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October, 2020 - Issue #193
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Your Hearing Doctor can be Found at Santa Clarita Hearing Center
Have you been looking for Dr. Ginny Veloz? Well, we found her! The beloved hearing doctor is now at Santa Clarita Hearing Center in Valencia. The audiologist with 20 years experience can be heard on KHTS's senior hour the second Wednesday of every month - or visit her and the team in their new office, conveniently located on the Henry Mayo campus.
Santa Clarita Hearing Center offers hearing testing for ages 5 and up; hearing-aid evaluations and fittings; tinnitus treatment; cochlear implant evaluations and adjustments; sleep plugs; swim plugs and more.
Service to those who've served our nation is a big part of Santa Clarita Hearing Center's culture. "We are a proud member of the Community Care Network for the Veterans' Administration, doing hearing testing and hearing-aid fitting for our veterans locally to save them the drive into the valley - because our vets deserve it. We also do compensation and pension testing for our veterans," says Dr. Veloz.
Santa Clarita Hearing Center 388-4135

Don't Miss Invisalign Day for the Biggest Savings Ever
For years, Snow Orthodontics has been offering the biggest discounts on Invisalign treatment during their Invisalign Day event, but nothing quite compares to this current offer - down payment matching up to $1,000 or $99 down and $99 a month.
Why Invisalign? Over 2 million patients are smiling with confidence thanks to Invisalign. Without brackets or wires, Invisalign takes a modern approach to teeth straightening and is virtually invisible. Developed with orthodontists, Invisalign is a virtually-invisible solution, so you can smile confidently both during treatment and after. Using a series of clear, removable aligners, Invisalign gradually moves your teeth toward a smile you've always wanted. And, almost no one will know you're wearing them unless you tell them.
The average treatment time is about 18 months. Because the aligners are removable, you can continue to eat your favorite foods and you can brush and floss normally to keep your teeth and gums healthy.
Space is limited to the first 25 patients and consultations are free during the event.
Snow Orthodontics 1-800-DR-SNOWS

LunulaLaser is the Star Treatment of Fungal Nails
Have you tried LunulaLaser for fungal nails yet? The FDA-approved, non-thermal, non-invasive, pain-free procedure produces new, clear nail growth in six months! That's why it's the global leader in low-level laser healthcare applications.
Valencia Foot & Ankle Center 288-2321

PRP Facelifts Dramatically Reduce the Look of Crepey Skin
Platelet rich plasma (PRP) is used many different ways in medicine, including aesthetic medicine. Obtained from the patient's own blood, PRP can stimulate collagen and recruit stem cells to smooth the skin and reduce crepiness and wrinkles. For a PRP Facelift, a vial of the patient's blood is drawn, then placed in a centrifuge to separate the red blood cells, platelets and plasma. Then the platelets and plasma are reintroduced to create the "liquid gold" known as PRP.
At DermaCure, Dr. Craig Ingber injects the PRP, either with or without dermal fillers, in a quick and easy appointment. The PRP enhances the result of the fillers and can dramatically reduce the crepey area under the eyes - something that the dermal fillers are not able to address. Results can last a year or longer!
DermaCure Medical Aesthetics 257-8400

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Sheila R. Veloz Breast Center Introduces Service to Identify Women Who are at Increased Risk for Breast Cancer
The Sheila R. Veloz Breast Center at Henry Mayo Newhall Hospital is offering a new program to identify women who are at increased risk for breast cancer.
The Ambry CARE (Comprehensive Assessment, Risk and Education) program offers access to state-of-the-art-clinical genetic testing and family history assessments, allowing the Sheila R. Veloz Breast Center to better identify and manage patients with a high risk for cancer due to an inherited genetic mutation.
"We are very pleased to offer this unique program to our patients," said Mara Shay, manager of Women's Imaging Services. "This service will allow us to identify women at increased risk for breast cancer and create a personalized breast cancer screening plan."
The American Society of Breast Surgeons recommends, "that all women undergo formal risk assessment by age 25. Screening based on specific risk factors is recommended for women with an increased risk of breast cancer." It is estimated that 2.1 million women globally are affected by breast cancer each year.
The Sheila R. Veloz Breast Center has been serving the Santa Clarita Valley for over 15 years, becoming the go-to breast care resource for thousands of Santa Clarita Valley residents.

MORPHEUS8 is a Game Changer
MORPHEUS8 is a fractional radio frequency/microneedling treatment that stimulates collagen production, reduces wrinkles and tightens skin. Used to treat the face and neck, SCV beauty buffs are calling MORPHEUS8 "a game changer!" Get your treatment at a discount by joining Advanced Dermatology's Club Membership.
Advanced Dermatology & Cosmetic Care 254-3686

Walkers at last year's Walk for Hope, which raises money for the research and treatment of women's cancers at City of Hope. This year's event will be virtual.

City of Hope Hosts Virtual Walk to Raise Funds & Support for Breast & Gynecological Cancers
City of Hope, a cancer research and treatment center just outside of Los Angeles, will host its first-ever virtual Walk for Hope on Sunday, October 4, to find a cure for breast and gynecological cancers. The annual event began in 1997 and is the largest public event City of Hope produces, with approximately 12,000 attendees last year.
The world has changed, but the reasons why we walk have not. Join cancer survivors, their friends and family, medical professionals and supporters from across the country in the fight against women's cancers. The virtual Walk for Hope offers a safe, fun and meaningful way for people to get out of the house, get some exercise and virtually engage with friends, family and others.
Register and fundraise today at Be on the lookout for special announcements about ways to connect via social media, the wellness challenge, fundraising incentives and more. As long as cancer still exists, #WeStillWalk for Hope.
Generated funds will be used to support City of Hope's Women's Cancers Program, the only one in the nation that offers an integrated team of professionals who focus on the disease as well as the biological, psychological and social factors that play a role in the lives of women battling cancer.
City Of Hope 799-1999
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Putting the Safety & Comfort of Patients First During Varicose & Liposuction Treatments
by Dr. Larisse Lee
Varicose vein treatment and liposuction with tumescent anesthesia both rely on the same principles. The most important concept is safety for the patient by minimizing risks associated with these procedures. At the LA Vein Center, we offer varicose vein treatment as well as liposuction using tumescent anesthesia so that patients get the results they want and get back to their active lifestyles with minimum downtime.
Varicose and spider veins are a common problem found in approximately 25 percent of the population. A common misconception is that they tend to occur only in older patients and women.
Treatment can range from cosmetic to medical therapy. Spider veins can be erased with sclerotherapy - where a chemical is injected into the fine veins, causing them to seal and disappear. For venous reflux, invasive surgical vein stripping is no longer necessary. The abnormal veins can be closed using endovenous catheter ablation - a minimally-invasive treatment requiring just a single puncture. Phlebectomy can also be performed, where multiple tiny incisions are made to remove the bulging veins. All of these can be done safely and comfortably in the office with minimal downtime afterwards.
Harvard- and Stanford-trained double board-certified surgeon Dr. Larisse Lee focuses on the most up to date techniques to get the results you want.
LA Vein Center 818-325-0400

Is Aging in Place the Right Option for You?
A question often asked by family caregivers and seniors themselves is: Who is a good fit for home care? Clearly, this comes down to the level of independence that home care can provide. Does this describe you or your loved one?
Someone who struggles with mobility - and needs assistance safely moving throughout their home
Someone with impaired motor skills - who needs assistance with daily household tasks
Someone who no longer drives - and needs transportation to appointments, the grocery store, friends' houses and more
Someone who is isolated - and desires the companionship of a caregiver
Someone who needs assistance - with ADLs including meal preparation, bathing and more
Someone in the early stages of memory impairment
Aging in place - staying in our own homes - is certainly the choice for most of us, but it's important to answer these questions honestly before you make your decision.
Home Instead Senior Care 254-8701
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Paul Davis Restoration of Santa Clarita Heads to Louisiana to
Help put Lives Back Together After Hurricane Laura

Four local Paul Davis Restoration of Santa Clarita crews are now in Lake Charles, Louisiana - where just weeks ago, winds reached 150 miles per hour during Hurricane Laura.
"We have a CAT response contract with a major national insurance company to provide emergency restoration services after major events like Hurricane Laura. We have begun the process of providing services for over 75 Louisiana homeowners," shares Joel Moss, co-owner of Paul Davis Restoration of Santa Clarita. "We mobilized our team as soon as we received word that we were needed. We're always ready for any disaster - here or over state lines," says Co-owner Susan Moss. "This area has been devastated by Hurricane Laura and our teams are working grueling hours to help the community recover," says Joel. "There's immense storm and water damage - and resulting mold, which occurs quickly. We're going to do everything in our power to put lives back together as soon as possible."
The local Paul Davis team is maintaining strict safety protocols during the process. "We're ensuring that we keep our team safe, as well as our clients, by wearing professional-grade PPE," says Joel. "Not only for the hazardous conditions that are deteriorating daily, but also because of the pandemic," says Joel.
Paul Davis Restoration of Santa Clarita 310-0884
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