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June, 2020 - Issue #189
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Don't Put your Health on Hold
by Patrick Moody
Plenty of things are on hold, your health shouldn't be one of them. Our community has responded well to stay-at-home and social distancing recommendations. Thank you for doing your part to "flatten the curve" and reduce the spread of COVID-19.
However, COVID-19 is having another impact: Here in the Santa Clarita Valley, and across the entire country, it's clear that people are putting off needed visits to hospital emergency departments out of fear of the coronavirus. Frankly, this worries us.
COVID-19 can be a frightening disease. It's understandable why people are trying to stay home and are avoiding areas where they fear the coronavirus could be spread.
I am writing to assure you that Henry Mayo Newhall Hospital is not such a place.
We are here to serve all patients. We have taken steps to make sure we provide medical care in a way that's safe for our patients, our employees and our physicians. We have strict processes in place to isolate and treat suspected COVID-19 patients and to protect all others who come to our Emergency Department or anywhere else in our hospital.
If you have an urgent healthcare need, please do not delay a visit to our Emergency Department. If you experience symptoms that would have caused you to come to our Emergency Department in the past, please come in to be evaluated. It is important to seek timely care for urgent medical problems to have the best outcomes and a quicker recovery.
We are open 24/7 and ready to take care of you.
Additionally, Henry Mayo is safely open for elective surgeries, with screening processes in place, and we encourage you to contact your physician if you have delayed necessary or preventive procedures. Our Sheila R. Veloz Breast Center is seeing patients daily, again with safety processes in place, as are most of our outpatient locations. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you are in need of healthcare services, or have any questions about our safety precautions.
Henry Mayo is proud to be your community hospital. Working with you, we are responding to COVID -19 in our community. Our mission though, is to improve the health of our community through compassion and excellence every day, and we want you to know our vital services are open for emergency and preventive care.
Patrick Moody is the Director of Marketing, Public Relations and Community Engagement at Henry Mayo Newhall Hospital.

courtesy of Lanzet H. Cruz
courtesy of Lanzet H. Cruz

"At Valencia Foot & Ankle, we watch our patients MAKE GREAT STRIDES every day. We cheer them on as they take the next step in their health - and in the case of our young athletes - their futures, as well. To all our grads, we're proud to have been a part of your journey, and we can't wait to see where you go from here. ongratulations to you and your families!"
Dr. Tony Avakian, Valencia Foot & Ankle Center
Stay on Track
The entire team at Snow Orthodontics would like to extend our well wishes to you and your family, and want you to know that keeping our patients safe during this time is our top priority! That being said, it's important to remember your teeth are always on the move! So, if you or someone in your household is currently in treatment, it's absolutely critical that we keep that treatment plan on track. Not only does this ensure your treatment time isn't extended unnecessarily, but also to make sure you don't experience any complications along the way.
Although we've reduced our office hours, we're still available to see existing patients in-office on an emergency basis, and we're still accepting in-office appointments for new patients that want to start treatment. As another form of communication, we're not only offering FREE virtual consultations, but we're also available to answer your questions 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, via our online chat platform.
Please know we're taking every precaution to provide a safe, clean and disinfected environment for you and our employees, and we're sanitizing surface areas on an hourly basis.
Our team is here for you, and we know we'll get through this together!
To schedule a free virtual consultation, call 1-800-DR-SNOWS or visit the online chat platform at, and one of our Patient Care Specialists will be happy to assist you.

Our dentist office is planning to open as soon as the "Safer at Home" mandate is lifted, and we cannot wait to see all of our lovely patients again! We are currently doing everything we can to keep our office sterile, and we've installed the latest technology and protective equipment in our office to ensure our patients, team members and families are safe. Once we reopen, we'll be implementing the following safety measures:
We will require each staff member to wear a mask. Over 20 HEPA air filters have been added to reduce the spread of pathogens. We will be cleaning and disinfecting public areas frequently, including door handles, chairs and bathrooms. We will be removing all magazines and other frequently-touched items from the waiting area.
As we prepare to welcome all our wonderful patients back to the office, we get more and more excited to see those smiles! We hope to welcome you back soon.
Santa Clarita Advanced Dentistry by calling 200-0677
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courtesy of Shutterstock

Help your Senior Stay Socially & Mentally Engaged
Seniors were already the most socially isolated group before the pandemic, according to AARP. Social distancing, while necessary, has only amplified that problem. Many assisted living communities have closed their doors to visitors, at the time of this writing, to help protect those inside them. Most senior centers have canceled their group activities and are no longer freely open to the public. More seniors are closing themselves off entirely by staying home.
Staying safe at home does not have to mean feeling isolated. We can protect ourselves, while still staying socially active and mentally engaged, in a number of creative ways. Stay in touch by calling at least one person every day, just to share your thoughts or have a laugh. Engage your mind by trying to learn a new digital skill, possibly one that will help you cope with social distancing. Writie a letter to someone you love. Walk around the house, or better yet, take a walk outside to get some sun and a dose of Vitamin D. Get a neighbor to join you by walking six feet away. And always remember, you are not alone!
Home Instead Senior Care

Spider & Varicose Vein Treatments
Sclerotherapy can be an excellent solution for both spider veins and some varicose veins. This type of treatment is minimally invasive and can be done as an outpatient procedure at the L.A. Vein Center.
When you suffer from either spider veins or varicose veins, you may experience not only embarrassment but also pain, discomfort and other symptoms. Sclerotherapy is a minimally invasive way to eliminate the veins without surgery. This type of treatment is often done for cosmetic reasons, for example in cases where you feel embarrassed to wear shorts or a swimsuit due to your unsightly leg veins. Sclerotherapy can also be done strictly for medical reasons. If abnormal veins aren't treated, leg ulcers or open wounds may develop on the legs, and this can lead to serious consequences.
Harvard and Stanford trained, double board-certified surgeon Dr. Larisse Lee focuses on the most up-to-date techniques to get the results you want. Be it hand and leg vein treatment, laser liposuction or other concerns, Dr. Lee can tailor a plan for you. Their state-of-the-art facility offers minimally invasive procedures with exceptional results.
For more information or to schedule an appointment, call 818-325-0400, or visit
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