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October, 2022 - Issue #214
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Met Gala SCV to Raise Funds for Stage 4 Metastatic Breast Cancer Research Support their Efforts on October 8
METAvivor, the organization at the helm of metastatic research funding, has partnered with the honorable Bill Miranda, Eva Miranda Crawford and Amy Steffe Lohmann to promote Met Gala SCV. This is the first annual event and the only gala on the West Coast. The event will feature a VIP hour with cocktails and appetizers followed by a program, dinner, silent and live auctions.
Here's why your support is so important. Stage 4 MBC is the incurable and terminal stage of breast cancer. It is called metastatic because the cancer cells have spread - metastasized - to other parts of the body, most commonly bones, liver, lungs and brain. Today, patients live longer with the disease thanks to research into new and less-harsh treatments.
Even so, less than a third make it past five years - an unacceptably-short, devastating amount of time. But there is hope. With more funds focused specifically on MBC, this disease can be transformed from a deadly one to a chronic one that allows those diagnosed with MBC to live a long, somewhat-normal life. Research is truly the only way to save lives.
The Met Gala SCV is one of many fundraising galas and events organized nationwide by patients volunteering for METAvivor with the goal of raising millions of dollars for MBC research.
METAvivor is a volunteer-led, 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization - and the only one in the US that exclusively funds MBC research through a scientific peer-review process. You're invited to join in the efforts to change the lives of every person affected by MBC.
Log on for tickets and more information.

Viveve is the Gentle Choice for Women's Intimate Health
Viveve is a comfortable, 30- to 45-minute single- session treatment for women using safe, deep heating and surface cooling to promote the natural formation of collagen in intimate tissue.
The Viveve treatment offers incredible benefits for patients. There's no downtime; it's discreet, with no sign of treatment; the low-dose radio-frequency energy is safe and effective; it's an in-office treatment with no anesthesia; it's clinically proven and non-surgical; and patients love their results!
Call Aesthetic Center of Santa Clarita to learn more. 312-0497
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Henry Mayo Newhall Hospital Opens Primary Care Practice
Henry Mayo Newhall Hospital opened a new primary care practice at the beginning of August giving Santa Clarita Valley residents convenient access to primary care services on the hospital campus.
Henry Mayo Newhall Primary Care opened in a temporary location in suite 220 of the Henry Mayo Outpatient Surgery Building. The permanent location, which is scheduled to open in February, will be outfitted with state-of-the-art equipment, including mounted television monitors for patients to have visuals of test results or medical images like X-rays. Patients will also be able to see their medical records on the screen and interact with their physician to develop their plan of care.
"We believe our new primary care practice will be a great asset to the community," said Sian Durham, senior director of ambulatory services at Henry Mayo. "We want to make annual physicals, a wide range of preventive health screenings and ongoing medical management of chronic conditions easy and accessible to patients. Opening the primary care practice is just one more way we are working to meet the healthcare needs of Santa Clarita Valley residents."
An easy-to-use online portal allows patients to request, reschedule or cancel appointments. The portal also gives patients the ability to access their medical records and lab results. Additionally, medication lists are kept on the portal so physicians and patients always have an up-to-date record of current medications.
An extensive health library is also available through the portal, giving patients access to a wide range of information on both general health topics and their specific conditions.
Opening a primary care practice on the Henry Mayo campus gives patients a simple, streamlined journey of care, starting with a primary care physician. As the first contact for continued care in the hospital system, patients will not have to leave the campus for scheduled surgeries, diagnostic testing or laboratory work.
Henry Mayo Newhall Primary Care is open Monday through Friday, 9am to 5pm. Appointments can be made by calling. 200-1710

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Santa Clarita Advanced Dentistry Offers Free Denture Consultations through the End of October
These aren't your grandma's dentures.
Today's dentures are natural looking, comfortable to wear and completely customized to ensure both excellent aesthetics and function. In fact, at Santa Clarita Advanced Dentistry, their in-office lab technician creates your dentures to your exact specifications.
Need more than just dentures - maybe fixed and removable restorations, too?
Santa Clarita Advanced Dentistry can customize those, too.
A smile you're proud of can be life changing - and it all starts with a phone call to schedule your complimentary consultation.
Santa Clarita Advanced Dentistry 259-4474

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Is it Time to Transition to a New Audiologist?
Santa Clarita Hearing Center Offers Complimentary Hearing Aid Check & Cleaning for New Patients
It's normal to grow comfortable with your hearing team - but if your audiologist retires, or your needs change, it may be time to find a new audiology office.
In the SCV, the Santa Clarita Hearing Center has developed a reputation for five-star service from hundreds of happy patients who feel supported and cared for by Ginny Veloz, AuD and her staff.
Dr. Veloz has been practicing audiology for over 20 years and is a proud member of the California Academy of Audiology.
"As a hearing doctor, my goal is to help my patients live their best life through better hearing," says Dr. Veloz. "I've always felt that connection to family and friends through better communication is one of the most important things in life. I've seen that communication with loved ones leads my patients to a happier and healthier life."
Santa Clarita Hearing Center offers a patient-first experience that centers your personalized care at the heart of the practice. Get to know Dr. Veloz and her warm, caring staff by scheduling your complimentary hearing aid check and cleaning today. This generous offer is valid for new patients only.
Santa Clarita Hearing Center 388-4135

Why the World Needs More Professional Caregivers
Did you know that 10,000 people a day turn 65? And many of these newly-minted seniors need care in their homes or assisted living facilities where one-on-one assistance is not available.
So, if you're retired and looking for more purpose in your life, or if you're not happy re-shelving inventory at a big box store or if you've never worked outside the home but have raised your kids and are looking at the prospect of an empty nest... please think seriously about joining a workforce that needs you desperately!
As added incentive, here's a list of motivators to help you decide if this might be a good career for you:
• This is your chance to help people in need and get paid for it.
• You have the potential of working close to home in areas you know.
• You will get continuing education in healthcare that will add to your knowledge and your skillset.
• Your work schedule can flex depending on your routine and your family's needs.
• The pay and benefits you receive are comparable to many less-rewarding jobs.
Caregiving is not easy - any family caregiver will tell you that. But if you want a job where you can build relationships and help change the world, this just may be it. Reach out to Home Instead Senior Care for Santa Clarita and Antelope Valleys for more information.

There is such a Thing as a Safer Pedicure
You went to the salon for a pedicure, hoping to go home with shiny, freshly-painted toes.
Sure, you got that hot new polish - but you also brought home a skin condition.
Rashes. Fungal infections. Bacteria spread. They're all commonplace in nail salons that aren't regularly evaluated for cleanliness and don't have staff who are trained to avoid cross contamination.
Luckily, there's an alternative to rolling the dice.
Valencia Foot and Ankle Center is now offering safe, stress free, no-risk medical pedicures by a professional podiatric technician. Your pedicure will be similar to what you would get in a spa setting, lasts about 45 minutes and includes having your nails painted. Schedule yours now for the introductory price at $79, normally $99.
Valencia Foot & Ankle Center 288-2321

Don't let Unsightly Hand Veins Prematurely Age You
Venous conditions can happen anywhere on our bodies, although some areas are more prone than others, including the legs and the hands. There are several reasons that make our hands particularly vulnerable to venous conditions.
First - because they are an extremity and we use our hands for everything. Secondly, the more elastic your skin, the more youthful looking they are. As we age, our hands lose a protein called elastin and lose some firmness and tightness. The third reason that makes our hands vulnerable to developing conditions with veins is that they consistently are pumping blood upward, straining them over time.
In a nutshell, the main cause of visible hand veins is simply aging and thinning skin.
Harvard- and Stanford-trained double-board-certified surgeon Dr. Larisse Lee focuses on the most up-to-date techniques to get the results you want. Be it hand and leg vein treatment, laser liposuction or other concerns, Dr. Lee tailors plans to each patient's unique needs with minimally-invasive procedures that produce exceptional results.
LA Vein Center 818-325-0400
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