Health Notes
March, 2009 - Issue #53
Painless Laser Hair Removal is Possible
Electrolysis, once a popular procedure for permanent hair removal, is invasive, tedious, partially effective and can result in scarring or post-inflammatory hyper-pigmentation. Although laser hair removal has been widely practiced for over a decade, most physicians offer outdated laser equipment and treatments are painful and results are only marginally effective; but there is an alternative. The Soprano XL laser hair removal system made by Alma Lasers is the safest, most effective laser in the world, and it's virtually painless.
Source: Dr. Van Veloso of Infinity MedSpa 259-8100

Heel Pain in Children
A common problem seen by podiatrists in active children is heel pain, referred to as "growing pains," and it is usually not treated. The most common diagnosis for this is Sever's Disease, an inflammation of the growth plate located at the back of the heel. This condition is seen in physically active girls and boys from ages 9 to 15 years old. These are the years when the growth plate is still "open," and has not fused into mature bone. Also, these are the years when the growth plate is most vulnerable to overuse injuries, which are usually caused by sports activities. The first line of treatment would be rest, ice, stretching, and a topical or oral type of anti-inflammatory. If the pain persists, then medical intervention is suggested which would include: custom molded orthotics (insoles), physical therapy, heel cups or lifts. While it is true that Sever's is related to growing pains, the fact is your child can continue to be active and pain free if this condition is treated properly.
Source: Dr. Tony Avakian of Valencia Foot & Ankle Center 288-2321

Get a Life and Step Off the Scale
It kills positive attitudes, destroys motivation and makes people give up on their fitness programs. The condition: I.W.M.E. Syndrome. Translation: "I weigh myself everyday." Keep the following in mind. First, muscle weighs more than fat. When you start a resistance training program, you might see the pounds go down slowly, or even go up a little, while your inches drop like crazy. If you lose more than three pounds per week, you're losing muscle and water. Therefore, you're slowing your metabolism. Take it off slowly to ensure long-lasting results. Eating foods high in sodium will make your body hold onto water, leading to false weight gain. Your body weight fluctuates naturally on a daily basis.
Source: Cheryl Broughton, director of Fitness Edge Boot Camp 888-671-6500

Painful Foot Conditions Impact the Whole Body
Many people don't realize that problems such as aches in your feet, ankles, knees, lower back and even your shoulders oftentimes stem from improper treatment of your feet. A supportive shoe, combined with the proper insert, will put your feet in its natural position for walking, standing and athletic training. By putting your foot in balance, the alignment of other joints will be improved. Your feet work more efficiently, carry the loads put on them better, and support the entire body. You will suddenly find yourself walking with better posture and with less fatigue.
Source: Laura Bouziane of Foot Solutions 702-0070

Building the Fitness Foundation
Most of us don't think of our feet as the foundation to our injury-free health. When running, we put upwards of three times our body weight on our feet. The American Podiatry Medicine Association states that the average person takes about 10,000 to 20,000 steps per day. That's lots of pressure being put on our feet. If our feet have any pronation, where the ankles bend inward, or supination, where the ankles lean more outward, it can tweak the knees, up through the hips, and even affect the back and neck.
Source: Kyle Robinson of Runners Lane Inc 260-3368
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