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August, 2017 - Issue #155
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Meet City Of Hope Santa Clarita Doctor M. Houman Fekrazad and Learn About His Potential Chemotherapy Patch
Chemotherapy is a major tool in the fight against cancer. This method of using drugs to destroy cancer cells has successfully treated many patients. Yet while chemotherapy has been proven to effectively attack cancer cells, it can cause serious side effects that can severely impact a patient's quality of life.
M. Houman Fekrazad, MD, an associate clinical professor of medical oncology at City of Hope | Santa Clarita, discusses ongoing research, including a new chemotherapy patch he is currently developing. Such research has considerable promise not only to increase chemotherapy's efficacy, but to reduce the toxic side effects that often accompany this form of treatment.
Chemotherapy works by stopping or slowing the growth of cancer cells. At the same time, it can damage normal healthy cells of the human body. Damage to healthy cells may cause side effects.

Dr. Fekrazad owns a patent on a patch that can deliver chemotherapy through the skin. By today's standards, there have only been two ways to administer anti-cancer drugs - intravenously and orally. In this project, the aim is to put chemotherapy into nanoparticles and then pass it through the skin. The chemotherapy will then be released in the bloodstream to target the cancer cells.
To learn more, log onto 799-1999

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Anterior Hip Replacements are Faster, Safer & Less Invasive
Imagine for a moment that you need a hip replacement. Or, maybe you don't have to play into this hypothetical; more than 285,000 Americans undergo the procedure annually. Of those, only a fraction of the procedures are performed from the anterior, or front, of the patient's body. The reasoning is two fold; first, a special operating table is required for the procedure. And, second, only the most skilled surgeons are practiced enough to perform an anterior hip replacement with regularity.
Dr. Alon Antebi, DO, fellowship-trained orthopaedic trauma surgeon and joint reconstruction specialist, and Dr. Justin Sherfey, DO, fellowship-trained orthopaedic joint reconstruction surgeon, are two such medical pros. "The anterior procedure is minimally invasive; approaching the hip from the front of the body allows me to move the muscle out of the way instead of cutting through. That significantly reduces recovery time, pain and risk. Recuperation is quick, with patients back to their regular activities in a few weeks," explains Dr. Antebi.

"The long-term benefits are also remarkable in comparison to a standard posterior hip replacement, which cuts more tissue, leaving the area weaker and more prone to injury. An anterior hip replacement only requires a three-inch incision and patients are up and walking before they leave the hospital. They're home within 23 hours of the surgery," shares Dr. Sherfey. The surgeons, whom have performed over 5,000 total orthopaedic joint replacements combined, specialize in procedures that result in less pain, faster recovery and less incidence of infection, dislocation and overall complications.

Are You Tired of Wearing Reading Glasses?
Don't like reading glasses? Contact lenses may be an option for you. New developments in multifocal contacts have made both the optics and comfort much better. They tend to work best for people who are just beginning to need reading glasses, but can still work out well for people who have been wearing reading glasses or progressives/bifocals for a long time. Many people who already wear contact lenses are straining their eyes looking at computers and devices when much more clear and relaxed vision can be achieved.

One thing that is not guaranteed is that the vision will be identical or better than your vision with glasses. The optics of a multifocal contact lens are very different from glasses and rely on a period of adaption for a person to adjust to the optics. However, the adaption period has become shorter and shorter with new lenses and, often times, good results can be seen with just the time spent in the office. Schedule an appointment to see if you are a good candidate.
Helm Vision Group 259-3937

Top SCV Audiologist was Going to be a Speech Pathologist
It was a simple decision - but it changed the entire course of her career. As a graduate student on-track to becoming a speech pathologist, Nola Aronson, MA, took an audiology class to enhance her understanding of the students she was working with, not knowing how the trajectory of her coursework would soon veer in a different direction.

"I was a special education teacher and in 1978 I decided I wanted to get my master's degree, so I went to Cal State Long Beach. I was becoming a speech pathologist because the kids I was working with had speech and language problems, so I thought, hey, that would be good,' but, while I was there, I took a pediatric audiology class and I said, "this is what I want to do, because I can help people immediately," says Aronson.

This year, Nola Aronson's Advanced Audiology celebrates 30 years in business in the SCV. Aronson also has two offices in the San Fernando Valley and recently purchased Audiology Services of Newhall, also in Santa Clarita. Though Aronson's long tenure in the city is a testament to her abilities as an audiologist as much as it is to her skills as a businesswoman, she credits her support of local nonprofits as a crucial element of her success within her "small community." "We help people not only hear and communicate better - we also help the community in which they live," she says.
Nola Aronson's Advanced Audiology 425-9330
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Natural Birth: You May Think You can't Do It, but You Can!
In America, we grow up watching movies that dramatize natural birth as wild and unimaginably painful, with mothers screaming for "drugs" and yelling at their partners. No wonder many soon-to-be moms fear natural childbirth!

If, like in other cultures, women were encouraged to trust in their bodies, they'd know that birth is not a medical condition that requires a litany of monitors, IVs and stress. Around the globe, women work together to make childbirth safe and as comfortable as possible, without medical intervention.

Most of us do it differently in the United States but it's important to note that birth can be - and should be! - beautiful. More and more American moms are beginning Baby's life in a setting rich with love, comfort and connection. Even better, for uncomplicated pregnancies, birth at home or in a birth center has proven to be safer for Mom and Baby when compared to hospital birth. Want a tour of Santa Clarita's only nationally-accredited birth center? Call today.
SCV Birth Center 254-3000

Common Signs that your Baby is Teething
No parent wants to see their child uncomfortable, especially when they can't figure out what's bothering Baby. When infants fuss, the question, "Do you think they're teething?" is usually not far behind. You are most likely to notice any of the below from about four days before the tooth breaks through the gums up until three days after the tooth appears.
Irritability • Disrupted Sleep Patterns
Biting & Gnawing • Decreased Appetite
Drooling • Chin Rash • Swollen Gums • Ear Rubbing

While there has been some disagreement as to whether diarrhea, rashes and fever are signs of teething, these are more likely to be associated with an unrelated illness and should be reported to your pediatrician. Finally, if you have any questions or concerns about teething, contact your child's dentist. Remember, it's best to start dental visits by your child's first birthday to establish this lifelong health-promoting routine.
Valencia Children's Dental Group 294-1800
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Five Ways to Make Healthier Food Choices as a Family
1. Get the family involved in picking new foods at the grocery store and cooking a healthy meal together.
2. Visit the farmers' market to help children identify where their food comes from. Let them interact with the farmers and staff to ask questions about how their food is grown before they choose a new-to-them fruit or veggie to try at home.
3. Challenge your kids to "eat the rainbow" by selecting fresh fruits and vegetables in a variety of colors.
4. Remember, kids learn by watching you. Let them see you opt for water over soda; fruit over french fries; a green smoothie over a toaster pastry.
5. When it is time for the rare treat, model moderation and show them how to indulge without overeating.
Catherine Manuel, MD, FAAP 253-1500
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Senior Medication made Safer
When Home Instead starts service with a client, the first thing they do is ask for a current medication list. If the list is not available, they compile one with the help of the client's doctors and check with the pharmacist to make sure there are not drug interactions. Then, with that in hand, they help to prepare a medication box, if one is not already in place, where the pills are organized daily and by time of day. A medication list is kept in the client journal and is updated on a regular basis. All medication reminders are charted in the journal.
Seniors can certainly follow this protocol themselves by making sure their medication lists are up-to-date, their pills are organized in a medication box and by making sure they take their pills at the same time every day - morning, noon and evening. If a senior is taking more than three medications a day, and most are, it is never advisable to just keep medications in their individual bottles; a pillbox makes remembering meds so much easier and safer.

And while we're on the topic: Let's talk "old" meds. It's imperative that old or expired medications be destroyed, or taken out of a senior's home, especially if the senior is cognitively impaired and might take the old medication by accident. Once you have an appropriate current medication list, look through drawers, cupboards, bathroom cabinets - anywhere old meds might be stashed. According to the FDA, you can pour all the old meds in a sealed plastic bag, mix with something like dirt or kitty litter and throw the bag in the trash. Scratch out all personal info on the bottles and trash them as well.
Home Instead Senior Care for Santa Clarita and Antelope Valleys

Managing your Loved One's Elder Care
Being a family or friend who provides care for a loved one can be trying and stressful. In order to prevent caregiver burnout, consider these tips.

Share the Work Don't try to do everything yourself. Share the emotional and physical responsibilities among family, friends, professionals and private-pay assistance.

Think Creatively Brainstorm with family and friends about ways to help older family members maintain identity, continue interests on some level and create as many decision-making opportunities as possible.

Make Small Changes Opt for the smallest change possible at each step. Don't be overwhelmed by the complete care that may be necessary in five years, when partial help may be all that is currently needed.

Take some Risks Be willing to take some risks if your loved one is capable of realistically recognizing them and chooses to take them. At the very least, be open to a compromised solution.

Seek Advice Obtain professional counseling if the situation or relationship with an elderly loved one becomes overwhelming.
Visiting Angels 263-2273

Marston's Restaurant Partners with SCV Senior Center New Building Campaign
20 Percent of Sales to be Donated on Tuesday, July 25 when You Mention "Seniors"
If you're like many in the SCV, you're already hungry for a new Santa Clarita Senior Center. The good news is that there's only $1.75 million (Out of $11.4 million!) left to be raised before groundbreaking can begin - and local businesses like Marston's Restaurant in the Bridgeport Marketplace are pitching in. On Tuesday, July 25, when you mention "Senior Center," a very-generous 20 percent of your bill will be donated to the Campaign. Dine at Marston's for breakfast, lunch or dinner on July 25 - and bring friends!
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