful. Laser skin care and dermal filler treatments address all your skin care needs, like:

sun damage, age spots, hyperpigmentation and freckles
hormonal pigmentation and mask of pregnancy (melasma)

crows feet and under-eye creepiness

fine lines and wrinkles

surgical and acne scarring

redness and rosacea

facial veins and cherry hemangiomas

leg veins (spider veins)

unwanted facial and body hair


sagging skin on all areas of the body
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