Healthy & Happy
October, 2012 - Issue #96
New FaceyConnect
Service is Changing how Patients Communicate

This summer, Facey Medical Group launched a new online service called FaceyConnect which gives patients the tools they need to manage their health from home. Once signed up, a patient can send e-mails to their physician, schedule appointments, request medication refills, view lab test results and more. All they need is a computer and internet access. "The response has been amazing," says Stella Shroyer, Director of the Facey Valencia office. "People really like the convenience of a service that lets them manage these tasks from anywhere. We think it's a great contribution to the Facey experience." The FaceyConnect service doesn't take the place of a doctor visit, however. Shroyer noted that physicians will sometimes ask patients to come in before issuing medication refills. Patients can sign up for FaceyConnect at any Facey office by speaking to a receptionist. They can also learn more about the service by visiting Facey Medical Group Canyon Country 250-5225, Santa Clarita
513-2100, Valencia 222-2620

The Health Benefits of Spa Treatments are
Available to Nearly Everyone

ISPA research indicates there were more than 111 million spa visits made in the United States in 2006. People are recognizing the health benefits of regular spa visits as a way to aid in treatment of health concerns. Proper pedicures can assist diabetics, massage treatments can reduce tension, facials can help those with acne and the simple act of going to a spa can help everyone relax (Stress is at the center of many illnesses!). Explore the vast array of spa treatments available and select what best suits you and your budget. Be sure to inquire about the amenities your spa offers and take advantage of them. Extend your spa visit by relaxing in the steam room, sauna or mineral pool. Or simply lounge in the relaxation area, enjoying a cup of herbal tea and a magazine. You can make your spa experience extraordinary regardless of your budget.
Total Woman Gym & Day Spa 286-0229

The Importance of having your Child's Blood Disorder Treated by a Children's Hospital Los Angeles - Valencia Hematologist/Oncologist
For 22 years, author Lisa Solis DeLong says she drove 60 miles roundtrip from her home in the Santa Clarita Valley to Children's Hospital Los Angeles "more than 1,000 times." That's no exaggeration; DeLong's two sons have been treated for leukemia at the hospital. "The commute was a strain," she says. "I remember asking my doctors - when will we get help out here in Santa Clarita?"

For Santa Clarita Valley residents, that day has come. Children's Hospital Los Angeles-Valencia recently celebrated its grand opening at its new outpatient center in Valencia, where Francisco Bracho, MD, (pictured) treats hematology and oncology patients. Dr. Bracho says hematology patients can often schedule a physician visit within two weeks and have all their blood work done at the Valencia center's on-site lab prior to appointments. His patients from Valencia, Bakersfield, the Antelope Valley and the San Fernando Valley are treated for various hematological disorders, such as anemia, low immunity and bleeding problems. "We're getting most of our referrals from pediatricians," says Bracho. "When you need a specialist for your child, you want your child seen by a pediatric specialist."

Oncology patients include children being treated for childhood leukemia, Hodgkin's disease and kidney cancer. Those who have completed therapy can schedule appointments at the Valencia outpatient center where Bracho can monitor their health and watch for relapse symptoms and side effects. "Our computer and records system in Valencia is completely integrated with Children's Hospital Los Angeles," he explains.

"I'm excited about the outpatient center," says DeLong, author of the book, "Blood Brothers," a chronicle of raising two sons with cancer. "The family-like experience I have been able to have at Children's Hospital Los Angeles we now have here."
Children's Hospital Los Angeles-Valencia is staffed by 12 pediatric physicians in 11 specialty services: endocrinology, gastroenterology, hematology and oncology, neurology, orthopaedics, pediatric surgery, Otolaryngology (ENT), plastic surgery, pulmonary and urology.

Respite Care Brings Families Relief
Caregiving can be rewarding and often strengthens bonds within a family, explains Myles McNamara of Comfort Keepers In-home Care. "At the same time," says McNamara, who is also president of the Santa Clarita Senior Center Foundation, "caregiving can be demanding amidst life's other responsibilities."

"There's no place like home," reminds Charlene Perrone, owner of Home Instead Senior Care. "Our business was created to help seniors remain safely in the comfort of home and to provide support to the family and friends who love them."

"Family caregivers and those in their care can benefit from a little time off now and then," encourages McNamara. "That is why Comfort Keepers offers respite caregiving. This service can be scheduled as needed to provide family caregivers time to run errands, go shopping or get some much-needed rest. We have also opened our Caregiver Skills Lab to the public. This free Skills Lab is designed to provide family caregivers with the education and training they need to successfully provide care for their aging parent. Readers can call us to schedule their own personal training session."

"We're here to address your concerns and provide the non-medical services you need, whether it's companionship while you're at work, help with groceries and errands, a helping hand with household chores or a simple reminder to take medications," shares Perrone. "With the help of our compassionate CAREGivers, you can stop worrying and enjoy your time with your loved one."
For more Information
Comfort Keepers In-home Care 287-4200
Home Instead Senior Care 254-8701

Questions to Ask Before Buying Hearing Aids
You may have many questions about hearing aids, but here are the first two to address: "Do I have permanent hearing loss and whom should I see about this?" Some people have hearing problems caused by ear wax, which can be removed by a professional. In other cases, middle-ear infections cause a temporary hearing loss which can be eliminated after medical treatment. Auditory processing disorders also can contribute to hearing problems. If any of these situations (or others) are present, your hearing-care professional will be able to recognize, diagnose and sometimes manage the problem, or refer you to someone best able to assist you. Before purchasing hearing aids, a hearing evaluation should be obtained by a licensed audiologist or hearing instrument specialist. However, if it turns out you have permanent hearing loss and need hearing aids, you should see an audiologist that has developed a positive long-term relationship with the community and has a proven reputation for supporting their clients' ongoing hearing needs.
Nola Aronson's Advanced Audiology has been serving the SCV for 27 years. 253 EARS (3277)

Five Steps Towards a Healthy, Happy Pregnancy
One: Create a birth team that works. Interview healthcare providers to see if you are "on the same page" with your birth plan. Do you want to have a hospital birth, a home birth or birth in a free standing birth center? Do you want a natural, unmedicated birth or do you want an epidural? Two: Eat a healthy diet. Lots of protein, dark-green leafy veggies and tons of water are some of the most important things you can eat to help grow a healthy baby. Three: Rest. Get a good night's sleep and maybe even a nap during the day, especially in your last trimester. Four: Exercise. Walking for one hour a day is all it takes. Five: Get support. Ask someone to create a meal schedule, enlist Grandma to help clean, have a girlfriend come over and hold the baby so you can take a shower. Bonus: Breathe deep for you and your baby. You are about to embark on a beautiful journey!
Renee the Midwife at the SCV Birth Center 254-3000

Tinnitus & the Benefit of Hearing Aids
It is estimated that 50 million American adults suffer from tinnitus to some degree. In many cases, tinnitus is associated with hearing loss. Tinnitus in your ears can be helped by the use of hearing aids to the point where patients no longer hear the ringing unless they are consciously thinking about it. When tinnitus is severe, it can cause loss of concentration, sleep problems and psychological distress. It can make a deteriorating hearing condition or balance disorder appear worse. Tinnitus can fluctuate from day to day, and even hour to hour. Many patients with tinnitus are told to "just to live with it." Medicine usually can't help tinnitus but a skilled audiologist can! The tinnitus-reducing effect of digital, programmable hearing aids designed for this type of loss can be further enhanced by amplifying frequencies close to the pitch of the tinnitus. The trick is to keep the amplification at a comfortable level. You can try the hearing aids at no obligation for one month - about the time it takes to reduce the tinnitus.
Patrice Rifkind, AuD and Kevin Bolder, AuD, can be found at Audiology Associates. 284-1900

The Benefits of Far-Infrared Sauna Treatments
Saunas have been used for hundreds of years for their beneficial health effects. Besides the immediate relaxation that occurs from being warm, the sauna session promotes the release of toxins from the body by causing you to sweat more than you normally would. The treatment can be beneficial for people who suffer from chronic disorders such as fibromyalgia, arthritis, mercury build-up and other toxic conditions. Far-Infrared Saunas heat in a way that penetrates the body more efficiently to release toxins and provide relief and relaxation. The infrared energy used can cause up to two to three times the sweat volume of a traditional hot-air sauna while operating at a significantly-cooler air temperature range. This also makes it much more comfortable to breathe. Because the infrared energy is not disbursed into the air, it is available to directly heat your body. This type of energy penetrates more deeply into the tissues - over 1.5 inches.
Balance Point Spa 252-0650

Smile Brighter for the Holidays
After having a dental check-up and cleaning, consider giving your smile a boost for the upcoming holiday season. Teeth whitening can be done in a dental office or at home with trays. Whether you want a little boost or to go few shades lighter, this can be easily accomplished with the KOR Whitening Deep Bleaching system. Results can be achieved with little to no sensitivity.
Everbright Family Dentistry - The Office of Dr. Patricia Guerrero 296-3300

Education Helps Lead to a Healthy Spine
Topics at Henry Mayo's free spine education classes range from spine health and basic anatomy to body mechanics such as proper lifting, pushing and pulling techniques. Physical therapists serve as instructors, using models to discuss the anatomy of the spine, spine disorders, correct posture and body mechanics and several other topics such as exercise and pain management. Classes are offered from 5 p.m. to 6 p.m. every fourth Wednesday at Henry Mayo's Outpatient Therapy Services located at Golden Valley Plaza, 19013 Golden Valley Road, #125 in Santa Clarita, and every second Wednesday from 5 p.m. to 6 p.m. at Henry Mayo's Ambulatory Care Center, 25751, #310 McBean Parkway in Valencia. 253-8959
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