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March, 2021 - Issue #197
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Beauty Solutions are in the Eye of the Beholder
A common concern that many have been expressing now that we all have been wearing masks in public: eyes are looking old and tired. There are several treatments to help reduce wrinkles and wake up the look of a tired eye.
Botox is used around the corners of the eyes to reduce the look of "crow's feet," under the eye to soften under eye lines and above the brow, to lift the brow and open up the eye.
Fillers like Vollure help fill in the hollows under the eye and PRP - Platelet Rich Plasma - injections under the eye can help the eye look rested and rejuvenated.
A.G.E Eye Complex by Skinceuticals is a rich topical eye cream that addresses fine lines, wrinkles and crepey texture. Latisse - a bimatoprost ophthalmic solution - can help grow and thicken your lashes without extensions to make your eyes look more youthful.
Since the eyes are all anyone can see for the time being, why not have them looking their best?
DermaCure Medical Aesthetics 257-8400

Dental Savings that will Make You Smile Here's savings that will make you smile! Whether it's traditional metal braces or Invisalign, simply choose a program that works best for you at Snow Orthodontics: $350 off, down payment matching up to $750 or $99 down and $99 a month.
There's so many reasons to love Invisalign. The average treatment time is about 18 months, and because the aligners are removable, you can continue to eat all of your favorite foods. You can also brush and floss normally to keep your teeth and gums healthy. Many people incorrectly believe that Invisalign is only effective in treating minor teeth straightening issues, but the fact is, Invisalign successfully treats patients with moderate and severe conditions.
Snow Orthodontics is an Elite Provider of Invisalign, which means they're not only in the top one percent in the world providing Invisalign treatment, but they're number one on the entire West Coast. Virtual and in-office consults are available.
Snow Orthodontics 1-800-DR-SNOWS
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Wondering about Hearing Aids? It's Time to get Answers
"I've thought about hearing aids but I didn't know where to start."
"Why are there so many ads with so many different prices?"
"What's an audiologist and why is it important that I see one?"
"Do I need two hearing aids or can I just get one?"
"I've heard that hearing aids can be connected to cell phones. Is that true?"

The truth is, there's a lot to know before you get hearing aids. If you'd started looking into hearing aids, you know the information can be daunting and sometimes difficult to understand. "That's the reason we are here," says Dr. Ginny Veloz, AuD of Santa Clarita Hearing Center. "We can answer patient questions so they can be a better-informed consumer. We might just answer questions they didn't even know to ask!"
The first visit is complementary and includes a hearing screen and plenty of time answering any questions you may have.
Santa Clarita Hearing Center 388-4135

Kick Fungal Nails to the Curb
The LunulaLaser, a cold-laser modality intended for the treatment of fungal nails, is an FDA-approved, non-thermal, non-invasive, pain-free procedure that produces clear, new nail growth in six months.
Get to know the Lunula advantages:
Made in the USA
Unattended procedure
No-pain patented process
12-minute treatment
It's highly effective, too. In a clinical trial, 89 percent of patients responded to the treatment and no complications were reported in any of the four clinical trials.
Valencia Foot & Ankle Center 288-2321

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Sleep through your Treatment with Sedation Dentistry
Nervous about dental work? Don't be - you can sleep through your next appointment! After a quick consultation, you'll be able to benefit from sedation dentistry for any treatments - from fillings and crowns to extractions and root canals. You can even get a cleaning once your work is done. You'll get more work done at once than during a regular appointment, plus you'll avoid any anxiety, fear or stress. Santa Clarita Advanced Dentistry is one of the few local offices to offer this service - and they have dozens of happy patients who now wouldn't do their dental work any other way!
Santa Clarita Advanced Dentistry 259-4474

LA Vein Center Goes Above & Beyond to Keep Patients Safe
L.A. Vein Center has been busy making certain patients and staff are kept safe without sacrificing the quality of care. "When we first heard of COVID and the seriousness of this virus we rescheduled and canceled non-essential treatments and appointments" says Luis, practice manager. "We then instituted very strict protocols following CDC and State of California department of health guidelines."
The number-one priority at the LA Vein Center is keeping staff and patients safe. They quickly went into action by implanting protocols throughout the clinic that adhered to the guidelines of the CDC and government. "Once we learned the virus was highly contagious, we worked hard to take these precautions put forth by the CDC, so we added to our already strict safety and cleanliness protocols, we screened everyone, practiced social distancing, disinfected and sanitized throughout the day and strictly enforced wearing masks. We also limited interaction and number of people allowed in the office at one time," says Luis.
"Recently, we have been vaccinated as per state regulations for healthcare workers who interact daily with patients," Luis added. "We screen and take temperatures for everyone and restrict the amount of people that are allowed in our office. We removed excess capacity in our clinic; if a patient needs a family member to accompany them, we limit that to one family member," Luis commented. Dr. Lee and her team have taken additional precautions to expand and enhance the already-safe environment throughout the vein center. "We have very strict protocols for all areas of the clinic, not only for the procedure rooms when it comes to cleaning and sanitizing. We use cavicide and hospital-grade disinfectants which kill germs, bacteria and viruses," Luis shared. "Our team is very thankful to our patients for entrusting their care with Dr. Lee and I want to applaud our staff for working tirelessly to make sure our patients are safe and well taken care of and keeping them well informed throughout the entire process."
LA Vein Center 818-325-0400
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