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October, 2023 - Issue #224
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Microcores make a Big Impact on Skin Tightness
Ellacor is the most exciting new treatment medical-aesthetic professionals have seen in years. FDA-cleared to treat moderate and severe wrinkles in the mid to lower face, this nonsurgical skin rejuvenation treatment uses micro-coring to smooth and tighten skin; hollow needles precisely remove tiny "microcores" of excess skin without surgery or thermal energy. These tiny cores extend through the full thickness of the skin, but they're so minuscule, they don't leave a scar. As much as 8 percent of the skin's volume can be removed in a single treatment session, making it smoother and tighter once it heals.
Advanced Dermatology & Cosmetic Care 254-3686

Get to Know the "Wonder Women" of byDr.Poucher
In 2007, Ani George was pregnant with twins - and Dr. Courtenay Poucher was her OB. Neither woman knew that 16 years later, they'd launch a luxury women's intimate self care brand together!
In 2012, the two reconnected to grow and develop Dr. Poucher's premier medical practice: Aesthetic Center of Santa Clarita, Inc. Located in Valencia, the office helps women feel more comfortable and confident in their bodies via vaginal surgical and non-invasive treatments.
Together, they've brought the Center to international prominence thanks to their women-centric approach to vaginal surgery, women's health and intimate care.
Over the years and through caring for thousands of women, Ani and Dr. Poucher recognized the market's lack of safe, gentle, luxurious vaginal-care products that would help their patients recover from surgery and birth faster - plus make intimacy and day-to-day life more pleasurable and comfortable.
The byDr.Poucher line fills the need for truly women-positive products that are customized for intimate self care. Developed, refined and crafted over several years in world-renowned labs, the byDr.Poucher collection is the result of Ani's and Dr. Poucher's commitment to women's health needs.
The byDr.Poucher line includes the Everything Balm, which slips onto skin effortlessly, leaving it more moisturized, calmed and healed. The brand's Soothing Spritzer soothes raw, itching or irritated intimate areas with a simple spray while the On the Go and Wonderful Wipes help women feel clean and fresh - anytime, any place. The entire line is pH balanced, paraben free and gentle on even the most sensitive skin.
courtesy of Shutterstock
courtesy of Shutterstock

Take a Swing at Adding more Movement to your Day with Club Golf Valencia
Whether you want to swing solo or with friends, Club Golf Valencia's indoor golf club is a fun way to incorporate movement into your day - no matter the weather outside.
Club Golf is equipped with GS Pro and the Uneekor QED golf simulators, the original overhead launch monitor that started it all. It's as good as it gets, with dual high-speed camera technology for immediate and precise data points to help improve your skills and perfect your game. Need more data? Uneekor technology provides club and ball contact video images in real time while the QED brings sharp accuracy and unmatched speed for golfers at any level.
Need more help? Club Golf offers an state-of-the-art indoor training experience with their TPI Titleist Performance Institute Certified Level I and II Instructor.
Club Golf Valencia

The Sweat Shack Launches $99 Welcome Offer
You've read about how regular sauna use has been shown to reduce all causes of mortality, how it can improve the look and feel of your skin, how it boosts your immune system and metabolism... but you haven't gotten around to trying it yet? That's where The Sweat Shack's Welcome Offer comes in! For just $99, you can enjoy three sessions of their Kuuma Sauna, Urban Heat Cabin or Cold Plunge - or a mix of all three - for only $33 per session. This offer allows you to experience the immediate results of sauna use - like reduction in anxiety/stress symptoms, improvement in sleep and clearer skin - and get a sense of how you can incorporate consistent sauna use into your overall health and
wellness routine.
Visit The Sweat Shack in Old Town Newhall or Saugus for more information.
The Sweat Shack 678-0880

Wellness Mobile IV Drip Offers $50 Off First Treatment & Free B-12 Shot for New Patients
Cold, flu and covid season are just around the corner - and with kids back in school, those bugs most of us were able to avoid over the summer are about to spread wildly again. If you don't want illness to slow you down, consider using IV nutrition as a preventative and overall wellness measure for your body - or a way to get back on your feet faster. Wellness Mobile IV, headquartered in Santa Clarita, is a mobile IV vitamin therapy company that also offers white-glove customized IV drips and nutrition IM shots in the comfort of your own home. Patients choose IV drip therapy because the treatment introduces highly-concentrated vitamins, minerals and antioxidants directly into your bloodstream, reducing potential damage to your liver that over-the-counter pills may cause. IV drips also help with weight loss, skin and brain clarity, hangover symptoms and getting you in your best shape while giving your body exactly what it needs, almost immediately.
Right now, take $50 off your first IV as a new patient, plus get a free B-12 shot. You'll also get a complimentary Vitamin IV when you host an IV Spa Party.
Wellness Mobile IV Drip
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