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April, 2020 - Issue #187
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Worried About Viruses? Keep your Immune System Strong & don't Panic

With every news outlet talking about illness, it's hard not to get caught up in the hype. While we'll never really know what new virus will pop up next, we do know that our best bet for staying well is our immune system. Luckily, we have great influence over how our body's immune function operates. Eat whole, clean food; maintain proper sleep hygiene; dramatically reduce sugar intake; wash your hands... and schedule regular lymphatic drainage massage and colon hydrotherapy treatments.
Lymphatic drainage kickstarts your "internal garbage disposal," making your body much more efficient at removing cellular waste, clearing bad bacteria, fighting viruses and keeping mucus membranes more clear. Colon hydrotherapy treatments improve gut health - a huge proportion of your immune system resides in your gut! - while improving your body's ability to assimulate nutritional supplements and rid itself of decaying, immune-reducing waste.
Optimum Health 255-7772

CBD: Friend or Foe? What Consumers Need to Know

by Lisa DeLong
A few years ago, I met a cannabis farmer who taught me about the endocannabinoid system (ECS), the largest series of neurotransmitters in our bodies. When I learned how cannabidiol (CBD), a naturally-occurring cannabinoid found in cannabis and hemp plants, supports our immune system, I remember asking myself, "I'm a nurse, why didn't I know this sooner?" As the mother of two sons with cancer, you can understand why my interest in CBD became personal.
CBD is rapidly-growing in popularity in the United States, especially with the recent passing of the 2018 Farm Bill, legalizing hemp. With patients integrating CBD into their healthcare regimen, nurses need to know how it works, why patients are using it and what defines safe products. CBD can aid in relieving symptoms for a variety of different ailments, including general aches and pains, anxiety, migraines, inflammation, chronic pain, fibromyalgia - and it has proven neuroprotective effects as well as anti-cancer properties which are being investigated.
With the correct information, consumers can make informed choices, like understanding the dangerous side effects from pharmaceuticals known as NSAIDS. NSAIDs are among the most common pain relievers in the world. And lately, they're among the most controversial. What these anti-inflammatory pills actually do inside your body is still a mystery. Every day more than 30 million Americans use them but even researchers don't fully understand how NSAIDs work.
The most common risk of standard NSAIDs is that they can cause ulcers and other problems in your esophagus, stomach or small intestine. If you take NSAIDs in high doses, reduced blood flow can permanently damage your kidneys and eventually lead to kidney failure and require dialysis.
Regarding the statistics on NSAIDS' negative side effects, renowned cannabis expert Dr. Bonni Goldstein said it best: "As a cannabis physician, I find these statistics appalling. Using dangerous drugs instead of a healing and non-toxic plant is simply ridiculous."
The nursing profession holds that health is a universal right, which includes access to health care and education concerning the prevention of health issues. It is our responsibility as nurses to know CBD is our friend not our foe.
Lisa DeLong, RN, is an author, speaker and cannabis nurse who frequently presents topical information, as well as provides high-quality CBD products, at Pat News Health Care. 799-7000

NICView Coming to Henry Mayo
NICView is an innovative small camera system that will be placed at designated bed spaces in the Kim and Steven Ullman NICU, allowing parents, family members and friends to view their infants in real-time, 24/7, through a secure online portal.
This service helps families develop a bond with their premature baby or hospitalized infant even when they can't be in the NICU with them.
NICView can provide peace of mind and provide reassurance for those who can't be at the bedside. Family members can securely access NICView from anywhere there is an internet connection via a laptop, smartphone or tablet. The service is compatible with any internet-capable device and most popular browsers.
Kim and Steven Ullman NICU at Henry Mayo 200-2000

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Many Seniors could Benefit from Meal Prep Assistance

Meal preparation is one of the most important services many seniors need in order to continue living in their own homes. Some older people lose the ability or the desire to prepare wholesome, nutritious and appetizing meals - and family members are not always available to help. Caregivers can help with grocery shopping and can prepare meals for their client to enjoy during their shift - as well as extras to heat up later. Meal prep is just one of the many services provided by professional-care companies like Visiting Angels.
Visiting Angels 263-2273

Technology & Senior Care are a Dynamic Partnership

According to, senior care has improved dramatically over the past decade due to the increasing development of smartphones and other digital technology. These devices are helping seniors reap the benefits of an amazing array of real-world advancements.
GPS trackers, which can now easily be ironed into clothing or placed in shoes or purses, can help locate seniors who may become lost due to memory loss or other issues. Digital cameras can be placed appropriately in homes or facilities to help protect seniors from abuse and track their movements to better understand their healthcare needs. Thanks to apps, seniors can monitor their own vitals, keep track of their daily medications and can transmit this info directly to doctors who can diagnose and treat patients more cost effectively and more quickly than ever. Just ask Alexa and she can remind you to take your meds, call your family or take a shower. Automated voices through systems like Echo or Google can help seniors through their daily routines or just help them play music or check the news. The bottom line is: Embrace technology! It can be a lifesaver, especially for seniors!
Home Instead Senior Care 254-8701
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Endermologie is Cellulite's Worst Enemy

Endermologie is a non-invasive way of shaping your body, reducing the appearance of cellulite and improving overall skin fitness. It utilizes a small hand-held motorized tool with rollers that stimulate venous and lymphatic systems, reducing toxins and increasing collagen. If you're tired of working out, yet still having no change in your body shape, it's time to add endermologie to your routine. Endermologie is the number-one body massage treatment resulting in body contouring, inch loss and real cellulite reduction. The process offers a proven solution for localized fat, dimples and skin sagging. With Endermologie, it is possible to lose inches with long-lasting results.
Lorrie of ForeverSlim 313-4878

Transform your Cellular Health
Mend Cryotherapy now offers Celluma, the all-in-one low-level light therapy designed to manage a variety of pain and skin conditions. Recently cleared for use by the FDA for pain management and skin care, Celluma uses light energy to improve cellular health by helping cells repair and replenish themselves more quickly. Other devices make the same claim, but they often require you to buy multiple panels and accessories to treat specific conditions or accommodate different parts of the body. Mend offers Celluma, which is a convenient, all-in-one system.
Mend Cryotherapy 294-7898

Lunula Laser First & Only Non-thermal FDA-cleared Laser for Onychomycosis
Unlike conventional hot lasers used for the treatment of fungal nail infections, the Lunula laser is reported to cause no pain to the patient and no temperature change in the treated area. Lunula's low-level laser therapy is administered non-invasively and efficiently in just four treatments. Using low-level laser light, it effectively eradicates fungus from the nail, nail bed and surrounding tissue - without pain and without adverse effects. All ten toes are treated at the same time in a 24-minute treatment, unlike more conventional lasers where each toe is treated individually. Nearly 90 percent of patients positively respond to the treatment.
Valencia Foot & Ankle Center 288-2321

VELscope Technology Now Available for Oral Cancer Screenings
Oral cancer of the throat and mouth are increasing at an alarming rate - but you can do something about it. Oral cancer and abnormal cell growth begin beneath the surface - by the time we are able to see it with the naked eye, it may be in the later stages. VELscope uses a light-based detection system that aids in finding abnormalities not otherwise visible. VELscope technology is noninvasive and painless - and can give you instant peace of mind.
Santa Clarita Advanced Dentistry 200-0677
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