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April, 2019 - Issue #175
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Improve Health with a Myer's Cocktail
Infusing various vitamins or anti-oxidants directly into the bloodstream will achieve blood levels as much as 10 times higher than possible with oral vitamin intake. This make intravenous (IV) infusions effective in treating a wide range of medical issues, from chronic conditions such as fatigue, Lyme disease - or any serious illness - to acute conditions such as infections, migraines, asthma or muscle spasms.
The idea of infusing high doses of vitamins intravenously was pioneered by the late Dr. John Myers. His original formula has been modified and other formulas created for a wide variety of diseases - but the basic formula has remained, used successfully by hundreds of physicians, and is known as the Myer's cocktail.
The key ingredients for the Myer's cocktail are vitamin C, numerous B vitamins, calcium and magnesium. The IV infusion is mixed under sterile conditions and given over a period of 30 to 45 minutes in the comfort of the office. The high levels of vitamins and minerals in the blood will "force" the nutrients into cells that may be depleted.
Vitamin C has been shown to have an anti-viral effect, but only at high concentrations, making it especially valuable in treating acute viral respiratory infections. It can also destroy histamine - thus its role in treating allergies, asthma and hives. The Meyer's cocktail is very frequently used in cases of stress and adrenal fatigue. The highest concentration of vitamin C in the body is found within the adrenal gland and giving general support to the adrenals seems to help the system cope with everyday stressors.
The B vitamins are involved in just about every metabolic pathway in the body and are particularly important for detoxification and cellular energy. Just two examples where IV infusion of B vitamins are especially helpful include a common genetic defect involving enzymes that require B12, which can be "over-ridden" with high doses of B12, and adrenal fatigue - Pantethine, or B5, is crucial to assist adrenal hormone production.
Magnesium will promote the relaxation of smooth muscle around blood vessels and bronchial airways. This makes magnesium helpful in treating asthma attacks. Several double-blind studies have shown IV magnesium treatment for severe asthmatics lowered the hospitalization rate by about 50 percent. Migraine headaches respond well to IV magnesium infusions with several clinical trials showing complete relief in most patients.
Valencia Foot & Ankle Center 288-2321

Inflammation Kills & it can Start in your Mouth
You've read about the groundbreaking research showing the direct connection between oral pathogens and acute heart attacks and strokes - the same pathologic bacteria found in diseased gum pockets are consistently found in the blood clot that caused the stroke or heart attack.
That's why, when medical professionals talk about the "root cause" of illness, they often point to the mouth. Gum pockets are the portal of entry to the rest of the body, seriously affecting vital organs. The takeaway? Do not neglect diseased gums! Oral health and dental care should be part of heart-attack prevention.
But the science doesn't stop there. Research has shown that increased systemic inflammation also is instrumental in the advancement of diabetes, chronic inflammatory diseases and increase in preterm birth rates. Where does that inflammation often start? Again, the mouth.
Laser periodontal treatments can help. This new technology is growing rapidly and is part of a comprehensive treatment approach for periodontal disease. Gum disease is treated using lasers by killing and removing harmful bacteria and rebuilding lost bone. Laser gum treatments create results that far exceed what traditional periodontal treatment has achieved. It is much less invasive with less downtime and sensitivity. Loose teeth will tighten-up over time, too, compared to traditional gum surgery. Plus, laser gum treatments remove pathologic bacteria and rebuild lost bone - without using bone grafts.
Dr. Peter Elloway 259-8755

Q & A with Assisted Living Locators Owner Shannon Avazian
What do you do?
We're a no-cost referral service that streamlines a search for in-home elder care, saving families time while improving the likelihood that they find a perfect fit that matches budget, medical and social needs.

What kinds of services do you refer?
We pre-qualify organizations and companies that provide services like assisted-living communities, memory care/respite, in-home companion care, retirement/independent living apartments, adult daycare services, residential care and more.

What's the advantage of working with your business?
Besides having an advocate committed to finding you services you need, we are also often able to negotiate pricing and we can help identify resources that could help fund for assisted-living costs, if you or your loved one qualifies. A big intangible here, too, is that we really remove stress. We're able to help families make educated, well-researched decisions. Our clients leave with peace of mind.

What's included with the free service?
Our specialists will do an in-depth assessment of you and your loved one's needs, then make a thoughtful analysis and recommendations. We can accompany you on tours, help you evaluate your options and, when you are ready, facilitate any future transitions. We work as your advocate.

And all this is really free?
Yes, totally, completely free!
Assisted Living Locators 544-1004

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"The use of PRP and bone marrow stem cell injections continue to become a rapidly-growing and effective treatment option for many orthopedic conditions. Tendon injuries in shoulders, elbows, knees and ankles - both acute and chronic - can have an excellent response to these regenerative injection treatments. Your body's own growth factors and stem cells can help heal the tissue and let you resume your activities. Joint problems such as arthritis can also be treated with these injections. Treatment with PRP for stem cell injections may help avoid surgery. I am excited as more research continues in this field and more treatment options become available for my patients."
Dr. Justin Sherfey of AVORS 705-5100

GrandPad Helps Protect Seniors at Home
There are new digital devices introduced every day to help ensure the safety of seniors living at home. Smart watches that detect falls, a spiking heart rate, or meds that haven't been taken; camera systems that can see inside and outside your loved one's home; and even smart clothing that's resistant to the impact of falls.
One new thing that Home Instead Senior Care is currently testing is the GrandPad, an easy-to-use digital tablet that helps families and seniors stay connected. Actually, GrandPad has been around since 2015, so what's new about it? Home Instead has entered into a partnership with the makers of GrandPad to expand its reach to the people who provide care in order to create new opportunities for the delivery of technology-based home care. Touch one of the easily-accessed buttons and someone from a Home Instead office will immediately respond to any emergency or request made by the senior. This kind of integrated care, combining trained caregivers, gerontology experts and digital devices, is an innovative and exciting way to provide home care - and the way in which Home Instead hopes to deliver an exceptional, and very safe service for their clients, now and in the future.
Home Instead Senior Care for
Santa Clarita and Antelope Valleys 254-8701

Why don't You...
find a dentist you love in the SCV?

We were shocked to find out that many of our family and friends were still fighting freeway traffic for oral-health care. What does the Valley have on local pros like Santa Clarita Advanced Dentistry? Nothin'. From aesthetic treatments to routine checkups and everything in between, they'll make your smile sparkle - and save you gas money.
Santa Clarita Advanced Dentistry 200-0677

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Meet Dr. Alyssa Zackler, OB/GYN
Stevenson Ranch resident Alyssa Zackler, MD chose to become an OB/Gyn because the idea of taking care of women from adolescence all the way through pregnancies and menopause called to her. Women's health was a field where she could get to know her patients in addition to caring for them.
"I've always been very interested in high-risk prenatal care, contraceptive management and more," she says. "These are opportunities to provide care with an extra level of personal attention. Plus, delivering babies is awesome."
Dr. Zackler grew up in nearby Sherman Oaks and joined the team at Facey Medical Group after finishing her residency. She chose Facey for many reasons, but the biggest one? The people.
"I really enjoy working alongside my colleagues," she says. "They've been supportive ever since I joined Facey in the summer of 2016. I recently became board certified and several of the physicians helped me prepare for what was a pretty stressful experience. Our staff make patients feel comfortable and well cared for and Facey's team approach to labor and delivery gives me more time with my patients."
Time with patients is definitely something Dr. Zackler values. A typical week for her includes several days of seeing patients in the office, one morning reserved for surgeries, and 24 hours where she covers labor and delivery for Facey's Valencia OB/Gyn team. No matter what she's doing, she feels the most important part of her job is being a good listener and really hearing what the person sitting across from her says and feels.
"I can tailor treatments to what concerns me medically while honoring their concerns as well," she notes. "Quality of life is a very important factor in our line of work. There are plenty of health issues specific to women that can feel like they're getting in the way of living a normal life. The physicians here get that."
Over the last few years Facey Medical Group has added services to help keep health issues from getting in the way of patients' daily lives. Most clinics offer extended service hours on Mondays and patients can schedule appointments with primary care and OB/Gyn doctors online without having to call the office. MyChart by Providence lets patients manage their health care online at any time. Facey also began offering appointment reminders via text message in 2018. In addition, Facey's Immediate Care clinic in Valencia serves patients 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Facey patients can also use Exer More Than Urgent Care clinics throughout Southern California, including their newest location in Canyon Country. That convenient access to care puts Dr. Zackler's mind at ease not just for her patients, but her own family as well.
Dr. Zackler is currently welcoming new patients and can be reached by calling. 481-2400

"When I ask our clients what they're most happy to hear, answers run from the sweet - 'I love you,' 'I'll miss you' - to the practical: 'Dinner's ready!' And many adults say that they're more confident at work and in social settings, since they no longer have to pretend to have heard something, or ask someone to repeat themselves. When people say, 'I don't care how small it is, I don't want a hearing aid,' I ask them, 'What are you missing out on without one?' That nearly always stops them in their tracks. Being able to hear means you're fully engaged with life. You're not missing out on words, you're missing out on living."
Nola Aronson of Nola Aronson's
Advanced Audiology 210-3582
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