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2018 Health & Wellness Guide
March, 2018 - Issue #162
Here it is - the pros and places you need to feel your best. If this is going to be "your year," these are your people. Start making connections - and changes for the better - today.

Advanced Audiology

Nola Aronson and her team at Advanced Audiology know how important hearing is to your life, your loved ones, your work success, your safety - and your ability to stay in the game. Don't think you have hearing loss? Most people don't admit hearing loss to themselves or others. It could just be ear wax - but why not find out? Nola Aronson's Advanced Audiology offers free hearing screenings; the goal is to help people communicate better so they maintain the social lives they are used to. They can create a total hearing plan for you, depending on your needs. Advanced Audiology is the largest diagnostic hearing center in SCV and leader of advanced technology and invisible solutions. They also offer assistive listening devices to help you hear better on a phone, with TV, in meetings and in church. They love to help you hear!
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Valencia Children's Dental Group

Dr. Kathy and Dr. Rose are the mom-mentors every parent should have - and not only because they're the best when it comes to pediatric dental care and orthodontic services. These pros have not only been in practice for nearly two decades, they've also been hands-on moms for just as long! Have teething questions? Don't know what to do for a toothache? Need help with thumbsucking? Want your baby to love going to the dentist - and avoid phobias that plague so many? Then you and your brood need the care, compassion and "like talking to a dear friend" feeling that only Valencia Children's Dental Group provides. Their calming office space is filled with smiles because they respect your schedule with on-time appointments, treat your kids like they're theirs - and make sure you have all the tools and knowledge you need to get this parenting thing 100 percent right!
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Dermacure Medical Aesthetics

Dermacure Medical Aesthetics specializes in providing state-of-the-art cosmetic treatments to restore health, vitality and youthfulness to the skin and body. They believe that prevention is key in the anti-aging process. In addition to their corrective laser treatments and injectables, they offer the best in antioxidant treatments, ranging from topical treatments to antioxidant and nutrient-rich IV treatments. All treatments are performed in their beautiful spa-like office by physician/owner Dr. Craig Ingber and by highly-experienced RN Nicole Deacon. Their goal is to provide patients with care and services that leave them with a restored sense of self confidence, as well as to provide them with the knowledge and tools to maintain the healthiest skin imaginable! 257-8400

Advanced Dermatology & Cosmetic Care
Advanced Dermatology & Cosmetic Care is always on the cutting edge of technology, providing the ultimate in physical and aesthetic wellbeing. They now offer ThermiVa; it's the best treatment for vaginal rejuvenation! Childbirth and menopause can cause changes that affect feminine wellness - if you suffer from dryness, laxity, painful intercourse, frequent urination or incontinence, this is the treatment for you! They also offer Silhouette InstaLift, the ideal minimally-invasive solution for those who are interested in a lift in their appearance without surgery. The new technology lifts sagging facial or neck skin by using sutures with bi-directional cones to safely reposition subdermal tissue. Over time, the sutures are naturally absorbed by your body while stimulating production of collagen to aid in healthy renewal of your skin. This procedure lifts, contours and restores the mid face and neck. Call for a free consultation and special offers. 254-3686

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Dr. Alon Antebi, DO & Dr. Justin Sherfey, DO
Get back in the game today with tomorrow's technology. Dr. Alon Antebi, DO Fellowship-trained Orthopaedic Trauma Surgeon and Joint Reconstruction Surgeon and Dr. Justin Sherfey, DO, Fellowship-trained Orthopaedic Joint Reconstruction Surgeon have more than 5,000 total successful orthopaedic joint replacements between the two. The pair specializes in anterior hip replacements, total-knee replacements, partial-knee replacements, joint reconstruction, minimally-invasive joint replacements and outpatient total joint replacements, all using the most advanced technology.

Dr. Kapil Moza, MD, FACS
Doctor Kapil Moza is a fellowship-trained, board-certified neurosurgeon who specializes in minimally-invasive procedures that change lives. From minimally-invasive spine surgery to artificial disc replacement and everything in between, Dr. Moza addresses each condition with care, patience and commitment to an ideal outcome. Dr. Moza's success rate is so well known that patients fly from out of state, and even out of the country, to be treated by him and his warm, professional staff. If you're in pain, this is the call you need to make. 805-497-3622

Mend Cryotherapy
At Mend Cryotherapy, two to three minutes at -240 degrees is all it takes to begin a healing process that can change your life. Sure, it's cold - but clients in their 70s stick it out at Mend because it makes them feel great - so you can, too! Cryotherapy has been shown to dramatically reduce inflammation, speed healing of soft tissues, significantly reduce pain and discomfort, ease sore and tight muscles, and so much more. Prefer it hot? Mend also offers professional-grade far-infared sauna treatments that detox your system, deeply relax your muscles and ease you into an amazing night of sleep - all while burning 600 calories in 30 minutes. Right now, your first cryotherapy or far-infared sauna treatment is only $17 - plus, Mend will treat you to a free NormaTec compression treatment after your session, when you mention Inside SCV. 294-7898

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Motivate is the only studio in the SCV that features the Megaformer and teaches the Lagree Method. The workout is patented and cutting edge, designed to maximize fat burn and strength gains. At Motivate, everyone is welcome to sweat and shake! They have clients of all fitness levels. Instructors work to create a personalized experience and are there to provide guidance, support and a great workout. They are known for the signature Lagree "shake" - the sign your body gives you that tells you that you've tapped into your muscles and are working them to the max. Experience a class and you'll learn what the shake is all about! They love to pump up the jams and give you the best 45 minutes of your day. Motivate has added lots of new class times so you can find the right one for you. They've also welcomed new instructors you'll adore!

Rising Lotus Yoga
For 12 years, Rising Lotus Yoga has been a practice space and a community sanctuary for yogis in the San Fernando Valley. Now the go-to center for mindful yogis is opening a second space in the Santa Clarita Valley. Rising Lotus Yoga's unique offerings teach smart body alignment in their classes and also thread in inspiring lessons for the mind. Their signature vinyasa flow classes move from breath to breath, with time to experiment in more-difficult postures. Studies have shown that yoga has positive effects on overall pain management by increasing strength and flexibility as well as alleviating stress and anxiety, something we can all use! Join their first community event, an all-levels intentional flow yoga class led by Claire Hartley and Heather Riggen, on February 24 at 7pm at The Seventh Day Adventist Church, located at 24436 Valley Street in Newhall. All proceeds will support the victims of the Thomas fire and recent mudslides.

Ready to turn up the heat on your workout routine? Drenched is the answer to deeper muscle engagement/triggering, firing your metabolism up beyond your wildest expectations, preventing and healing injury, scorching calories and so much more. You'll work out in a dry-heated room that will shatter your endurance records. Plus, things just got hotter with their new infrared heaters! Class options include steaming selections like Hip Hop Yoga, Warrior Conditioning, Cardio Dance, Barre, Pilates and more. Give it a try - your first class is only $10. 713-2601

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The Paseo Club
You won't believe how affordable Paseo is - or their "wow" seasonal fitness and social offerings. Case in point: Look good and feel great with The Paseo Club's exciting, exclusive TRIBE Team Training in their newly-designed Small Group and Personal Training Studio. Tribe FIT, Tribe LIFE and Tribe Core offer extensively-researched and tested small-group personal training. Comprising of a six-week progressive program designed to bring support, energy and fun in a close knit team environment, each program works with teams of a maximum of 10 - allowing for participants to benefit from individual coaching in a support-filled, motivating setting. Each workout is different and builds upon the last. Join the tribe at one of the launch parties held Thursday, March 1 at 9am and 6pm. Sign up early and enjoy a free one-week trial March 5 through March 11. 257-0044


At City of Hope, your treatment team will use state-of-the-art breast-imaging technologies and laboratory techniques to design a treatment that's tailored just for you. Here's what you can expect.
Genetic Signatures Genetic testing is one of the major advances made in breast cancer treatment in the last few years, said Dortha Chu, MD, PhD, who works at City of Hope's Santa Clarita and Mission Hills locations. Different breast tumors have their own unique genetic signatures. By testing for these, doctors can determine what type of breast cancer is present and how a tumor might behave, Chu said.
Surgical Selection Personalized treatment encompasses more than just genetic testing, though. For most patients with breast cancer, surgery is the first step, Chu said. Surgical options include lumpectomies and mastectomies, but there are sometimes nipple-sparing or skin-sparing options to consider.
Understanding your Options To Chu, personalized medicine starts with helping the patient fully understand the disease and their own unique test results. The next step is to discuss treatment options. That conversation is well worth the effort. Genetic advances have been a major step forward in providing customized treatment, Chu said. "And City of Hope has been on the forefront of helping to develop those kinds of treatments and establish their safety and efficacy."
City of Hope Santa Clarita 799-1999


Organic Sweat Shack
The Organic Sweat Shack in Old Town Newhall uses the highest-quality far infrared saunas in the world to help you (re)gain vibrant health. SCV clients with ailments ranging from head colds to autoimmune disorders and cancer are already huge fans, thanks to the clean ambience and welcoming, knowledgeable staff. Reduce inflammation; treat acne and skin conditions; melt away aches and pains; and eliminate toxins at about seven times the rate of traditional Swedish saunas at Organic Sweat Shack. The deep-penetrating infrared heat will balance your cortisol (stress hormone) levels while burning calories. You'll also burn through organic foods and supplements, beverages like coconut water and kombucha at the hydration bar, as well as faith- and sweat-tribe-based clothing in their retail section. Already love to sweat? Consider purchasing your own professional-grade Organic Sweat Shack sauna. Call for the best pricing of the year. 678-0880

Henry Mayo Urgent Care
The Henry Mayo Urgent Care Center is open to the public with no appointment needed. They are staffed with expertly-trained physicians and nurses and equipped with the latest technology to offer full Urgent Care services to both adults and children. Henry Mayo Urgent Care Center offers onsite laboratory studies, digital X-rays, laceration repair and fracture evaluation, as well as management of fevers and other illnesses. They are open seven days a week from 10am to 10pm. Henry Mayo Urgent Care Center is located on the corner of McBean Parkway and Orchard Village on the Henry Mayo hospital campus.
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Heller Plastic Surgery

Dr. Justin Heller is a board-certified plastic surgeon who has achieved the highest honors with the American Board of Plastic Surgery, ranking in the 97th percentile amongst his peers. He is a graduate of the prestigious Yale School of Medicine and completed his plastic surgery training at what is considered the premier aesthetic surgery program in the country, UT Southwestern in Dallas, Texas. From your first consultation, you'll feel comfortable with Dr. Justin B. Heller and his warm, caring staff. From breast augmentation to tummy tucks and more, take advantage of Dr. Heller's minimally-invasive methods that will have you recovered faster and with better results. 233-4949

Beverly Hills Physicians
Beverly Hills Physicians offers plastic surgery and weight-loss procedures that will change your life. Their board-certified doctors have years of experience and excel at achieving your most desirable results, always with the highest degree of safety. Their multi-doctor, multi-location practice allows BHP to bring the best, most-experienced surgeons right into your neighborhood. Having multiple doctors to choose from also means you can find the perfect fit for you - and consultations are free. They pride themselves on natural-looking results that give patients confidence to love their body. BHP has been changing lives for over two decades and have thousands of happy patients to show for it.Their promotions are seasonal and always changing. Give them a call or check their website at to find the latest and greatest!

YOUnique Surgery Center & Medical Spa
At YOUnique, they provide their patients and community with the latest techniques and procedures for health, wellness and beauty. Every person who walks through the door is treated like family. Their continued commitment to research and training allows them to design personalized treatment plans that offer unsurpassed results. The magic begins when you walk in! 388-0040

Aesthetic Center

Aesthetic Center of Santa Clarita offers vaginal rejuvenation, Geneveve, labiaplasty, ThermiVa, Pelleve and more in their luxurious office, but the real stars of the show are Dr. Courtenay Poucher and her warm assistant, Annie. They make your experience unbelievably comfortable; it's like talking to your best friends. Your new BFFs will help you achieve 100-percent relief after addressing your complaints. Call to ask about Geneveve, which treats atrophy and incontinence without surgery, pain, downtime or medication - in only one session! 312-0497

Home Care Assistance

Home Care Assistance is changing the way the world ages. They're proud to be the only home care solution offering an innovative, science-based approach to aging. In Okinawa, Japan, people live longer and healthier than any other place on earth. Life spans over 100 years are not unusual and people enjoy incredible good health and independence. Based on the scientifically-studied lifestyles of this population, their Balanced Care Method promotes five factors correlated with healthy longevity: healthy diet, physical exercise, active social ties, mental stimulation and a sense of purpose and calm. Caregivers are professionally trained to incorporate the method into daily care to encourage a healthy mind, body and spirit for their clients.

Visiting Angels
Visiting Angels provides living assistance services for seniors, keeping seniors safe and comfortable where they are happiest - at home! Visiting Angels is flexible, easy to work with and provides the security of well-screened caregivers who are all registered with the state of California. Rest easy, knowing your angel is providing services like healthy meals prepared at home, personal care assistance, housekeeping chores and errands and outings to help seniors remain healthy, engaged and active. They offer shifts as short as four hours a few times per week to keep costs low for clients who don't require much assistance. These small shifts can go a long way in maintaining a senior's health and independence! 263-2273

Home Instead
For some of us, getting up each morning is a little tougher, and looking on the bright side takes a little more effort, as we age. So, finding a reason to celebrate the good things is very important. The job of Home Instead caregivers, every day, is to help their clients enjoy each celebrate their lives well lived. That's the joy of one-on-one care, where client and caregiver can come together to work at making moments count. And, by the way, since the United Nations has declared March 20 an International Day of Happiness, they invite you to join them in celebrating the world. Smile, it's your day!


Free Community Health Support Groups Benefit the Entire Family
Take Advantage of New Options for Alzheimer's
Henry Mayo Newhall Hospital announced a new, free Alzheimer's support group offered to the community on the second Monday of each month. This support group is led by a caring professional from the Alzheimer's Association of California Southland Chapter and is open to caregivers, family members and friends of those suffering from the disease. "Alzheimer's Association support groups offer a safe space and mutual support system for caregivers, family and friends to connect with those who truly understand this devastating disease," said Breena Gold, California Southland Chapter executive director. "We're thrilled to partner with Henry Mayo Newhall Hospital to provide free, local care and support programs to better serve the needs of the community." The support group provides the opportunity for caregivers and others affected by the disease to exchange information and develop methods and skills to solve problems. Participants will be able to cultivate social relationships while learning about available resources. "We are grateful to start this new partnership with the California Southland Chapter of the Alzheimer's Association," said Adrienne Thompson, community relations representative at Henry Mayo Newhall Hospital. "Our mission is to improve the health of our community through compassion and excellence in healthcare services. Offering support groups and free resources to our community members helps us accomplish that mission." Registration is required. To register for this free support group, please call Michelle Quiroga-Diaz. 310-498-8650

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