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August, 2021 - Issue #202
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The Key to Living Independently is Staying in Touch & Staying Connected Living alone can be tough for seniors. Some don't have family nearby to check on them daily, or family members work and simply don't have the time to call or visit every day. Yet talking to someone at least once daily is a proven way to keep seniors living in their own homes as independently as possible.
That's why hundreds of police agencies in small towns, suburbs and rural areas have started checking in on seniors who live alone by placing an automated call to them every day. And, why many senior centers, like the Santa Clarita Senior Center, also do wellness checks.
But there are also wellness services nationally that generate calls daily, even twice or three times a day, to make sure a senior is doing well...eating meals, taking their meds, getting some exercise and more. Services such as generate live-person calls to keep seniors from feeling alone and neglected. For a nominal cost, family members can be assured their loved ones are getting attention and socialization.
That's why Home Instead has put into place a Wellness Check component as part of their Virtual Care package. You can learn more about what services are offered locally to seniors living alone by calling your local police department or senior center, or you can call Home Instead for more information.
Home Instead Senior Care for Santa Clarita and Antelope Valleys 254-8701

Reach Out!
A quick phone call for you - a life-affirming point of connection for them. Set a reminder in your online calendar to give a special senior in your life a call once a week - or more! You'll both benefit from the exchange.

Why Invisalign?
The average treatment time is short - only about 18 months!
Because the aligners are removable, you can continue to eat all of your favorite foods.
With Invisalign, you can brush and floss normally to keep your teeth and gums healthy.
Invisalign successfully treats patients with moderate and severe conditions as well as minor teeth-straightening issues.
Santa Clarita's Invisalign
Elite Provider Offering
Special Incentives
Snow Orthodontics is an Elite Provider of Invisalign - they're in the top 1 percent in the world providing Invisalign treatment and the number-one provider on the entire West Coast. And right now, the groundbreaking practice is offering special summer incentives so that you can get the smile of your dreams.
Whether it's traditional metal braces or Invisalign, choose a program that works best for you: $350 off; down-payment matching up to $750; or $99 down and $99 a month.
Snow Orthodontics 800-DR-SNOWS
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Varicose & Spider Veins
Common Problems with Minimally-invasive Solutions
It's a frequent misconception that varicose and spider veins are uncommon - and that they tend to occur only in older patients and women. Not true! A quarter of our population - including men and young people - experience them.
Treatment can range from cosmetic to medical therapy. Spider veins can be erased with sclerotherapy where a chemical is injected into the fine veins, causing them to seal and disappear. For venous reflux, invasive surgical vein stripping is no longer necessary. The abnormal veins can be closed using endovenous catheter ablation, a minimally-invasive treatment requiring just a single puncture and local anesthesia. Phlebectomy can also be performed where multiple tiny incisions are made to remove the bulging veins. All of these can be done safely and comfortably in the office, with minimal downtime afterwards.
Harvard and Stanford-trained, double-board-certified surgeon Dr. Larisse Lee of LA Vein Center focuses on the most up-to-date techniques to get the results patients want. Be it hand and leg vein treatment, laser liposuction or other concerns, Dr. Lee tailors plans for patients in her state-of-the-art facility in Sherman Oaks.
LA Vein Center 818-325-0400

Varicose and spider veins are a common problem found in approximately 25 percent of the population.

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Henry Mayo Newhall Hospital Achieves Fast Heart Attack Response
In December of 2013, Henry Mayo Newhall Hospital was designated a STEMI (ST- Elevation Myocardial Infarction) Receiving Center (SRC) by the Los Angeles County EMS agency. Since then, members of the Henry Mayo SRC team have dedicated themselves to providing the Santa Clarita Valley the very best in heart care.
The primary treatment for a STEMI is to re-establish blood flow with a procedure called "Percutaneous Coronary Intervention" (PCI). This is a cardiac procedure whereby balloon angioplasty, stents or suction devices are used to open blockages in the coronary artery. The faster this treatment is delivered, the better the chances of survival and minimizing long-term damage to the heart muscle.
In 2020, Henry Mayo had an average "Door-to-PCI" time of 45 minutes, significantly faster than the national standard of 60 minutes. Door-to-PCI time is the time between when a patient arrives in the Emergency Department and the time that PCI is performed on the patient's blocked artery to re-establish blood flow.
A fast door-to-PCI time is critical because "time is muscle," meaning that the faster blood flow is restored, the less permanent damage is sustained to the heart. Achieving such rapid door-to-PCI times in the midst of the pandemic underscores Henry Mayo's commitment to providing top-notch care to the Santa Clarita Valley community.
The Henry Mayo STEMI team is led by Tamar Avakian, NP, manager of Cardiovascular Services. Avakian has over 16 years experience as a member of STEMI teams. When she arrived at Henry Mayo in 2012, she leveraged that experience to help build Henry Mayo's STEMI program.
A key factor in a successful STEMI program is strong collaboration between the Emergency Department staff, the Roberta G. Veloz Cardiac Cath Lab staff and Emergency Medical Services paramedics, as well as a commitment to excellence by all team members.
"We have a great team here at Henry Mayo," Avakian said. "Collaboration and a shared commitment to excellence are critical. We're fortunate to have people who are passionate about providing the absolute best care."
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