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July, 2017 - Issue #154
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Aspirin Found To Lower Risk of Breast Cancer, City Of Hope Study Suggests
A daily dose of aspirin can do more than just help lower the risk of heart disease and stroke. As it turns out, the benefits of aspirin can also include cancer prevention. A new study, led by City of Hope's Leslie Bernstein, PhD, found that women who take low-dose (Also known as "baby" aspirin.) at least three times a week have a 20 percent lower risk of developing HR-positive/HER2-negative breast cancer. HR-positive/HER2-negative breast cancers are among the most common breast cancer subtypes.

The study, published in the journal Breast Cancer Research, used data from more than 57,000 women who were part of the California Teachers Study and is the first to suggest that the reduction in risk is associated with low-dose aspirin. Bernstein, professor and director of the Division of Biomarkers of Early Detection and Prevention at City of Hope, told CNN that one reason for the finding may be that aspirin can lower inflammation. "Simple things like obesity or inflammatory conditions are a risk factor for breast cancer, so this may be one reason it could help," she said.

This study differed from others that have looked at aspirin and cancer risk because it focused on dose levels and dose frequency. Bernstein was also able to look in detail at subtypes of breast cancer. "The study found an interesting protective association between low-dose aspirin and breast cancer," said author Christina A. Clarke, PhD, MPH, from the Cancer Prevention Institute of California. "We did not find associations with the other pain medications like ibuprofen and acetaminophen. We also did not find associations with regular aspirin since this type of medication is taken sporadically for headaches or other pain, and not daily for prevention of cardiovascular disease."
City of Hope Santa Clarita 799-1999; Simi Valley 805-527-2770; Mission Hills 818-660-4700

No more Harmful Side Effects, just Anti-fungal Foot Care Success
The Lunula laser has revolutionized the treatment of onychomycosis, a fungal condition that affects toenails and surrounding skin. This revolutionary low-level laser therapy does not rely on heat; the "cold laser" utilizes two wavelengths that work differently. One kills the fungus directly by reacting with the cell wall; the other prompts an immune response to the fungus. With no detrimental affects on the skin or nail, and no surgery or recovery period necessary, this life-changing, painless treatment also has another big bonus: no more harmful side effects from oral anti-fungal medications.
The Foot Care Center of Santa Clarita, Dr. Robert J. Abrams 253-3668

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What the Black Specks are in your Vision
"I've been swatting at nonexistent gnats everywhere," "There are cobwebs in my vision" and "I see black strands floating around" are a few of the things people say during their eye exam. What are these things and why do they happen?
These people are all referring to vitreous floaters. The vitreous is a jelly-like substance that fills the globe of the eye. Over time, the vitreous's highly-organized matrix of collagen will lose its structure and start to form small clumps that appear in your vision. They may only be visible occasionally and maybe only when you look at a white wall or the sky.
A sudden increase in the size, quantity or frequency of your floaters could signal a vitreous detachment. Although this is a harmless event, a small percentage of people will go onto have a retinal detachment, which is serious and can lead to rapid and permanent vision loss. It's urgent to see an eye doctor when you see new floaters and/or flashes in your vision.
Helm Vision Group 259-3937

Financing for Hearing Aids? We like the Sound of That
Not everyone can afford a top-of-the-line hearing aid, but with interest-free financing? Now that makes it easier! "Using CareCredit," says Nola Aronson, owner of Advanced Audiology, "We are able to say, 'you can have 12 months at no interest,' and our patients realize, 'Hey, I can do that!' That way, I can give everybody better hearing - not just a few people. Folks don't realize that the technology coming out of giant retailers is at least two years behind; they feel like they have to go with those options because they are cheaper. This way, they can have the hearing aid that works the absolute best for them - and they can make it a comfortable purchase, thanks to interest-free financing." It is very important that you get the right type of hearing aid for you and your lifestyle. Call for a free hearing screening and consultation.
Advanced Audiology 425-9330

Garrett Markenson Earns Prestigious "Editor's Choice" Award and
More for MILK, MARE & CAKE
Garrett Markenson, owner of Garrett Markenson Coiffure in Santa Clarita, recently earned another prestigious accolade from Harper's Bazaar for his sustainably-crafted, internationally-distributed MILK hair-care product. MILK earned the Editor's Choice award for the magazine's "The Beauty 150" feature for "Best Frizz Fighter." His other products have performed equally as well, with Women's Health Magazine's Beauty awards crowning MARE and Byrdie lauding CAKE for "Best Hair & Scalp Treatment." Markenson's products are consistently lauded by beauty influencers for their high-quality natural ingredients, modern-chic environmentally-positive packaging, exceptional performance and intoxicating scents that come courtesy of sustainably-sourced rare essential oils. Garrett Markenson Coiffure 297-2900

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courtesy of Shutterstock

When it Comes to Caregiving, Respect your Needs, Too
It's tough when parents and loved ones age for a variety of reasons, but the topic of caregiving can truly become tumultuous if delayed. It's a delicate balancing act, making sure your loved one is safe and cared for while also meeting the requirements your busy life requires.
The key to this process going as smooth as possible: communication. Be honest with your parents about your time and energy limits; it's important to be up front with them about the impact on your personal time and needs. This conversation needs to happen, but it should be approached casually and simply. They understand the scope of their care needs and talking about a process everyone can support will help defuse the tension. Once communication is open, you can begin mapping a strategy that can work for everyone. What, specifically, to discuss? Consider touching on the physical demands their care requires - and how that might impact you; your daily routine, so that they understand how their care needs might affect your day-to-day life; the shift in relationship from parent-child to parent-caregiver; how you may feel overwhelmed and without support; and how you are committed to identifying and securing the best possible care for them.
Visiting Angels 263-2273

Know Where to "Urgent Care" During
the more Dangerous Summer Months

The summer is the season of fun and festivities, which by no coincidence also makes it the most dangerous time of year for accidents, especially involving children. Broken bones, sprained joints, cuts and abrasions... 'tis the season! That's why you should know where to find care before you need it. Henry Mayo Urgent Care Center is on the Henry Mayo Hospital campus, so if your boo-boo ends up being more severe, you're literally right next door for a convenient transfer. They also have wait times posted on their website so that you can be prepared before your arrival.
Henry Mayo Urgent Care Center 200-2500

Professional Caregivers Now Needed more than Ever
Have you taken care of a family member or friend before? While the work can be trying at times, it's also incredibly fulfilling - and can actually prove to be a quality career move. Caregivers with experience, a real work ethic, flexibility with scheduling and a positive attitude are in incredibly high demand. Training is available and former professional caregivers as well as former family caregivers are especially encouraged to apply.
Home Instead Senior Care for Santa Clarita and Antelope Valleys 254-8701
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