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April, 2012 - Issue #90
Cold, hard fact: Extra pounds weigh you down - literally and figuratively. I know that my sedentary lifestyle is a self-perpetuating problem. I gained weight because I didn't "move" enough. I don't want to "move" because I'm tired and demotivated by my weight.

I decided to stop making excuses and start to own up to my situation. Just when I had decided to dip my big toe into the weight-loss waters, I saw an ad in this magazine promoting a once-in-a-lifetime enrollment price for a new gym opening in town. When Gold's Gym Valencia offers $0 enrollment and $19.99 per month, it gets your attention. It's like the weight loss gods were smiling down at me. I hesitated, then smiled back. And then I made some calls.

It turns out that Gold's Gym Valencia is uniquely positioned to successfully provide fitness gains and weight loss through a holistic approach. Their all-encompassing methods utilize the very best certified personal trainers, supplementation programs and diet counseling. Trainers are certified through the nationally-accredited Smart Fitness platform. As a bonus, Gold's Gym has partnered with Pure ProActive, allowing their members to participate in a medically-supervised nutritional and lifestyle program.

According to Joel Freeman, group exercise director for Gold's Gym Valencia, Hollywood, North Hollywood, Downtown Los Angeles, Thousand Oaks, Simi Valley, Culver City, Fullerton and West Covina, "Gold's Gym Valencia's one-of-a-kind Group Exercise programming is designed to optimize fat burning and weight loss for every body type. Combining innovative classes and seasoned, top-notch instructors with a cross-training daily schedule, every participant will see maximum results!"

The new Gold's Gym Valencia boasts the world class amenities that have earned Gold's Gym Los Angeles high accolades: the latest cardio and weight equipment featuring individual LCD screens and iPod docking stations; cardio movie theater where members can watch films while working up a sweat; gorgeous locker rooms with separate his and hers steam and sauna rooms; Kid's Club; 25-meter pool and whirlpool with an elaborate aqua aerobics program for men, women and children; one-of-a-kind group exercise and dance program offering more than 120 weekly classes including Yoga, Pilates, Cycling, Core Training, Step, Boxing, Dance and more. There are even programs designed to cater to parents and their children.

I'm sold. I walked (Look! Already taking "steps" in the right direction!) up to the second floor of the Westfield Valencia Town Center - next to Macy's - and signed up. While I wait eagerly for Gold's Gym Valencia's grand opening, I'm going to keep on walking. I've also booked an appointment with a Certified Organic Healthcare Practitioner (more on that to come). Soon, my "weight" will be over!

"There are several different surgery options available for different WEIGHT ISSUES."

When Exercise &
Diet aren't Enough

Weight Loss Surgery Options
According to the board-certified physicians at Beverly Hills Physicians (800-788-1416), there are several different weight loss surgery options available for people with different weight issues, ranging in severity from chronic obesity to difficulty losing weight through diet and exercise alone.

Gastric Banding: Gastric banding (LapBand) is a weight loss surgery that uses an adjustable band to divide the stomach into two sections, making the upper portion significantly smaller so patients fill up faster when eating. It is different from gastric bypass surgery because it does not reroute the flow of food in the body, but it is similarly recommended for people with a BMI of 40 or higher. Gastric banding is a highly-successful weight loss surgery with few side effects. The band is also adjustable and removable, so the procedure can be impermanent for people with successful weight loss stories.

Sleeve Gastrectomy: The sleeve gastrectomy is a permanent surgery that's usually only recommended to morbidly obese patients with a BMI of 60 or more. It removes most of the stomach so that what remains is only about 15 percent of the stomach's original size. The portion of the stomach that's removed produces hunger stimulating hormones, so patients both fill up faster and don't get as hungry to begin with, helping them to control their eating and lose significant amounts of weight.

Gastric Bypass: Gastric bypass surgery is the most common type of weight loss surgery, but it is usually reserved for chronically obese people with a BMI or 40 or higher. While it can be very successful for permanent weight loss when patients are able to follow a diet and exercise program afterward to help keep off the weight, it's also the weight loss surgery with the longest recovery time and greatest number of side effects. Gastric bypass surgery reduces the size of the stomach and reroutes food so that it bypasses certain parts of the digestive system where nutrients are absorbed. Patients fill up faster and don't assimilate all the food they take in, causing them to absorb significantly fewer calories.

Since the surgeries mentioned here are only recommended as a medically-necessary procedure for obese patients, it is normally covered by most health insurance plans.

"A good tan
makes it harder to notice cellulite.
We're SOLD!"

"Instant" Weight Loss
What is it about a tan that makes us look instantly slimmer (and healthier... and younger...)? Pasty, white skin just doesn't "do it" for most of us. Besides, a good tan makes it harder to notice cellulite. We're sold!

Since traditional sunbathing is neither desirable (We're not "bathing suit ready!") or time manageable (And we always risk the chance of falling asleep, then waking up looking like a lobster.), we're excited to hear that the reputable Westside Tan (295-0999) is now open in Valencia. (As a bonus, they're offering two weeks of unlimited tanning for only $5 with the coupon found on page 2!).

The luxurious tanning spot is filled with brand-new, state-of-the-art tanning beds that put our old-school tanning bed memories to shame. These ultra-technological beds do much more than give you a dark, even tan. We're clamoring to book The Sun Angel, a bed that customizes your tanning experience, virtually eliminating the chance of overexposure (Translation: You won't get burned!). This clever contraption measures your exposure limits by scanning your skin at two points: your forehead and your lightest skin (usually the inside of your arm). It then determines a precise UV dose based on your readings.

If tanning just isn't your thing, you can always fake it. We've had fantastic results using Mystic HD, available at Westside Tan. This "sunless" tan goes on comfortably (you feel dry!) and wears naturally.

For real (instead of visual trickery!) weight loss, there's a ton of buzz surrounding the Fit Body Wrap, also available at Westside Tan. Able to burn up to 1,400 calories in only an hour, the Fit Body Wrap is quickly becoming a popular new addition to "people-in-the-know's" weight-loss plan.

Is it Weight or is it Bloat? (Or Both?)
It's no secret that what you eat matters to your waistline. But have you considered how digestion problems can negatively affect not just how you feel, but how you look? "When you eat a Standard American Diet (SAD), you're often more at risk for gastrointestinal issues. They can be mild - like simple bloating - or can be serious, like Crohn's Disease. The common symptoms of poor digestion are lethargy, poor elimination, cravings - especially for sugar and salt, and bloating," says Jenifer Felan, a certified Organic Healthcare Practitioner (904-3627).

"A poor diet can lead to weight gain in more ways than one," says Felan. "Low-nutrient food doesn't just pack on the pounds because of the calories it contains," she explains. "It makes you eat more. You can be starving yourself of essential amino acids, vitamins, minerals and enzymes - and so your body sends you a signal of hunger. But most of us don't give our bodies what we're really craving, which is real, pure nutrient-rich foods. It's a dangerous cycle that makes us feel - and look - bad," she says.

The answer is sometimes blissfully simple. "I am continually amazed by what a difference drinking a cultured dairy beverage can make. Beyond Organic makes the best available. It's called Amasai and it is a delicious, pure way to re-introduce probiotics to your intestinal system. It has healed so many people," says Felan, who offers free, no-pressure health consultations. "Helping people heal and grow healthy is my passion. My clients and their families are thriving. Let's talk!"
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