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June, 2024 - Issue #231
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Safe Travel Tips for the Over-60 Crowd
Traveling is a great way to stimulate your mind and explore a new environment where you can try new things. Don't let arthritic knees or an aching back keep you from having new adventures - just take time to plan before you hit the road.
Do check with your doctor first. Make sure you have enough of your medications to get you through the trip and back again; get a doctor's note about any implants or issues that might set off alarms at the airport; and check out the CDC's website on travel guidance ( to learn more about any health hazards.
Do choose a hotel that meets your needs. While most hotels can accommodate a guest's mobility, some places that are off the beaten path or historical haven't been updated. This can mean fall hazards on stairs or uneven floors, or accessibility issues at the entrance to the hotel and to the rooms.
If you're flying, do check on the TSA's rules, especially when it comes to prescriptions. Always pack your medications in a carry-on where you can access it easily, and it can't be lost by the airline. If your medication is a liquid and requires that you also have syringes, pumps, freezer packs or IV bags, TSA should allow you to carry it all on the plane. Before you pack, check the TSA's website (
Do ask about senior discounts. It could mean reduced airfares, discounts at markets or stores, or lower prices at museums and other attractions.
Do keep important documents accessible. Before leaving home, make copies of your passport, driver's license, Medicare and insurance cards and itinerary. Pack an extra set with you and make sure to leave copies with people you trust at home. If you lose your ID or it's stolen, this will make it easier to get replacements.
Home Instead Senior Care 254-8701

Sauna for Heart Health
Relaxing in the sauna is often associated with stress and pain relief, but an ongoing scientific study in Finland (It's been running for more than 20 years!) is an excellent reminder that if you want to keep your heart healthy, frequent sauna use is the way to do it.
The Kuopio Ischemic Heart Disease Risk Factor Study researchers have discovered that sauna use was associated with a significantly-lower risk of deadly coronary heart disease, fatal cardiovascular disease and sudden cardiac death. Interestingly, all-cause mortality was lower in sauna users, too.
These results were "dose dependent," meaning that the sauna lovers who most frequently used the sauna saw the biggest health gains. For those who used a sauna four or more times a week, all-cause mortality was a staggering 40 percent lower than the general population.
The Sweat Shack's unlimited membership plans make it convenient and affordable to sweat frequently so you can enjoy maximum health benefits. With two Santa Clarita locations - one in Saugus and one in Old Town Newhall - there's a Sweat Shack near you!
The Sweat Shack 678-0880
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This Month, Why don't You...
Try this SCV-Crafted CBD Spritzer in Person & Support the Child & Family Center, Too?

There's an opportunity on Saturday, June 1 to try the byDr.Poucher CBD product for free - and even if you've never used CBD before, you won't want to miss this!
But first: Why spray a full-spectrum CBD product on your most intimate skin instead of taking a pill, drops or a lozenge?
"Because of the first-pass effect," says Dr. Courtenay Poucher, board-certified labiaplasty surgeon and the formulator of the byDr.Poucher line of intimate self care products.
"By applying the CBD on the vaginal skin with a quick spritz of the calming formula, you bypass the liver - delivering the anti-anxiety properties straight to the bloodstream faster. With this type of application, you can use a lower dose and get the same effect as a higher CBD concentration."
And that brings us to "Why CBD?" Made from hemp, CBD won't get you "high," but it can relax you - especially if you're prone to symptoms of anxiety, stress and tension. Anyone can buy CBD products - they're not restricted like THC - and nearly every age group has shown benefit from CBD use.
"From cancer patients to people with anxiety disorders and men and women struggling with depression or insomnia, those with pain and inflammation and more, dozens of recent studies support the safe use of CBD for these and other ailments," says the physician.
On Saturday, June 1, you can trial the entire byDr.Poucher line of products - including the Splendid Spritzer with full-spectrum CBD - from 3pm to 6pm at 28368 Constellation Road, Suite 390, in Valencia. The free health and wellness open house will feature complimentary services, including ear seeding for stress relief and weight loss; red-light therapy sessions; mini massages; sugar hair removal demonstrations; fresh high-protein treats and eats; dry brushing demonstrations; and much more. Guests are invited to bring a gift card of any value to donate to the Child & Family Center's holiday gift drive - over 250 local families will need our community's support this holiday season!

5 Common Myths about Earwax
Did you know that earwax is a natural cleaning agent that offers defensive protection for your middle ear? Earwax, medically known as cerumen, is an oil produced near the outside of your ear that traps dust, bacteria and other potentially harmful things. It's quite impressive and necessary for good ear health.
Everyone has earwax, but so many people still believe common myths about the substance. Let's fix that now!
Myth 1: Having earwax means your ears are dirty.
Because of the brown or yellowish color of earwax, many people think it is dirty. But earwax is produced to capture dirt and dust - it actually cleans your inner ear! If you have earwax, that means your ears are doing a good job at keeping your ears healthy.
Myth 2: You should remove earwax with a cotton swab.
You should never use a foreign object, like a cotton swab, to remove earwax. It June push the wax further into your ear canal, causing an impaction. Cotton swabs can easily damage the delicate parts of the inner ear. If you have earwax that is particularly bothersome, you should visit a hearing professional to safely remove it.
Myth 3: Ear candling will safely remove earwax.
Ear candling does not actually remove earwax and it is not safe. Ear candling can cause burns, wax blockage, punctured eardrums and serious injury. Just say "no" to ear candling!
Myth 4: Earwax causes permanent hearing loss.
Although impacted earwax can cause temporary conductive hearing loss, it is not permanent. If you have a lot of earwax, it can create a blockage in the ear canal, making sounds seem muffled. A hearing professional can safely remove impacted earwax in office so you can hear clearly again.
Myth 5: When you are exposed to loud sounds, earwax builds up to protect your eardrum.
Loud noise exposure does not cause the ear to produce earwax. Earwax secretion is triggered by physical contact, such as in-ear headphones, earplugs or hearing aids. People who wear these types of devices in their ears June see an increase in earwax production.
A hearing professional can safely remove your earwax so you can feel - and hear - your best again.
Santa Clarita Hearing Center 388-4135
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