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August, 2015 - Issue #130
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Real Relief for Heel and Arch Pain
Heel/arch pain is one of the most common foot ailments affecting millions of people. Unfortunately, this affliction is left untreated by a majority of the population. Eventually, this ailment becomes chronic in nature, often manifesting with "first step pain" when getting out of bed or after a period of rest. The number-one reason is improper biomechanics of the feet along with an abnormal gait (walking) pattern, placing too much stress on the heel bone and the soft tissue that attaches to it. The medical term for this inflammatory response is Plantar Fasciitis. Eventually, this could lead to development of excess bone underneath the heel, commonly known as a heel spur. The good news is that 90 percent of Plantar Fasciitis sufferers can get relief with conservative treatment. Custom Molded Orthotics - corrective shoe inserts formed in a doctor's office - are generally the most effective form of treatment. Until recently, the 10 to 20 percent that don't respond well to conservative therapy would have to undergo surgery to alleviate their heel/arch pain, but a new-cutting edge treatment called Platelet Rich Plasma Injections changes that. Your own blood platelets are injected to the area of chronic pain, producing the formation of new tissue and blood vessels, stimulating the body to dramatically heal itself. The key factor to heel/arch pain is to get treatment as soon as possible before it becomes chronic.
Valencia Foot & Ankle Center 288-2321

Get your Run On
Want to run for fun? Or to train for your next big race? Join Runners Lane on Thursdays at 5:30pm for their Fun Run or head out on Saturdays at 7am for group Marathon Training. Trail runs and mud-run training events are also scheduled, but not weekly, so call for the most current details on those events.
Runners Lane 260-3368

The ReSTOR Multifocal Lens Implant Reduces or Eliminates Need for Glasses
For those patients with cataracts or presbyopia wanting to reduce or even eliminate their dependence from glasses, consider the Acrysof ReSTOR lens implant. This procedure is performed the same safe way cataracts are removed. The ReSTOR multifocal lens implant is designed to improve vision at all distances. The standard monofocal lens implant focuses light at one distance only. The aspheric ReSTOR lens combines the strength of diffractive and refractive technologies to provide quality distance, near and intermediate. In a clinical trial, four out of five ReSTOR patients reported never wearing glasses following their procedure. Since everyone's needs are different, a personal consultation with a highly-experienced doctor will help determine if the ReSTOR is right for you.
Helm Vision Group 259-3937
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