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January, 2017 - Issue #147
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Are your Eyes Fully Protected?
People are always asking what they can do to prevent eye diseases. Eyes are like any other organ in our body: leading a healthy lifestyle will benefit your entire body - including your eyes. One critical aspect of the environment that both our eyes and skin are exposed to is ultraviolet (UV) radiation. Of course we all know the dangers of UV radiation to our skin, but did you know that UV radiation can accelerate cataracts and growths on our eyes?
UV damage is cumulative in our lifetime, so when it comes to UV protection, starting young is important since children spend a significant portion of their time outdoors. When choosing sunglasses, it is important to make sure they are labeled with 100-percent UV protection or UV400, meaning they block both UV-A and UV-B rays. The amount of protection is independent of the tint color. Polarized lenses offer more glare reduction and wraparound styles offer more protection.
Helm Vision Group 259-3937

City of Hope Nationally Recognized for Exceptional Patient Care
Press Ganey, the health care industry's leading performance-improvement firm, has honored City of Hope, a world-renowned independent research and cancer treatment center, with two prestigious awards for top-quality inpatient care for the eighth consecutive year. City of Hope earned the Press Ganey Pinnacle of Excellence Award and the Guardian of Excellence Award in Patient Experience, which are both based on inpatient satisfaction surveys.
The Pinnacle of Excellence Award recognizes institutions that maintain consistently-high levels of excellence across multiple years. The Guardian of Excellence Award recognizes top-performing health care organizations that have consistently achieved the 95th percentile or above for inpatient satisfaction.
"Patients - and their families - are our highest priority and we take great pride in this recognition," said William D. Boswell, MD, interim chief medical officer at City of Hope. "These achievements are based on patient experience, engagement and clinical quality performance - all determined by our most important evaluators: our patients. Our doctors, nurses, scientists, staff and volunteers all work closely together to provide our patients the most advanced, comprehensive and compassionate care," Boswell added.
Press Ganey surveys patients after discharge from hospital care on a variety of topics related to their stay, including general satisfaction with the hospital's services, speediness of admission, room cleanliness and staff courtesy. Feedback from hundreds of City of Hope patients was considered and analyzed by Press Ganey and results were compared with those facilities of a similar size.
"Everyone at City of Hope is committed to providing patients the best experience possible," said Tricia Kassab, RN, BSN, MS, vice president of enterprise quality and patient safety. "We strive to create an environment that meets all our of patients' unique needs." Call to schedule an appointment at City of Hope's Santa Clarita location.
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The Food You Need to Meet Health & Fitness Goals
Do certain types of food boost the immune system, help you lose weight and have what it takes to change your life? The short answer is "yes" - and that is the mission that drives
Roughly one in five Americans suffer from an autoimmune disease and it's estimated that half of the people in our country will be obese by 2030. Plate Therapy grew out of a need for its founder Danielle McPartlin to redefine what a healthy diet meant for her autoimmune conditions, Vitiligo and Hashimoto's Thyroiditis. It grew into an organic meal delivery service to provide others with the same type of convenient, healthy, Paleo options to boost their immune systems and meet their fitness goals.
If you're looking for a New Year's Resolution that you can stick to for 2017, don't just make a plan to change your waist size, make a plan to change your life. Our suggestion? Join hundreds of SCV residents who are already losing weight, healing autoimmune disorders and upping their energy thanks to Plate Therapy.
The Paleo-friendly meals are delivered fresh to your door and are also available for free pick up. Each is perfectly balanced with carbs, fat and protein ratios nearly impossible to perfect on your own (We've tried!). You'll feel amazing and be able to stick to it, thanks to the ultra-easy online ordering; all you do is order every Wednesday for the following week. Plate Therapy selections are free of gluten, grains, dairy, refined sugars, added hormones, artificial sweeteners, antibiotics and fillers. Selections start at only $8.50, or go for their new Fit Meal Plans. You'll meet your fitness goals with Lite for only $39.99 a day, fuel your day with Balance for $49.99 a day or help build muscle with Performance, which is $59.99 a day.

Get Back in the Game Today with tomorrow's technology
Is pain slowing you down? Do you need a joint replacement, but are worried that the downtime will impede on your career and lifestyle? Are you concerned about functionality post-op? If you answered yes to any of these questions, it's time to schedule a consult with the best in orthopaedic care. Dr. Alon Antebi, DO Fellowship-trained Orthopaedic Trauma Surgeon & Joint Reconstruction Surgeon and Dr. Justin Sherfey, DO, Fellowship-trained Orthopaedic Joint Reconstruction Surgeon of AVORS Medical Group have more than 5,000 total successful orthopaedic joint replacements between the two. The pair specializes in anterior hip replacements; total knee replacements, partial knee replacements, joint reconstruction, minimally-invasive joint replacements and outpatient total joint replacements using the most advanced technology. 705-5100
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