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August, 2016 - Issue #142
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Henry Mayo Newhall Hospital
Receives Stroke Gold Plus Award

For the fourth consecutive year, Henry Mayo has received the American Heart Association/American Stroke Association's "Get with the Guidelines" Stroke Gold Plus Quality Achievement Award with Target: Stroke Honor Roll. The award recognizes the hospital's commitment to providing the most appropriate stroke treatment according to nationally recognized, research-based guidelines based on the latest scientific evidence.

To receive the award, hospitals must achieve 85 percent or higher adherence to all "Get with the Guidelines" achievement measures for two or more consecutive 12-month periods and 75 percent or higher compliance with five of eight quality measures. Henry Mayo earned the Stroke Honor Roll award by meeting specific quality achievement measures for the diagnosis and treatment of stroke patients at a set level for a designated period. Henry Mayo met quality measures developed to reduce the time between the patient's arrival at the hospital and treatment with the clot-buster tissue plasminogen activator, or tPA, the only drug approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration to treat ischemic stroke. If given intravenously in the first 4.5 hours after the start of stroke symptoms, tPA has been shown to significantly reduce the effects of stroke and lessen the chance of permanent disability.

"A stroke patient loses 1.9 million neurons each minute stroke treatment is delayed. This recognition further demonstrates our commitment to delivering advanced stroke treatments to patients quickly and safely," said Lorisha Rathnam-Clark, Stroke Navigator at Henry Mayo. "Our team continues to strive for excellence in the acute treatment of stroke patients." Henry Mayo has also met specific scientific guidelines as a Primary Stroke Center, featuring a comprehensive system for rapid diagnosis and treatment of stroke patients admitted to the emergency department.

You could Need Hip Surgery & not Know it
Young, active people and "weekend warriors" often experience hip pain that limits their performance in sports or recreation. The pain can be vague and radiating. Patients often think that they've pulled a muscle, but the truth is often that they damaged the surface of their cartilage or have torn soft tissue around the socket. In some cases, their thigh bone could be jabbing into the socket as the patient performs certain movements. Hip arthroscopy, the process of inserting a miniscule camera into your joint area, is a minimally-invasive means of investigating pathology in the hip. With just a small poke, a skilled surgeon is able to determine the source of your pain and treat this usually-difficult-to-diagnose area of the body.

If the procedure turns up a problem, don't worry. Hip resurfacing, anterior hip replacements, computer-assisted surgeries, alternative replacement options - often referred to as procedures of the future - are available today and can return you to your desired level of activity, pain free. Dr. Alon Antebi and Dr. Justin Sherfey of AVORS Medical Group 705-5100
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Summer Training Requires the Right Gear
If summer fitness is on your list, here are the basics you need for comfort and successful training.
Shorts Here in the bottom half of California, it is not uncommon to ride triple digits during the day and the 80s at night. A properly-ventilated running short is a must for comfort and chafing prevention.

Non-cotton Shirts Cotton is not your friend - at least when you're running or competing. Cotton can chafe badly and is less than ideal for ventilation and sweat evaporation. Keep cool in any number of cotton alternatives.

Shoes The most important tool for any summer training schedule is a shoe that is fit according to your unique foot and body needs. Many people do not realize that there are several different categories of shoes and that each one is built from the rubber up for different bodies and applications. One of the key signs that new shoes are needed is the purchase date. If your current shoes are over eight months old, then it is time to evaluate your shoes.

Hydration Even short runs in summer weather can dehydrate you very quickly; longer runs may prove devastating for both that run and recovery for the next if you don't stay hydrated. It is extremely important to have fluids with you or have access to them along your route. A hydration pack may be the key to a full summer of training. A pack allows you to carry liquids with you as well as a small pouch for gels, your cell phone and keys.
Runners Lane 260- 3368

Outpatient Spine & Brain Surgeries are Possible
Even complicated spine and brain surgeries can be completed in an outpatient setting, thanks to state-of-the-art surgical techniques that minimize your recovery time, tissue dissection and blood loss. Thanks to digitalization and cutting-edge computer technology, real-time data can guide the surgical instruments with the assistance of highly-sophisticated neuro-imaging. Combined with the knowledge and precision of a gifted surgeon, the integrated operating room is a place where three-dimensional technology and know-how are put to use for the best outcomes.

It's even possible for your surgeon to "practice and check" your surgery before you ever step into the medical office. Using 3-D models, the surgeon can try alternative approaches, assess possible difficulties and more before the real surgery takes place. All of this technology equates to a surgical experience that is minimally invasive, leading to faster procedures, less recovery time and a reduction in pain. Spinal cord tumors, herniated disks, spinal deformity correction, brain tumors and more can be treated using this technology.

While on the surface of the abnormality, this technology allows the surgeon to locate very critical elements, vessels, tumors, and nerves beyond the bony surface of the spinal column or brain tumors, all before the surgeon anticipates reaching these vital tissues. The surgeon can then anticipate encountering these as the surgery progresses, thus minimizing intraoperative risks and increasing the success rate significantly.
Dr. Asher Taban, MD, Spine Surgeon & Neurosurgeon 818-993-6063
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Get Rid of Painful Calluses
Calluses form from repeated friction and pressure, as the shoe (or ground) rubs against a bony prominence (bone spur) on the toe or ball of the foot. The skin thickens in response to this pressure. Small amounts of friction or pressure over long periods of time cause a corn or callus. A great deal of friction or pressure over shorter periods of time can cause blisters or open sores. Calluses typically develop under a metatarsal head (the long bone that forms the ball of the foot) or on the heel, which sometimes leads to cracks and bleeding.

Calluses have painful nerves and bursal sacs (fluid-filled balloons that act as shock absorbers) beneath them, causing symptoms ranging from sharp, shooting pain to dull, aching soreness. A specialist can trim and apply comfortable padding to the painful areas or, in more severe cases, prescribe medication to relieve inflammation or inject cortisone into the underlying bursal sac to rapidly reduce pain and swelling. They also have creams and ointments that will prevent them from returning. Most insurance plans cover these treatments.
Valencia Foot & Ankle Center 288-2321

Connect to what Matters with Oticon Opn's Newest Hearing Aid
Imagine using hearing aids that are able to notify you when an e-mail is received; that can turn the home alarm system on and off or let you know when the doorbell rings. All of this is possible with Oticon Opn! Easy, seamless wireless connectivity with a mobile phone is now possible. You can control your hearing aids with the intuitive, easy-to-use Oticon ON App. Connect to your home security system; your TV, radio and game console; electricity and thermostat controllers; your car; your smart devices and so much more. Plus, you get all the benefits of Opn's newest technology. Oticon Opn with BrainHearing technology works in harmony with your brain to give you exactly what you need to hear. Users understand speech with less effort, enjoy a fuller and more-natural soundscape, allows you to shift your attention from one sound to another and more. The result is 20 percent listening fatigue. Be the first to try it in Santa Clarita by scheduling a free trial.
Advanced Audiology 425-9330
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Organic Hair Removal that's Safe Enough to Eat
Paired with Paraben-free Airbrush Tanning Services

Whether you're hoping to be hair free on your face, limbs, core or intimates, one thing you should consider is the chemical makeup of the product used to render you smooth. The Sweetest Skin Co. uses only an organic, vegan sugar mixture to safely and gently remove hair of all consistencies and colors. Based on an ancient Middle Eastern recipe, today's "sugar" brilliantly removes even the finest of hair without exposing your porous skin to the chemicals in hair depilatories and many waxes. And, because the sweet concoction is used without strips, sticks or re-dipping, the risk of cross contamination is nil. The best news, though, is how baby soft your treated areas are immediately after your service. There's no heat, burning, irritation or angry redness. In fact, the sugar paste is so gentle on your skin, you can even immediately airbrush tan after your sugar sesh.

The Sweetest Skin Co. also offers a rare find: paraben-free, vegan airbrush formulations. Many individuals choose airbrush tanning as safer option than traditional tanning; there's no risk of sun aging or skin cancer. Unfortunately, the majority of airbrush tan formulations include parabens, long thought to be a cancer causer. Now, you can reduce your body's toxic load without giving up your beauty treats. In celebration of their one-year anniversary at their Newhall location and three-year anniversary at the Thousand Oaks location, The Sweetest Skin Co. is offering a Brazilian Sugar & Tan pack for $95 and Bikini Sugar & Tan pack for $75.

Don't let Post-menopausal Symptoms Bring You Down
Dryness, discomfort and disinterest can be treated with ThermiVa, a non-surgical, non-hormonal, pain-free treatment that doesn't require any numbing or down time. Excessive stretching of the vaginal muscles is a common occurrence after vaginal birth or due to aging. Damage can diminish sensation during romantic activity, reduce satisfaction and change the relationship between partners. ThermiVa treatments use radiofrequency energy to gently heat intimate tissue to reclaim, restore and revive feminine wellness - without discomfort or downtime. ThermiVa uses a special wand applicator which may be applied externally to labia and vulva tissues to restore normal tissue tone and function. The specially-designed handpiece may also deliver radiofrequency energy inside the canal to revive atrophic tissue and other structures. If you feel more "loose" than you'd like, or feel dry during intimacy, this treatment can help. Patients also report increased improvement in bladder control, with less "leaks" when they sneeze, cough or exercise. Also reported: improved, easier physiological release during intimacy. ThermiVa's comfortable, no-anesthesia treatment can change lives in only three 30-minute sessions scheduled one month apart. Patients note a noticeable change after the first or second session and are able to resume intimate relations the same day of treatment.
Aesthetic Center of Santa Clarita 312-0497
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