Health Notes
June, 2009 - Issue #56
Healthy Lifestyle Decreases Chance of Stroke

Among cardiovascular disease, stroke is a leading cause of illness and death worldwide. In 2005, the World Health Organization (WHO) estimated that 5.7 million deaths were due to stroke. WHO states that at least 80 percent of premature deaths from heart disease and stroke could be avoided through healthy diet, regular physical activity and avoiding tobacco smoke. A study followed over 20,000 men and women ages 40 to 79 from 1993 to 1997. Participants completed a detailed health and lifestyle questionnaire and underwent a thorough health examination. Participants scored one point for each of four healthy behaviors: non-smoking, physically active, moderate alcohol intake and blood vitamin C levels that indicated a balanced diet.
Source: ICAA Research Review, Vol 9, No 7, Feb 2009 for Foot Solutions 702-0070

The Benefits of Far-Infrared Sauna Treatments
Saunas have been used for hundreds of years for their beneficial health effects. Besides the immediate relaxation that occurs from being warm, the sauna session promotes the release of toxins from the body by causing you to sweat more than you normally would. The treatment can also be beneficial for people who suffer from chronic disorders such as fibromyalgia, arthritis, mercury build-up and other toxic conditions.

Far-Infrared Saunas heat in a way that penetrates the body more efficiently to release toxins and provide relief and relaxation. The infrared energy used can cause up to two to three times the sweat volume of a traditional hot-air sauna while operating at a significantly-cooler air temperature range (110AF to 130AF versus 180AF to 235AF for hot-air saunas). This also makes it much more comfortable to breathe during a session.

Because the infrared energy is not disbursed into the air, it is available to directly heat the bodies that are sitting in the sauna. This type of energy penetrates more deeply into the tissues - over 1.5 inches. This allows the heat to go deeper into the muscular tissues. The body responds to this deep-heating effect in many beneficial ways.
Source: Karen Maleck-Whiteley of Balance Point Spa 252-0650

Becoming a Fitness Role Model
In our nation today, we find that we have a growing problem - especially with our younger generations - named obesity. Statistics show that roughly 36 percent of the population is over weight. This number includes all ages, but what is raising the most concern is the speed that young children are putting on the weight.

We find that discipline is severely lacking in our older, more mature citizens and because of it, the kids are following our example. We can not, as a nation, rely on our pro-sport athletes to be our fitness role models. They are paid millions to stay fit, and all too often we see them ruining their lives. We must renew our love for being outside! We have to be the fitness role model for our own children. Get off the couch and remind yourself of the awesome activities we can do together. Look up your local running store for equipment, shoes, and ideas to start your way toward being a Fitness Role Model.
Source: Kyle Robinson of Runner's Lane Inc 260-3368

Are You Disease Proof?
The immune system is your body's first line of defense against an onslaught of germs and diseases, as well as numerous toxins that are ingested or breathed in. It's time to regain your health and overall well being by strengthening your immune system.

Begin to increase your immune system's vitality by reducing your stress levels. An effective stress reducer is exercise, which is also another primary ingredient to strengthening your immune system.

It is important to make sure that your exercise routine takes your body to the point of perspiring. Though reducing stress and daily exercise both boost the immune system, the largest contribution comes from eating nutritiously! The problem is that our daily food choices are less than adequate and include harmful fast foods, processed foods, as well as foods that have been bombarded with preservatives, pesticides, flavor enhancers, sweeteners, and other foreign chemicals and additives that your body does not recognize.

This leads to an accumulation of toxins in our bodies that will only contribute to more health problems. Sadly, research indicates that the three most consumed vegetables in America come from consuming potatoes (in the form of French fries), tomatoes (in the form of pasta sauce or ketchup) and the nutritionally-empty iceberg lettuce.

Take charge of your health and supply your body with the nutrients it needs to function optimally. Your diet should consist of a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables. Remember to eat lots of brightly-colored fruits that are packed with antioxidants and dark leafy greens filled with life-giving phytonutrients. Also include whole grains, legumes, nuts and seeds, as well as fish and other lean meats like turkey and chicken.
Source: Jim Berardino, director of The Survivor Challenge 904-4053

Toe Nail Fungus Removal without Liver Side Effects
Millions of Americans suffer every day from a chronic, disfiguring fungal infection called onychomycosis, more popularly known as toenail fungus. This infection causes discomfort and embarrassment and is difficult to treat effectively. There is now a safe, painless method to effectively treat toenail fungus. It's called the PinPointe FootLaser. This is a simple laser light treatment that goes directly to the infection and kills it. This treatment is done in about half an hour and means only one trip to the podiatrist. Clinical studies have proven that the PinPointe FootLaser works on 88 percent of those treated, with no drugs, no pain, and no liver side effects.
Source: Dr. Robert J. Abrams of The Foot Care Center of Santa Clarita 253-3668

Cellulite and Body Reshaping Therapy
Cellulite is among the most disturbing and challenging skin disorders known in aesthetic medicine. Despite multidisciplinary physical or mechanical treatments, pharmacological agents, exercise and diet regimens, cellulite signs and symptoms remain, and in most cases, are unaffected.

In the past decade, cellulite management has inspired a new generation of innovative medical devices promising correction of cellulite signs and symptoms. The Accent XL is currently the most effective therapy for body sculpting, cellulite reduction and skin tightening. Results are achieved by: (1) Deep dermal heating/tightening (2) Enhancement of stagnant blood microcirculation and lymphatic drainage of trapped fatty deposits and toxins and; (3) thermally-induced fat cell dissolution and adipocytesapoptosis.Source: Van J. Veloso, MD of Infinity MedSpa 259-8100

Permanent Weight Reduction with Banding
Tired of failed weight loss programs and diets? Need to lose 50 pounds or more? According to one source, only 5 percent of people who lost weight by diet maintain the weight loss during the following year. Today, an outpatient gastric banding procedure is performed for those with Body Mass Index (BMI) of 25 or higher. BMI is the ratio of height to weight. This procedure is FDA approved for permanent weight reduction. With this weight loss procedure, diabetes, high blood pressure, coronary artery disease, gastric reflux disorder, sleep disorders such as sleep apnea and other medical problems are permanently resolved. To calculate your BMI, visit
Source: Kevin Hayavi, MD and medical director of Beverly Hills Physicians 800-788-1416

Dental Implants are a Convenient Alternative to Dentures
Tooth loss is an embarrassing problem that also can affect our health. Those with missing teeth may feel prohibited in what they can eat. Healthy foods like fruits and vegetables may become difficult to consume. In the past, the solution to tooth loss was dentures - but we all know that this "solution" opened up a whole new world of problems. Difficult to care for and even harder to eat with, dentures often fit poorly and proved to be more of a hassle than they were worth. Now, however, state-of-the-art dental technology has allowed the most skilled of practitioners to provide permanent dental implants. Those suffering with dentures, or those who are experiencing the embarrassment and frustration of tooth loss, may be able to finally put their troubles to rest. Dental implants are a safe, permanent solution that look and act just like healthy teeth. They are imperceptible to the eye and patients who have dental implants can't say enough good things about the experience.
Source: Dr. Bobby Irani of Valencia Dental Arts 799-9989

Seasonal Acupuncture Treatments and Lectures
Kenneally Acupuncture and Healing Light Center's seasonal acupuncture treatment is held on Saturday, June 20, from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Call to make an appointment; 252-4100

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Thursday, May 21 "Stress and your Hormones"
Thursday, June 4 "Energy 101"
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Thursday, June 18 "Chakra Power"
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