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June, 2016 - Issue #140
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Urgent Care Center Now Open on Henry Mayo Campus
The Urgent Care Center, conveniently located on Henry Mayo Newhall Hospital's campus near the Sheila R. Veloz Breast Center at 23929 McBean Parkway, Suite 102, is now open. The Center provides healthcare services for adults and pediatrics seven days a week from 10am to 10pm.

The Urgent Care Center is staffed with family-practice physicians and nurses and equipped with the latest technology to offer full urgent care services including laboratory studies, X-rays, laceration repair, fracture evaluation, as well as management of fevers and other illnesses, according to Bud Lawrence, MD, medical director.

"Our goal is to provide the highest quality of care to patients in the SCV because, as someone who also calls this town home, I feel that our community deserves nothing less," says Dr. Lawrence.

Patients do not need an appointment to be seen. The Urgent Care Center accepts most private insurances and cash. For more information, visit
Henry Mayo Newhall Hospital Urgent Care 200-2500

Why Vitamin C is Good for your Mouth
Why is Vitamin C grand? Because fruit is good for you, of course! And, there's nothing worse than a bout of scurvy. Since the dawn of maritime adventures, scurvy has been the scourge of sailors the world over. That's why pirates were known for missing a lot of teeth. It's now well known that scurvy is preventable simply through the consumption of food containing an adequate amount of ascorbic acid (Vitamin C).

But how much is enough? And, isn't too much fruit bad for your teeth? The recommended dietary allowance (RDA) of C varies based on a number of factors, but generally speaking, anywhere from 20 to 40 milligrams per day will guarantee you a scurvy-free lifestyle. Your liver also maintains a three-month supply or so of Vitamin C, so you should be covered for your boating outing.

As far as consuming too much fruit, what you're really looking to avoid is too much acid. Vitamin C is good for your gums, teeth and bones. So, if you're a fan of fruit, mix things up by going with a few non-citrus varieties and stay away from consuming too much juice, which bathes your teeth in acid for longer periods of time than fresh fruit. Some of the best non-citrus sources of Vitamin C include strawberries and other types of berries, tomatoes, red and green peppers, cantaloupes, mangos, potatoes, kiwis and leafy greens.
Everbright Family Dentistry 296-3300
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Cure Bathing Suit Blues & Feel more Confident this Summer
For a remarkable number of women, "bathing suit blues" has less to do with the size of their thighs and more to do with how they look "down there." While we're all about body acceptance (You're perfect just the way you are!), we also know that the physical and emotional discomfort of a large lady part can put a damper on summer fun in the sun. Labiaplasty is one way to reduce the size of your exterior private area, noticeably shrinking the space with a simple, in-office surgical procedure that's fast, fabulous and provides instant gratification. Many women combine this treatment with vaginoplasty to restore their body to a pre-baby feel and look. Interested in the results but not the surgical side? Try ThermiVa, a non-surgical, no-pain treatment that uses gentle heat to tighten muscles and revitalize loose vaginal folds. Patients report improved intimacy, reduced incontinence, improved moisture and more.
Aesthetic Center of Santa Clarita 312-0497

Getting to Know Dr. Maryam Ardalan of Women Elite Care
Dr. Maryam Ardalan chose her lifelong career path when she was only 13 years old; it was her passion for helping to heal her fellow community members in Iran that inspired her medical training. Fascinated by how education and warm treatment of her female patients lead to those she cared for living happier, healthier lives, Dr. Ardalan was drawn to the field of Obstetrics and Gynecology. After four years of OB-GYN residency training, she graduated with honors and began her work treating infertile couples. Her knowledge and research prowess lead to her participating in many research projects in the field of infertility.

After a clinical rotation in Austria, Dr. Ardalan immigrated to the United States with her family. She completed the Medical Board Examinations and re-entered a residency at Harbor-UCLA Medical Center. After two years as an assistant professor in OB-GYN at UCSF-Fresno, Dr. Ardalan moved to Valencia to open her practice, Women Elite Care, which specializes in cultivating a professional, supportive, loving environment. She practices both obstetrics and gynecology, including low-and-high-risk pregnancy care; vaginal delivery and cesarean section. Other services include management of abnormal Pap smears, including LEEP; contraception counseling and advice; adolescent gynecology; infertility evaluation; menopause treatment; management of stress urinary incontinence and uterine prolapse; management of abnormal uterine bleeding and more. She is a member of many medical societies, including AMA (American Medical Association), ACOG (American Academy of Obstetrics and Gynecology) and AAGL (American Association of Gynecologic Laparoscopists).
Women Elite Care 260-1282

Take a Tour of the SCV Birth Center
Have you taken a tour of the SCV Birth Center yet? They're the only nationally-accredited birth center in the SCV where you can have a water birth either at their beautiful facility or at your own home. They also offer lactation consultations, well-woman and gynecological care, non-hormonal birth control methods, clinical breast exams and more. Call to make an appointment for a complimentary tour. 254-3000
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Q&A with Nola Aronson of Advanced Audiology
Can I connect my hearing aids to Bluetooth-enabled devices?
Yes, today's wireless hearing aids make it possible for hearing-impaired individuals to connect with personal electronic devices and stream signals directly to the hearing aid through the use of Bluetooth. Wireless hearing aids can use compatible assistive-listening devices, often called streamers, to provide a communication link between the wireless technology in the hearing aids and any Bluetooth-enabled device. Patients should discuss their wireless connectivity needs during their initial consultation with their audiologist, who will recommend a set of wireless hearing aids and, if appropriate, a compatible streamer. The wireless hearing aids can either be paired directly to an Apple device (if labeled as Made for iPhone) or with the streamer, and then the streamer can be paired with external devices. Typically worn around the neck or placed in a pocket for hands-free operation, a streamer provides many opportunities that were previously unavailable to hearing aid users. Depending on the device:
• The audio signal may be set to stream to one or both hearing aids.
• The streamed signal may be amplified and shaped to match the hearing aid's personalized settings.
• The volume of the stream may be controlled by the streamer or the hearing aids.
• In the case of use with a music player, the hearing aids can become a set of wireless ear buds.
• In the case of use with a phone, you may wish to stream the signal to just one hearing aid so as to keep the other one monitoring the other sounds in the room.
Multiple devices can usually be paired to one streamer, so you can easily switch between different devices. There may also be capabilities for remotely changing the volume or program from the streamer. This is especially useful if your hearing aids are too small to accommodate external controls.
Advanced Audiology 425-9330

Podiatry-supervised Pedicures Combine a Healthy Mix of Safety & Beauty
Too many women and men have contracted nasty bugs and fungus infections from pedicures.
If you're wary of unsanitary conditions at a salon but still want "sweet feet," Valencia Foot & Ankle Center is your new best friend. They now offer podiatrist-supervised private pedicures. These services are considered cosmetic and are not covered by insurance, but they are the safe, smart way to improve the attractiveness of your tootsies! They offer a line of treatments to make your feet feel and look years younger, and to lower the risk of all infections, the office heat sterilizes all instruments and does not reuse soaking basins, nail polishes and other tools.

This experience is entirely unique. Your podiatry nail tech is supervised and trained by a podiatrist and your pedicure will be performed in a pipeless pedicure spa to virtually eliminate any chance of exposure to bacteria that usually colonize there. Every patron gets their own set of pedicure instruments and a podiatrist-formulated non-toxic polish is used that is enhanced with naturally-occurring anti-fungal ingredients. You'll love the infrared light-therapy whirlpool while you relax with complimentary coffee or tea and watch Netflix. Pro tip: Don't shave or wax your legs for 24 hours before your pedicure, as that increases your risk of infection.
Valencia Foot & Ankle Center 288-2321
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Seniors can Beat the Heat
Hot weather can get all of us down, but seniors with chronic conditions that change the way their bodies respond to heat, or who take medications that affect their body's temperature, need to be especially careful. Besides, it's just plain uncomfortable being outside in 100 degree temps. The answer? Look for fun things to do inside. For example, seniors can try low-impact chair exercises that keep them moving but won't heat them up. Check out YouTube on the computer for tutorials. Later, enjoy an old movie or dig out playing cards.

Staying cool is important - and turning off the AC to save money is a bad idea. Invest in a couple of fans to keep the air moving inside the home. Turn the AC to 78, then place fans in areas where residents spend the most time. Seniors should dress in light clothing, put a cold wash cloth on the neck or forehead, enjoy a popsicle and drink as much water as they can; it's cooling and healthy!
Home Instead Senior Care for Santa Clarita and Antelope Valleys

Now Hiring Angels
Visiting Angels is now hiring caregivers to join their team of Angels who make a difference in our community by caring for seniors in their own homes. These professional caregivers assist clients with activities such as medication reminders, personal hygiene, light housekeeping and errands. Sometimes simply fixing a home-cooked meal or engaging the client in conversation and activities can make a big difference! They especially have a need for skilled, experienced caregivers who can assist with bathing and dementia care. Visiting Angels has clients all over the Santa Clarita Valley, so you can work near your home and enjoy flexible shifts that fit in with your life. Want to find out more? Contact them at
Visiting Angels 263-2273
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